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Chapter: 158

Chapter 158: Shocking the World

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Silence fell over Upper Forest Park No. 2 Residence. It seemed out of place with the outside world.

Xu Wei stood rooted to the spot for a long time before she slowly came back to her senses. No wonder… No wonder I couldn’t find any information about Missy’s crush. So he has so many identities? she thought.

She suddenly felt that what Richard said about Russian dolls suited this situation very well. She thought that Wanke Real Estate was already very impressive, but she did not expect it to be just an appetizer. Not only was it the world’s top 500 company, it had several leading companies under its name. What was 20 billion yuan compared to that?

Just Star Creation alone could eam billions of yuan in 10 days, not to mention other companies. The only companies that were slightly inferior were the law firm and Ocean Manor. But the key was that the former was very famous in China, and the latter was a sacred venue for negotiations. Every day, countless people went there to trade.

She had thought that he was an ordinary person with ability. Now, if Lu Ming was considered ordinary, they were nothing!

She did not expect him to reveal all his cards just for a deal.


She wondered if rich people nowadays were all so low-key. They usually wore clothes that cost only hundreds of yuan and occasionally even street goods. They did not put on airs when dealing with people. They were very polite to everyone. They did not offend or fawn over people. Initially, she thought that if Lu Ming worked hard, he might be able to build a good company, but he needed to change his character. She felt that businessmen needed to be ambitious and know how to flatter. However, it seemed that she was short-sighted. He did not need to work so hard. With all the companies under him, he won’t be able to spend all the money he’s earning in this lifetime.

How many people can attain this even if they work hard their entire lives? she wondered

But how old is Lu Ming now?

Just over 20 years old!

If this is not promising, then what is? His future achievements will only be higher than now!

Isn’t this the son-in-law that CEO Han likes?

He’s capable, rich, good-looking, and has a good personality. And Missy likes him very much. It’s perfect!

At the thought of this, she looked carefully at Han Qianjing. How would her boss react?

After Han Qianjing repeatedly confirmed that these assets belonged to Lu Ming, her laughter became louder. She seemed to be deranged yet clear-headed. She lifted her stray hair and said, "I didn’t expect it! I didn’t make an error of judgment either!

Lu Ming, you’ve concealed it well!"

After interacting with him so many times, she did not notice anything wrong with Lu Ming at all! Should she say that he was too talented in acting? He did not act like a superior at all. As for the aura, it was obvious.

Xu Wei looked at her boss in a daze. In her memory, her boss had never lost her composure like now. It seemed… to her that titillating someone was a little risky, but her heart beat faster uncontrollably.

Is this the result of having a nice-looking face? she wondered.

Han Qianjing could not hold back her smile and said, "Teacher is right! Jinyu’s taste is better than mine! To be able to reach this level alone, in terms of talent, I’m sure Lu Ming is the only one in a hundred years! No wonder that kid’s expression did not change when I suggested the deal. So he still has so many tricks up his sleeve?!

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I thought that I overestimated him, but every time this happened, he’d reveal the truth and slap my face! He always does surprising things! No wonder Jinyu won’t marry anyone other than him. Such a good person is indeed hard to find! Hahahaha! She has really found a treasure!" Finally she was not afraid that her hard work would be ruined in her daughter’s hands. Perhaps she could bring it to greater heights!

Xu Wei probed, "Then do you approve of Missy and Mr. Lu being together?"

"What else can I disagree with?"

Han Qianjing was in a good mood and did not mind saying a few more words. At this rate, 20 billion yuan in 10 days might really not be a problem! This was something that even she could not do!

"Next, we’ll have to see if Jinyu can win him over. Even if he doesn’t complete the deal, I’ll still sign the contract. Roping this person in will only be beneficial to us!"

Xu Wei heaved a sigh of relief. That was good.

Meanwhile, Wanke Real Estate.

The company’s merger was still in progress. The system, which had not spoken for a long time, said,

[Host, please make one of the following choices:

Option 1: Stop here. Reward: An old mansion in Beijing.

Option 2: Vacillate. Reward: An incomplete copy of the public transport machinery techniques. You will also be rewarded with a mechanical device.

Option 3: Continue with the merger. Reward: Eastern Union Bank.]

Machinery techniques?

He had to admit that he was tempted.

Everyone basically had a dream of building a mechanism when they were young. Perhaps they could really develop something.

But this was just an incomplete copy. He did not have any foundational knowledge. If he obtained it, it would probably become a pile of scrap paper. As for the old mansion, he did not need this thing now. There was only option three left.

Continue with the merger!

Days passed. On the ninth day, the deal finally came to an end. Early in the morning, Han Qianjing received a call from her daughter. As the other party was busy helping Lu Ming recently, she naturally had not been coming back.

"What is it?"

"Mom! Brother Lu Ming has already gotten someone to pick you up. We are now at the Eastern Union Bank. We have raised 20 billion yuan!"

Han Qianjing’s confused mind instantly cleared up. She said in disbelief, "You’re not lying to me, right? You really raised 20 billion yuan?"

"Why don’t you come over and see for yourself?"

Then she hung up. Han Qianjing raised her eyebrows slightly. Interesting! She wanted to see if Lu Ming really came up with the money or if he was just making up the numbers!

She looked at Xu Wei, who had just entered, and said, "Let’s go! We’ll go to the Eastern Union Bank!"

To the bank?

To do what?

Xu Wei immediately thought of the deal from before. She wondered if they really raised the money!

Suppressing her excitement, she quickly followed her.

Eastern Union Bank was located in the middle of the golden zone and not far from Upper Forest Park, so it did not take long for the two of them to reach their destination. When Han Qianjing saw her daughter, who was laughing, she felt a little exasperated. She had really not learned anything from her!

She turned to look at Lu Ming and said, "Are you sure you have raised 20 billion yuan without missing a single cent? I hope it won’t fall short later. ‘d like to confirm with you again that it is 20 billion yuan, not 10 billion yuan."

"Don’t worry, not a single cent is missing! But no matter what I say, you might suspect me. Why don’t you come in with me?"

Lu Ming walked in. As expected, he had specially cleared the place today.

The few of them turned left and right and arrived in front of a white door. The receptionist took out a key and unlocked the door. The so-called door lock was a reinforced disc. Immediately after, the three burly men beside her started to turn it.


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