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Chapter: 156

Chapter 156: The Plan Begins

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After people from all walks of life rushed over, their initial astonishment gradually tuned to calmness. Now, there was only one thought in their minds—was there any industry that their boss did not involve himself in?

‘When Gu Qingxian appeared, they could not help but be surprised. Does this hotel also belong to the boss?? they wondered.

"Hello, everyone. I’m Gu Qingxian, the manager of Hilton Hotel. Nice to meet you."

She had seen these people in the surveillance camera footage. It was rare to see so many famous companies gathered together. Moreover, no one would have expected that the person behind the scenes, whom everyone was talking about, was the same person!

The last to arrive was He Xiaopeng, who had rushed over. His clothes were stained with petrol and he could not change into clean clothes in time. He pushed open the door with the contract and said, "Sorry, I came late because of something…"

Instantly, everyone looked at him.

He Xiaopeng’s eyes widened. Why are these big shots here? He thought he had come to the wrong place.

He exited and looked at the door number—812. Haven’t I come to the wrong place? he asked himself.

Have these people come to the wrong place then? he wondered.

Just as he was at a loss, Wen Yongsu stood up and said, "Did Boss Lu call you over? We’re all here to sign a contract."

Although they did not know why Lu Ming suddenly wanted to integrate all the companies into one group, they just had to do as he said.

He Xiaopeng looked at them in disbelief and then saw the documents on everyone’s table.

What the f*ck! he thought.

He could not believe his eyes!

So many companies belong to Boss?

No wonder he had so much money. No wonder when he said that he needed 10 billion yuan, the other party readily agreed. He must be earning at least 100 billion yuan a year!

After coughing a few times, he pretended to be calm and sat at the head of the table. Compared to these big shots, he was nothing.

He shivered.

"Then let’s begin now, starting with Themis Agency!"

At the same time, Chu Jinyu, who was prepared to borrow money, saw that the Themis Law Firm belonged to Lu Ming Corporation. She suddenly sat up on the sofa. "Brother Lu Ming, you own this law firm too?!" "Yes. Is something wrong?"

Lu Ming looked intently at the rising and falling stock prices on the computer screen and asked.

What’s wrong? she thought.

Is it so easy to play it down?

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Chu Jinyu explained, "This law firm is rather famous! Previously, I even sought them out to file a lawsuit, but they had cases on hand and had no time to take up my case. One of my friends queued up until next year! I heard that there’s someone in Beijing who’s willing to build a branch company for them just to get their help in a lawsuit.

Build a branch company?

Lu Ming recalled this matter from the depths of his memory.

He vaguely remembered that at that time, Shui Ziyan had called him about a family in the capital that had asked them to file a lawsuit. But as they were all very busy, that family planned to indirectly give them money by establishing a branch company in hopes of jumpimg the queue. Of course, he rejected it without hesitation.

He did not lack money. The reason why he did not establish a subsidiary company was because he did not have enough manpower! Although they received countless resumes, they set their expectations very high. Basically, not many people were hired every month.

Chu Jinyu continued, "No wonder you were so calm. So you even opened such a law firm. However, just these two companies won’t be able to raise 20 billion yuan. I guess it’s still a long way off. Why don’t I do it? Or choose to collaborate with those people in Beijing? On account of the 100% chance of earning money, they’ll definitely be willing to come up with the money!"

"No, we don’t have to do anything. We just have to wait quietly. 20 billion yuan will naturally be raised."

Lu Ming said calmly.


Chu Jinyu asked curiously, "Could it be that you have other companies?"

How is this possible? she thought.

It was burdensome enough to open a company—the initial investment was a huge sum of money and whether it could survive in the future was a question. She thought, Where would Brother Lu Ming, who comes from an ordinary family, get the money?

Seeing that Lu Ming was silent again, she puffed up her cheeks in dissatisfaction. She walked forward and held him back. "Can’t you tell me in advance? I feel that my heart is about to stop. 20 billion yuan is really too much. If we can’t pool it together, won’t all our previous efforts be in vain…"

Her voice was filled with grievance, confusion, and panic.

Lu Ming looked up at her. He finally understood why she was so anxious.

"Trust me, if I say I can do it, I can do it. If you’re really worried, then watch the stock market with me."

Chu Jinyu saw that he was not joking and nodded slowly. "… Alright."

Brother Lu Ming had never gone back on his word. Therefore, she was willing to wait with him.

She sat in Lu Ming’s arms. The intimate position allowed her to clearly feel the heartbeat behind her. It was stable and strong, just like him.

It was as if no matter what happened, as long as Lu Ming was around, she did not have to worry.

Meanwhile, at Upper Forest Park.

"CEO Han, the Themis Law Firm and the Koenigsegg flagship store have merged with Lu Ming Corporation."

Xu Wei said respectfully, but she could not hide the surprise in her eyes. These two companies are actually under Lu Ming’s name? she thought. However, it should be more than that.

If that was all, the information would not be so difficult to find.

Han Qianjing looked at the tablet in her hand. The shares of Lu Ming Corporation were gradually rising. Her lips curled up as she said, "It’s not enough. If it can only reach this level, I think he can give up struggling."

She wanted to see more possibilities!

However, she really did not expect Lu Ming to be so successful in crossing industries. She thought that he was dedicated to real estate development! Now that he already had the auto industry and legal services industry, she wondered what else he could do next. She had to admit that her appetite had been whetted.

Suddenly, the shares of Lu Ming Corporation rose by a lot! Her pupils were constricted! Wait! How did it increase so quickly?!

How could Themis and Koenigsegg drive the stock prices so high?

What went wrong?

Or did Lu Ming do something?

For some reason, she instinctively thought of her daughter. With Chu Jinyu’s character, it would not be unusual for her to sell the company that she had worked so hard to build in order to help Lu Ming!

At the thought of this, she immediately took out her phone. Just as she was about to check if Chu Jinyu had done anything, Xu Wei looked at the screen in astonishment as if she had seen a ghost!

She said in disbelief, "CEO Han! Look at the news!"

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