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Chapter: 157

Chapter 157: Reveal the Cards!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu Jinyu naturally saw this scene too!

She even forgot to breathe. All of this felt like a dream! She rubbed her eyes. The words on the screen were still the same. She said in astonishment, "You’re the boss of the Hilton Hotel?!"

She could not help but raise her voice!

She looked at the computer and then at Lu Ming behind her. She said, "In other words, when we went last time, the waiter gave us such expensive wine because of your instruction?"

She had not forgotten the bottle of 1982 Lafite.

After all, the food they ate was not as expensive as that bottle of wine!

"Yes, because wasn’t it our long-awaited reunion that day? So I gave you a gift. But because it was really too sudden, I could only give red wine."


So the free gift I got was actually from Lu Ming?

She had thought that after so many years apart, they had become distant, and that perhaps she was the only one who desperately wanted to rekindle their past relationship. She did not expect that he was feeling the same way! Lu Ming rubbed her hair and said, "Why are you crying again?"

"No, I’m not!"

She clenched her sleeves with tears in her eyes. Although Brother Lu Ming did not show his feelings, he cared for her and was protective of her. No wonder she liked him so much!


Too gentle.

His touch felt so gentle that she could not bear to leave.

She had thought about it. If he failed this time, she would give him all her assets. She only hoped that Lu Ming would have a smooth sailing life.

"Brother Lu Ming, will you be so good to others?"

At the thought that he would show the same kindness to others, her heart ached so much that she could hardly breathe!

Lu Ming looked at her expression. She looked like she would cry if he said yes. He wondered why it didn’t occur to her that he liked her too.

"Lwill never be so good to another person again."

He had unconsciously given all his tenderness to Chu Jinyu. He clearly had feelings for her in the past, but he was slow to realize it. It was only when they were in the flying car that he felt his heart racing. Perhaps it awakened the feelings he had when he was young.

Although Chu Jinyu loved to cry, she never gave him trouble and was even very independent. After not seeing him for many years, she was still willing to give her heart to him like she did when she was young.

‘Who could reject her?
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Chu Jinyu’s eyes widened slightly. What does it mean? she wondered.

Does Brother Lu Ming like me too?

She wanted to press on, but she was afraid of getting the opposite of what she wanted to hear. She was afraid that she would be happy for nothing. Just as she was wavering, a message suddenly popped up on her phone. ‘When she saw it, she instinctively clicked on it. The headline was—Shock! Star Creation Agency has been integrated into Lu Ming Corporation!"

Star Creation?

She remembered that it was a top agency in the entertainment industry. They had signed on countless celebrities in the film, television, and music industries, and many Best Actor and Best Actress award winners among them! This was a place that many people could not enter even if they tried their best. Everyone knew that they could help launch artistes on the path to stardom!

She thought of the mysterious big shot in the industry that Miss Emma had mentioned previously. This guess set off a huge wave in her heart. In addition, companies were constantly merging with Lu Ming Corporation! She touched Lu Ming carefully. "Don’t tell me you want to say that Star Creation is yours too?"

"It is indeed mine."

Seeing this, Lu Ming smiled.

No way! she thought.

He’s even involved in the entertainment industry?

And the big shot!

"So you invited Ms. Emma?"

"Yes, I got someone to invite her."

He had helped her so much, but did not say anything about it. She had thought that it was someone else who helped her!

Had it been anyone else, the whole world would probably know about it.

If not for the deal he made with her mother this time, it would probably be very difficult for her to find out the truth in her lifetime. For some reason, she felt sweet inside but was a little resentful. How would she know if he did a good deed and did not tell her? "Brother Lu Ming, you’re really good at hiding!"

She accidentally glanced at the newspaper on the coffee table not far away and said jokingly, "Is Metropolitan yours too?"


She was thinking they couldn’t all be assets under Lu Ming’s name

She was suddenly stunned. Wait! Right? What is right?

"I, did I hear wrongly?"

This was currently the most profitable newspaper. It could basically be considered a leading paper in the news industry!

It is also Lu Ming’s?

Lu Ming realized that her expression was very interesting. He nodded and said, "Metropolitan is mine. Why?"

Instantly, Chu Jinyu’s mind was in chaos.

How many circles has he crossed?

Media, entertainment.

How many more surprises does he have in store?

Now, not to mention 20 billion yuan, he could even double it! To think that she had come up with the last resort. No wonder Brother Lu Ming made her calm down! So that was how it was.

She instantly broke into tears of joy and kissed the side of his face excitedly. "This is great!! We’ll definitely win this time! This is great!"


Have I just been kissed?

Lu Ming was surprised by her actions. However, when he saw that she was genuinely happy for him, his mood could not help but improve. He said, "We will definitely win."

At this moment, the Internet was in an uproar! So many famous companies had merged into a new group. Netizens wondered if they were dreaming! The comments around this piece of news kept increasing!

[E*ck!! Look what I found!? I never thought that these corporations have the same person backing them! I just said a while ago that a new energy vehicle would definitely surpass Koenigsegg or something. Is this actually a f*cking family?? Should I say the country’s vehicle emissions standard has risen? I’m stunned.]

[Rich people really know how to have fun! They build a company out of nowhere. Maybe this is their entertainment? Let me count, how many circles has he crossed? To be able to manage so many companies, this big shot behind the scenes is someone! Now Lu Ming Corporation hasn’t stopped yet. I’m really getting more and more excited!]

[I just made a bet with my best friend that Star Creation will never be integrated in this lifetime! In the end, it was a slap in the face! But I’m so f*cking happy! If the boss of Star Creation is so amazing, won’t the resources about celebrities that I follow become better and better in the future?! Forward, forward, forward!]

[Can anyone find out who this big shot is? There’s no Wikipedia entry so far. Isn’t he a little too mysterious? I thought the owner of the Hilton Hotel is a foreigner, the boss of the Navy Seal Bodyguard is a burly man, and the CEO of This Place Hospital is a woman. It tums out that they are all the same


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