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Chapter: 166

Chapter 166: Dancing Around a Minefield

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Tang Wenyi panicked even more. She quickly waved her hands and said, "No! How could I have so much power? Even if I have ten guts, I wouldn’t dare to do this!"

She was at a loss for what to say.

"We were just afraid of disturbing your good mood, so we wanted to leave in a hurry. We couldn’t wait to nurture our relationship with you, so how could we not want to see you? Fifth Sister, do you think so?"

She tried to get her sister to help, but she had forgotten that the Tang sisters did not have a good relationship with each other. Besides, she had never tried to be nice to No. 5. What right did she have to continue chatting?

As expected, Tang Yajing put on a nonchalant expression. "I heard that when Third Brother-in-law was in the company, he was very dissatisfied with Old Master’s arrangements. He even tried to instigate employees and usurp positions. It’s quite expected that you don’t want to see Old Master, right?" She firmly believed that being kind to the enemy was being cruel to herself. Since there was a chance to suppress her, she might as well make sure that her third sister would never have a chance to make a name for herself!

So she paused for a moment before continuing, "Oh right, I’m also quite curious about something. With your status, how did you get an invitation? I remember that the people who came were at least executives or bosses related to the auto industry, right? Firstly, you two are not related to the auto industry, and secondly, you’re not people of high social status.

So, how did you get in?"

Her words were like a heavy blow to the couple, making them unable to raise their heads.

Butler He stood quietly by the side and thought to himself, Should I say that she is indeed someone that Old Master thinks highly of? With Fifth Missy’s ability, even ten Tang Wenyi and Lu Yaohua could not beat her. She really kills people without batting an eye. "It, it’s none of your business! Aren’t you just trying to hurt me!"

Tang Wenyi flew into a rage out of humiliation. Not only did her younger sister not help her, but she hit her when she was down! No matter what, we are sisters! she thought.

The old man hit the ground with his crutch. "I think you were trying to hurt my Tang family! If your useless husband didn’t chase him away, these fruits of victory would have been ours! Maybe the Tang family would have gained a foothold in the auto industry! We wouldn’t be going around like headless flies now!"

Tang Wenyi and Lu Yaohua shivered again.

"This matter has already come to this, what else can we do.

Before she was done talking, the old master said with an ugly expression, "Have you become independent?! You dare to refute what I told you? I told you to stop hanging out with this freeloader, but you refused to listen! Now, all the other sisters can potentially inherit the position of the family head, but you’re the only one who has turned out like this!"

Seeing that he was angry, Tang Yajing quickly helped him calm down and said, "Third Sister, you’d better speak less. When you were in the capital, you wouldn’t dare to talk to Old Master like this. It has been a few years since we last met, and all you’ve learned is this bad stuff." Tang Wenyi was about to retort, but when she met the old master’s cold gaze, she immediately wilted. Now that the old master was partial to her fifth sister, no matter what she said, he would not listen. He might even scold her!

"Tell me, where did you get the invitation? Don’t tell me you got it on your own. Who are you kidding!"

The old master said coldly.


Tang Wenyi could not come up with an excuse at that moment. How could she have the cheek to say that the invitation was stolen? If she told the truth, she might not be able to return to the Tang family in the future.

She looked at Lu Yaohua and heard him say, "My friend gave me this invitation. He was sick, so he asked us to come and take a look."

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes, that’s it!"

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Just when they thought that this excuse was perfect, the old master twitched his lips and his gaze became fiercer. He said, "Who is that friend of yours? I’ve specially sent a message. If anyone dares to let you in, it’s equivalent to becoming enemies with the Tang family!"

The couple stood rooted to the ground.

The old master already knew that they were asking for invitations everywhere.

Moreover, the reason why they could not get invitations was not because of Lu Ming’s orders but because of Old Master!

Lu Yaohua said in astonishment, "Why, why was it you? Shouldn’t it be Lu Ming?"

"Because I find you two irksome!"

The old master said bluntly, "As for the Lu Ming you’re talking about, is he like you, idling everyday!? All he does is keep an eye on you and not go to work? Who do you think you are?! I’ll give you one more chance. Tell the truth."

In this situation, they could not tell the truth even if they were beaten to death! If they really told the truth, they would be finished!

Just as he was about to go along with their lie, Tang Wenyi said, "Yes… We took it away secretly when Yaohua’s friend was sick. Because he refused to give it to us no matter what, we had no choice but to steal it."

She knew that with Old Master’s temper, if they continued to lie, the consequences would be worse than being beaten up!


Tang Yajing almost laughed out loud at her coquettish behavior. The corners of her lips twitched involuntarily. She was also curious why Third Sister always had to dance around Old Master’s minefield every time she did something.

Everyone knew that Old Master had always cared about his face. If word got out, Third Sister might even be kicked out of the family!

At this moment, the old master’s face was so dark that ink could drip from it. He picked up his crutch and started hitting the two of them!

"Stealing! Did I teach you this?! Have your brains been kicked by a donkey? You incompetent, good-for-nothings! Not only did you not do anything good before, but you actually dared to ruin the Tang family’s reputation outside! I really want to strangle you! How did I meet you two unlucky fools?! Thad such high hopes for you guys. I thought maybe No. 3 really took a liking to the right person. Maybe you could really use the Tang family to move to a higher place! And look what happened? You were ruined by a little kid! Have you lived all those years in vain?!"

Lu Yaohua and Tang Wenyi cried out in pain, but because the other side of the venue was too busy, no one noticed them.

"How dare you hide! If you dare to hide, don’t ever step foot in my Tang family’s house again!"

The couple could only stand there obediently and get beaten up. Soon there were a few purplish-green marks on their bodies! It was obvious how hard the old man had hit them!

The old man panted as he retracted his crutch and said distantly, "What a pity! I wanted to give you guys one last chance, but it seems like I did something unnecessary! Lu Yaohua doesn’t have to go to the company in the future. Your position will be replaced by someone better.

Let’s go!"

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