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Chapter: 161

Chapter 161: The First Car

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Welcome, everyone, to the Global Smart Automotive Forum. Let’s cut to the chase. Let’s invite the boss of Ideal Car to introduce everyone."

The host handed a microphone to a middle-aged man. Immediately after, a gray car slowly rose from below the stage. It looked wide and thick like a piece of bread.

"First of all, thank you for giving me such a good platform to promote my new car. Let me cut to the chase. In order to build this car, I’ve spent almost five to six years. Needless to say, the energy and money I’ve invested are extraordinary. I hope my car can introduce everyone into the future."

‘The middle-aged man proudly touched the car and said, "By combining a large-capacity battery with a high-power amplification system, I’ve solved the current endurance problem in the market. Moreover, because the engine isn’t involved in driving, it’s quite fuel-efficient."

He paused for a moment before continuing, "The internal design I used was purely original. Most of the material used was real leather. I even installed four screens in it…"

Musk looked at the time from time to time. If he didn’t know about Lu Ming, he would have been interested in this car. But now, he just wanted to meet the young man who had made as much money as he did.

Yes, he had already found out the identity of the owner of the IP address.

In fact, when he could not find out anything, he temporarily stopped working. After learning about smart cars and flying cars in China, he checked again and tracked down Lu Ming.

A young man who had made outstanding achievements in many fields!

He had originally arranged to have lunch with a big entrepreneur, but he had no choice but to change his itinerary and come here because Lu Ming would be holding a press conference!

It would be even better if he could befriend this person.


‘The organizer was anxious like a cat on a hot tin roof. There were so many foreigners here this time. Needless to say, they must have heard about Lu Ming’s car. Today, they came looking for him and asked if he really built a flying car.

He knew very well that this was the highlight. If Lu Ming, who was an important figure, did not show up, his reputation at the conference would probably hit rock bottom! He might not be able to recover from this setback.

At this thought, he looked at the staff and asked, "Is Mr. Lu here?"

"Still on the way! We’ve already sent someone to pick him up. He should be here in 15 minutes."

15 minutes?

‘The person-in-charge hurriedly said, "No! Sooner! We’re running behind schedule!"

He did not know if these bosses were too aloof. Every time they introduced their cars, they would only say a few words. In addition, those who could showcase cars here had all been carefully selected. In total, there were only a handful of them. Even if he reminded them to say a few more words, they would not know what to say. They would probably be embarrassed on stage.

He might as well let nature take its course.

The person-in-charge wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. He thought to himself, Is the tide turning today? Why must there be a traffic jam at this time?

Some time passed and the host watched as the introductions went on and on. He broke out in cold sweat. Why isn’t he here yet? The next and last company scheduled to present was Lu Ming Corporation.

Just as he was at a loss, Lu Ming patted his shoulder as he pante’

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‘m here."

The host heaved a sigh of relief and quickly took the microphone from the previous boss. He said, "Finally, it’s our finale, Lu Ming Smart Cars! Now Mr. Lu will be releasing three new car models. Please let him introduce them to us."

The audience below saw that the protagonist was still trying to catch his breath. They could not help wondering, Where has he been? Why does he look so tired?

"First and foremost, the first car model I want to introduce today is the Classic 3."

A smooth, red car appeared on the stage. The long, flat LED light and the wide and sharp front bumper formed a shark-like face. It looked very aggressive, and people instinctively remembered it at a glance.

"Its windshield is a panoramic model produced in Italy. It has a wider view than ordinary cars, which can help drivers drive safely. In addition, I’ve installed a 360-degree camera on the roof. You can upload the photos and videos at any time. This is very convenient for people who like photography.

Of course, it’s also equipped with a newly-developed intelligent system and a powerful filter. Regardless of whether it’s pollen or smog, it can situate the car in a safe and fresh space at any time. Finally, there are 25 smart sensor devices. Other than 12 ultrasound sensors and three millimeters of radar, the rest are cameras so that you can pay attention to your location at all times."

The crowd gasped in surprise.

"25 smart sensor devices. This should be the f*cking strongest auto-driving equipment, right?! Compared to this, the previous ones are not even an appetizer! After all, although it was called an intelligent car, they actually only developed half of it. This is a real, perfect smart car!"

"Just listening to it gives me goosebumps. I really like the camera and window that he installed. I can already imagine myself taking this car for a drive. I’l definitely become the coolest person on the streets! We’re one step ahead of others overseas this time."

"This is the light of our national products! I didn’t believe it before I came because Tesla hasn’t developed it yet. It’s too difficult to build anything without any foundation. Looks like I underestimated the Chinese! Now I have to support them no matter how expensive the car is."

‘When Chu Jinyu heard these words, she smiled prettily. This is the person I like! They are already so surprised now. Would they lose their minds later? she wondered. There were two more cars to present!

At the thought of this, she sat down and wiped her sweat. She was so excited last night that she kept pestering Lu Ming and helped out with this and that in the research lab. As a result, she almost overslept today. There was a traffic jam on the way. Fortunately, she rushed over in time. Otherwise, her mother would not have let her off so easily.

Lu Ming chuckled and said, "In addition, this car also supports remote control using the app. We will officially launch the related software later. Please look out for it. And the price that you are most concerned about

I can tell you clearly that it’s very low! Our original intention for making this car was to let many ordinary people drive it! Therefore, the initial price was about 30 thousand yuan.. When it’s really released, it’s estimated to be more than 20 thousand yuan!"

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