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Chapter: 154

Chapter 154: I’ll See You Off

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

‘The unexpected answer warmed Lu Ming’s heart.


Since the other party trusted him so much, he would not let her down.

Just as the two of them, Han Qianjing interrupted, "Can we sit down and discuss something first? As for what you want to do after that, it’s up to you."

Chu Jinyu’s face reddened even more. What does she mean by letting us do whatever we want? she thought. What else could we do in our current situation?

Before she could react, Lu Ming held her hand and they sat down.

"Why did Auntie call me here this time?"

Chu Jinyu widened her eyes slightly. They were holding hands! It was Brother Lu Ming who took the initiative this time. Unbelievable! She instinctively touched the other party’s hand. It was broad and warm

Looking at her daughter’s good-for-nothing manner, Han Qianjing sighed in her heart. Isn’t she completely at Lu Ming’s mercy? she thought. What should she do in the future?

"Lhope to rent the land beside the industrial park. Isn’t it vacant? I want to use it to build a company. What do you think? We can discuss the price."


From what Lu Ming said, could it be that he could not lend it to others? Just as she was about to try her best to convince him, she saw Lu Ming smiling lightly and saying, "If you want that piece of land, I can give it to you directly." Give?!

Xu Wei drew a sharp breath. Considering how much that piece of land was worth, just a corner was enough for them to make a killing! She thought that Lu Ming would lower the price on account of her missy. She did not expect him to give it away just like that! What the f*ck! she thought.

He’s too rich!

He simply doesn’t regard money as money!

However, when she thought about Wanke Real Estate, she realized that he did not lack this bit of money.

She instinctively looked at Chu Jinyu and thought to herself, Missy has chosen a good person this time!

‘When Han Qianjing heard this, she thought that Lu Ming was joking. When she saw the seriousness in his eyes, she still felt that it was unbelievable. "Do you know how valuable that place is? Can you really give it to me just like that?" She had originally planned to rent it at a high price. However, Lu Ming had given it to her instead. This made her feel embarrassed. This felt like a slap in the face.

"Yes, I’ll give you that place. It’s vacant too."

Lu Ming said confidently again, "But I want you to help me. Of course, I don’t want to use this matter to coerce you to promise me. If you’re unwilling, it’s alright."

Han Qianjing heaved a sigh of relief. It was better to have conditions than not. To a businessman, a free lunch was the most expensive thing.

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"Tell me, I can try to think about it."

"The Tang family in Beijing cut off the supply chain of raw materials that our company had originally ordered. I have to produce more than 100 thousand cars in three months. At present, no one is willing to cooperate with me and risk offending the Tang family. What do you think?" He had respect for the power of the Qianyu Group. Even if they really offended the Tang family, the Tang family could not do anything about it.

However, the problem that Han Qianjing needed to consider now was—was Lu Ming worth it for her to do so?

‘The Tang family was not a small family. They also had a partnership project. If they helped Lu Ming, the company would definitely lose a lot of money.

She wondered if she could earn back the money she would lose by abandoning the Tang family.

She rubbed her chin and fell into deep thought. Time passed by slowly.

Chu Jinyu said impatiently, "Mom, I think we can agree to this matter. Brother Lu Ming is so amazing. We will definitely not lose out by working with him! Moreover, with our family’s status, would the Tang family dare to touch us?" "Tm not a philanthropist."

Han Qianjing slowly said, "Let’s make a deal. If you can raise 20 billion yuan in 10 days using lawful means, I’ll sign an agreement with you and guarantee that your supply chain will not be disrupted."

She had not forgotten the sentence she had read in the information: ‘There seems to be another industry.’

She felt that she should seize this opportunity to probe exactly what tricks this kid had up his sleeve, and she hoped that he would not disappoint her. However, based on her intuition, she was inclined to think that this little fellow would bring her a huge surprise. 20 billion yuan?!

‘When Chu Jinyu heard this number, she was dumbfounded. She felt that this was too much! If it was 2 billion yuan, that would be more appropriate. It was actually 20 billion yuan!

What does this mean? she wondered.

Her company could not earn so much money ina year!

"aren’t you deliberately making things difficult for Brother Lu Ming? I can’t do it. I don’t think anyone can…"

Han Qianjing said calmly, "Didn’t Mr. Lu already say it? He won’t pressure me to sign an agreement with the piece of land he’s giving me. In that case, please show me your corresponding strength, Mr. Lu. Let me see if you have the ability to become my business partner. You know, there are many people outside who want to collaborate with me."


On account of Wanke Real Estate, she did not mind giving Lu Ming a chance.

If they really struck a deal, they would benefit from each other and perhaps establish a long-term partnership.

However, in Chu Jinyu’s opinion, this was simply impossible. Hence, she said, "Then I’ll have to work together with Brother Lu Ming! Only then will we have a higher chance at success!" Han Qianjing glared at her and said, "This is not a place for you to be unbridled! Do you know what business is? Have you learned anything that I taught you all these years?!" Chu Jinyu cowered instinctively. When her mother was angry, she was like a fire-breathing monster.

But this time, she could not back down!

She had worked so hard to win Lu Ming’s favor. How could it be gone just like that?

"Then… I want to be the supervisor. What if Brother Lu Ming cheats? I want to see with my own eyes how he’s going to raise the money for the agreement!"

Although she did not think that Brother Lu Ming would cheat, she could not wait for him to take a shortcut.

Lu Ming knew what she was thinking. However, he did not stop her.

Han Qianjing said helplessly, "You’d better not do anything unnecessary for me."

In other words, she agreed to Chu Jinyu’s suggestion.

However, she wondered why her daughter was so slow-witted that she could not tell that she was testing Lu Ming. Does my daughter really think that this person who has concealed his identity for so long is as simple as he looks? To be able to do that for such a long time says something about his character! In addition, he has excellent judgment and tactics.

Isn’t he someone who’s born to do big things?

At the thought of this, she met Lu Ming’s gaze. He looked like he was enjoying a good show.

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