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Chapter: 162

Chapter 162: Cyberpunk

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The entire venue was shocked!

Did we hear wrongly? Are you sure it’s this price?

One must know that 20 thousand yuan is enough to buy a good motorcycle!

Is this person crazy?!

Just these parts alone are worth more than 20 thousand yuan! This behavior is really too extravagant! It’s equivalent to throwing money on the streets!

One of them asked what the rest were thinking. "Mr. Lu, are you sure you didn’t say the wrong number? Is there an additional zero?"

"Tm sure. It’s just slightly more than 20 thousand yuan. But don’t worry, the quality of this car is guaranteed. The parts are not cheap either. They were all provided by the Qianyu Corporation. If I sell this car, I basically won’t make any money, but I don’t intend to earn much from it."

Lu Ming said confidently.

It was indeed 20 thousand yuan. Those people had suspected that the quality of the car was not good, but after hearing that it was provided by the Qianyu Corporation, their doubts were dispelled.

He must be joking! they thought.

Qianyu was famous for its traditional manufacturing. Even at its worst, it was better than an ordinary factory!

‘The person who asked the question previously said excitedly, "Mr. Lu, you’re really a hero among people! When this car of yours goes on sale, I’ll definitely buy a few! Oh right, how many do you plan to sell? I think no matter how many you make, they will definitely sell out!"

"Thank you for your kind words. This production was a little rushed, so I made 50 thousand. We’ll continue manufacturing later. If you don’t manage to snatch one, don’t be anxious."

Many people were disappointed by Lu Ming’s words. However, it was better than nothing. At most, they would compete to see who was the quickest!

‘Tang Yajing’s initially relaxed mood immediately turned heavy. Not only was this person Lu Ming, whom she had thought of, but he had also launched such a cheap car. Needless to say, this would cause a huge uproar! Perhaps it would stabilize the Lu Ming Corporation’s position in the industry! Athorny enemy.

She clenched her fists. If not for the fact that her third sister could not tolerate Lu Ming, at least the Tang family would not have completely opposed him.

For the first time in years, she felt threatened.

If Lu Ming continued to develop like this, he would probably suppress the Tang family next!

She looked at Old Master Tang and asked softly, "What should we do?"

It was difficult for them to do anything now. Unbeknownst to them, the other party had brought his business empire to prominence.

"Wait a little longer." The old master’s expression was dark as he responded.

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Lu Ming continued, "The second is our flagship Model 4."

A gray, well-designed car appeared on the other side of the stage. It looked as if it would morph into a Transformer the next second.

"This car was inspired by Cyberpunk. The body of the car is angular, and it looks like a cube. Its exterior is made of stainless steel and ultra-strong glass. Regardless of whether it’s smashed with a hammer or falls from a great height, it will still be intact. Also, it’s bulletproof. This is a video from our experiment."

A video appeared on the big screen behind him.

In the video, Xia Heng and He Tao were using hammers to smash the car, but no matter how many times they smashed, the car was as immovable as a mountain. Immediately after, He Xiaopeng picked up the car with a tractor and dropped it from a high place. This made many timid people close their eyes instinctively. Only after the sound died down did they slowly open their eyes.

The car was still the same.

Their eyes widened!

How is this possible!? they thought.

Even a tractor can’t be this sturdy, right?

Immediately after, there was a gunshot. The bullet was stuck in the glass. When He Xiaopeng opened the door, one could see that there were several layers of protection inside. The person sitting inside was also unscathed.

"This car can also be considered an armored vehicle. It’s great for going on the highway, and it’s fine on off-the-beaten tracks. Its endurance is about 500 miles, and its traction is 3.6 tons. The acceleration time is 4.3 seconds per kilometer. In addition, the space in the back is enough to accommodate 100 cubic feet of things. It’s also spacious enough to fit a motorcycle.

And this is a video of towing. You can easily see that our flagship Model 4 can tow two large cars. In addition, it’s equipped with a humanized AI. If there’s an accident, you can call the police at any time and send your location in real time. Do you have any questions?" Lu Ming looked at the stunned expressions of the audience and could not help feeling good.

He wanted to shock the world!

Before he could finish, a middle-aged man asked, "This car of yours suits my taste! What is its price? It should be at least a million yuan, right? No matter how much it costs, I can give it to you now, as long as you sell me the car."

From his tone, he sounded like a straightforward person who did not lack money.

The corners of Lu Ming’s lips curled up as he said, "This car costs less than a million yuan. The initial price is 200 thousand yuan. I can sell you one later. Anyway, I don’t expect to earn much money by selling this."

The highlight of the show was yet to come!

The audience gasped. This is too cheap!

Even the middle-class could buy it. It was not impossible for ordinary people to work hard to afford one!

If these two cars were to be officially launched, the industry would really explode!

The old master tightened his grip on his crutch. If Lu Yaohua had not driven He Xiaopeng away in anger, these praises would have come to the Tang family! Now someone had taken advantage of a deal!

"Mtr, Lu, you’re quite arrogant! If you don’t count on these two cars to earn money, don’t tell me you have other tricks up your sleeve? I advise you to increase the price. I think it’s shocking enough. No matter what happens next, I’ll be able to maintain my composure." "That’s right! Our industry is very cruel. At this rate, if you continue to squander money like this, all your assets will be gone! And those who bought the cars won’t thank you. Only ruthless businessmen are successful."

"Doing business is not a charity event. It’s only right to earn money. If I were you, I’d definitely sell it for more than a million yuan. The first car would incur a loss. At 20 thousand yuan, it is priced a little low. At least 50 thousand yuan would make a profit!"

Acamera had been set up at the venue of the press conference which was being broadcast live. The press statement triggered a proliferation of comments from the netizens!

{Not only is the car Mr. Lu made of good quality, but it’s also affordable. I planned to buy a car previously, but it was really too expensive. I didn’t expect such a cheap car to appear. I’ll definitely buy it when it’s released! ] {Damn it! Are these people crazy about money? This is the set price, and they actually advise Mr. Lu to raise it?! Mr. Lu, don’t listen to their nonsense! I will thank you! It’s not a problem for me to support you!]

{1 also want to drive a car, and I happen to have 20 thousand yuan in my hands. Don’t raise the price, Mr. Lu! Once you do, I won’t be able to buy it! It wasn’t easy to produce such a good car. I’m envious!]

[These people are too poor, aren’t they? Even if they raise the price, it won’t go too high. Anyway, I have money!]

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