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Chapter: 163

Chapter 163: Musk’s Invitation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Musk was surprised by Lu Ming’s pricing. If it were him, he would definitely choose to increase the pricing by several times like the others. After all, no one would mind having more money. What is this person thinking? Could it be… he thought.

He shook his head. How could China be so fast? If the system was really perfected, there should be some news. He had not heard any news before coming here.

He said to his secretary, "After these two cars are sold, send someone to buy a few more."

He had not developed it yet, so he might as well try to learn from it.

Lu Ming stood on the stage and looked at the audience. His gaze was firm as he said, "The price I set is only so much. If we raise it again, won’t it be against our original intention? The reason why my team made such a car is that we are all ordinary people!

Life is challenging. The purpose of buying a car is just to make it easier to travel around. How can I not satisfy such a simple request? I want to let all the poor people have their own cars. Is there a problem with that? It’s just that you think I’ve messed up the market prices."

He Xiaopeng rubbed his reddened eyes. This was the person he had sworn to follow!

The others in the team behind him also looked touched, and some even shed tears.

‘The world was mostly made up of ordinary people like them. Rich people might think that it did not matter how much the car cost, but people like them had to carefully consider their spending on basic things just to survive! ‘Musk’s eyes flashed with admiration. Although he wouldn’t do this, it didn’t stop him from liking such a person. It was no wonder he could make these things first. Perhaps that was the reason.

Chu Jinyu tugged at Han Qianjing’s sleeve excitedly and asked softly, "How is it? Isn’t it great? He’s dazzling on stage!"

Han Qianjing flicked her forehead. "Calm down. I don’t want to be said to have such an embarrassing daughter, but… he’s really not bad."

Although he held a high position, he was still considerate of ordinary people. She thought that such a person could go further than them.

"Then, we spent a lot of effort building the last car

‘An avant-garde flying car!"

A low-profile black mechanical sports car appeared on the right of the stage. Lu Ming pressed the remote control in his hand and two wings rose from the left and right side of the car! It looked like it was about to fly! Everyone present widened their eyes in disbelief. Although they had long heard about this matter, they had thought that it was just a rumor or a framework. They did not expect that it had already been completed!

Are we dreaming?

‘They wondered if the streets of the future would really be filled with flying cars!

This is too high-tech.


Someone could not help but say.

All he could think about was ‘what the f*ck!’ He could not say anything else! This was a miracle!

Elated, Musk’s mouth was half open. This progress was much faster than theirs! There is really such a thing?! Isn’t it a rumor? He looked at the car and then at the young man on the stage. For some reason, he had a feeling—in the near future, Lu Ming would definitely become the vane for the industry! He nudged his secretary who had yet to regain her senses and hurriedly said, "What are you waiting for? Take a photo quickly!"

"Ah… Oh!"

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The secretary took out her camera in a flurry and almost dropped it accidentally. This was like a dream to her. She had never been so shocked by any new research they had done!

Who exactly is the Lu Ming Corporation?

They both had the same question.

Right on the heels of that, Lu Ming introduced, "In order to make the car fly better, we used aviation aluminum for the interior and exterior. And driving this car is much simpler. Just like in a sci-fi movie, when you don’t want to drive, press the function button. You can experience flying in the air without doing anything.

Other than the slightly inferior endurance ability, it’s much faster than an ordinary car. The acceleration time for 100 kilometers is 2.5 seconds. In other words, once activated, it will travel 510 kilometers per hour. As for the bottom of the car, it’s made of dry carbon fiber. We’re all peers. I think you should understand what I mean."

This is the video."

The screen behind showed the state of the car as it was flying!

Even those who could not accept reality had no choice but to recognize the situation! Lu Ming Corporation had set a new precedent in history! They had succeeded in creating a dream for humanity to soar into the skies! And this would become very common in the future! "It, it was really made?"

‘Tang Yajing could tell that the voice sounded familiar.

When she turned around, she saw two familiar figures!

Lu Yaohua… and Third Sister!?

Hiding in their corner, they were looking in disbelief, especially her third sister whose face was contorted! But how did they get in? she wondered. Didn’t the old master already give the order that no one was allowed to give them an invitation?

She held her forehead. How unlucky! Don’t let the old master find out, or there’ll be another farce.

She looked away at the old man who was still immersed in his own world. He should not find out about them at the moment. She only hoped that the two of them would leave quickly because this project was abandoned by Lu Yaohua himself. If the old man saw him, there was a high chance that things would become ugly.

Lu Ming sighed. "It’s a miracle to be able to make such a car. This was something that I didn’t dare to imagine in the past. I want to thank my team members. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do all this no matter how much money I have. Thank you for working overtime just to meet production targets. I plan to produce 20 thousand flying cars. Everyone, if you have time, come and support me!"

He Xiaopeng and the rest laughed when they were mentioned. It was rare to meet such a good boss!

No one was willing to say anything in the silent venue because they were so shocked that they could not speak! The few people who had said that they would not be surprised were slapped in the face.

‘Musk started clapping and saying excitedly, "I know that this car is successful because of Mr. Lu’s intelligence and unique insight! I’m impressed by your foresight. As expected of someone who can compare with me in Dogecoin! Your flying car will definitely shock the world!"

He paused for a moment before continuing, "I came to China specifically to meet you! You’re more amazing than I expected! Mr. Lu, I hope to be able to collaborate with you in the near future! We can definitely open up a new world together! For example, we can build a rocket and fly into space to explore. I suddenly have a bold idea!

Amanned spacecraft, how about that!"

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