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Chapter: 160

Chapter 160: Regret

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


Ever since Lu Yaohua was given a suspension from work, he had been depressed every day. Other than venting his anger at his own uselessness, he was also reprimanded by Tang Wenyi as a good-for-nothing. Is this what I want?he thought.

If Tang Wenyi had not asked the Tang family to help him, he would not have ended up in such a sorry state.

So the two of them had been quarreling more and more recently, which made Tang Wenyi feel exhausted both physically and mentally. She felt more than once that she had indeed chosen the wrong person. How exactly had she taken a fancy to this person in the past? I must be blind! she thought.

Although her friends did not have any feelings for the men they married, their husbands would not have behaved like hers! He had established a company, but in the end, he was kicked out after a few years! Although the position of a professional manager was not as high as a boss, it was still a decent job. But in the end?

It was forcibly wrecked!

Couldn’t he just stay there quietly? Why did he have to play dirty tricks?! He even caused the family to lose hundreds of millions of yuan!

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got!

"When are you planning to look for a job? Are you planning to let me and my son starve?!"

Lu Yaohua scratched his head impatiently and said, "With my ability, ‘m more than capable of being a boss! But those people just don’t think I can do it. They must be jealous of my talent!"

‘Tang Wenyi rolled her eyes.

Does he really think that everyone is like him?

Just as she was about to say something, his phone on the table suddenly rang. Lu Yaohua picked it up angrily and said, "What is it!?"

"Old Lu, have you seen the news? Lu Ming Corporation is collaborating with Qianyu in the capital."


Lu Yaohua widened his eyes and blurted out, "How is that possible! That person has never struck a deal without benefits. She doesn’t know Lu Ming. Why would she do that?"

When he heard that Lu Ming had built a company, he could not wait for it to close down.

After the Tang family attacked Lu Ming, he was in an even better mood. He had planned to mock him, but now they were telling him that someone had helped Lu Ming.

Isn’t this messing with my mind? he thought.

"The boss of Lu Ming Corporation made a deal with the Iron Lady. If they could raise 20 billion yuan in 10 days, she would collaborate. At first, I thought that was impossible, but after seeing so many famous companies merge with Lu Ming Corporation, I was convinced. This is really not something that ordinary people can do…"

He did not listen to the rest of his words. It was not that he had not seen these news stories a while ago, but he had only caught a glimpse by chance and did not read any further. At that time, he was still wondering which person was so capable as to own a few companies at the same time. So it was his elder son!

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He thought that he still had a chance, but.

From the looks of it, he would probably never catch up with the other party in his lifetime!

Everything was over!

He let out a crazy laugh, which startled Tang Wenyi. "Are you crazy again?"

"Recently, the merger of those companies online was orchestrated by Lu Ming. Lu MIng Corporation is his! He is now working with the Iron Lady!" This news was like a bolt out of the blue to Tang Wenyi!

That bastard has actually come this far!?

She was regretting that she had not killed him back then! Perhaps they would not have ended up in such a sorry state!


"Why? Why?! The little bastard is still alive! Why doesn’t he die?!"

No matter how regretful they were, with their current ability, they could not stop Lu Ming from advancing.

Days passed by and the Global Smart Automotive Forum was about to begin.

Basically, most people who were interested in this event were invited, and the Tang family was no exception. On this day, Old Master was wearing a black suit, and Butler He was following closely beside him. Tang Yajing, on the other hand, was wearing a light blue short dress and standing obediently beside the old master.

Initially, the other sisters were also fighting to attend the event because the people who could come here were all wealthy and respectable people. Just casually finding a few people to chat with could strengthen their future social network. At that time, their chances of winning the fight for the position of the family head would be much higher. Unfortunately, Old Master chose the youngest child to attend.

Their purpose for this trip was not only to understand the market, but also to see who the boss of Lu Ming Corporation was.

Butler He had found a little bit of information when he was looking for information the last time. He only knew that the boss’s name was Lu Ming. However, there were many people with the same name in this world. They had only heard of Lu Ming from Shanghai, who was the son of Tang Wenyi’s husband’s ex-wife. However, they still found it hard to believe that it was him and held onto the belief that it was a fluke.

How could an ordinary person be so rich?

So they kept praying that it would not be this person.

Tang Yajing looked around but did not see anyone familiar. She heaved a sigh of relief. She had heard that recently, for some reason, her third sister and Lu Yaohua had been frantically looking for invitations to the event. Fortunately, the old master found out and grounded the two of them. Otherwise, he would become a laughing stock once again.

‘When she saw the entrance, she was stunned for a few seconds before she quickly patted his shoulder and said, "Old Master, Mr. Musk is here too."


He wondered why he had not heard any news. He remembered that Musk seldom attended such gatherings.

The old master looked in the direction that she was pointing at and saw a tall foreign man in a blue suit walking straight in. The professional-looking woman behind him was accepting people’s business cards graciously. Many people wanted to talk to Musk, but they were stopped by the bodyguards.

"Mr, Musk, we’re in charge of tire production, and the quality is one of the best in the country. Are you interested in working with us? We can provide tires to you at the lowest price!"

"Look at me! I’m from a car parts factory! Not only is our company producing high yields, the quality is also high. If you have any intention of working together, you can contact me anytime! I’ll be available at any time!"

"Me too, me too! Customers who used our engine gave us a 100% rating! As long as you’re willing to give me a chance, maybe we can work together happily?"

No one knew why Musk suddenly came to China, but it was better than not coming. This at least proved that they had a chance. He was the focus of their attention. He glanced at them and when he did not see the person he was looking for, he could not help being disappointed. Is that person not here yet? He raised his hand to look at his watch. It was almost time. If he did not come soon, he would be late.

suddenly, the lights dimmed and the press conference officially began!

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