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Chapter: 168

Chapter 168: Feelings

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The next day.

As expected, the collaboration between Tesla and Lu Ming Corporation made the headlines! It even went viral on Weibo overnight. More and more people found out about it, and there were comments every minute!

[Where did the person who said that Musk was just joking go? And why would Tesla fancy such a small new company? Have you not seen the news recently? He’s very capable! Star Creation, This Place, Metropolitan, and others are all part of Lu Ming Corporation! Are you envious?] [I£ 1m not wrong, isn’t this my long lost husband? My husband is really capable. He reached an agreement with Tesla so quickly. Is he going to build a rocket at the next press conference? Hubby is really amazing! Today is I Love Lu Ming Day!]

[Previous poster, have you gotten the wrong person? Isn’t this my husband? Since when did he become yours? Can you not call my husband ‘hubby’? Do you not have a husband of your own? Look carefully, this is my man! Don’t even think of snatching him away! Also, why did I only realize now that he is better looking than a celebrity?)

[What kind of daydream are you guys having? A bunch of wife fans appeared overnight. Are you guys acting unscrupulously because Lu Ming doesn’t have a Weibo account? Sisters, you are accomplices. Don’t scare people who don’t know about this! However, if he is my husband, I will definitely do whatever I want to him every day.]

[??? Is there no one you care about on the Internet?]

"Yesterday, it was confirmed that Tesla’s Elon Musk had formed a partnership with Lu Ming from Lu Ming Corporation. Instantly, it attracted countless discussions. Some were envious, some were looking forward to it. Of course, there were also some who were just curious. However, we sincerely look forward to the two of you being able to create something even more amazing…"

Now Lu Ming Corporation was pushed to the center of attention.

Everyone envied it for having such a high starting point. To be able to collaborate with an established company in the industry at the start of the game was difficult to pull off.

Han Qianjing turned off the television and looked at the newspaper in her hand. She muttered, "Young people nowadays are really amazing."

She suddenly saw a sneaky figure from the corner of her eye. "Where are you going? To confess your feelings? Have you thought it through?"

"I thought about it very clearly."

Chu Jinyu straightened her back and said firmly, "Regardless of whether he will reject me or not, I want to tell him that my heart has never changed all these years! I like him, and I can’t give up liking him!" She turned around and asked, "Mom, are you still trying to stop me?"

How did we produce such a romantic at home? she wondered.

Han Qianjing shook her head helplessly and said, "You win. I have no reason to stop you anymore. Go on. But if you’re rejected, don’t come back crying. Go prove that you have better judgment than me." Chu Jinyu heaved a sigh of relief. "Can’t you look forward to something better? Seriously."

She seemed to want to say something else, but she only moved her lips. In the end, she did not say anything and turned to leave.

"Have a safe trip. I hope you get what you want."

Han Qianjing muttered to herself. She watched her daughter leave. She wondered if her daughter had grown up when she wasn’t paying attention. She even had someone she liked.

She had wanted to go over and hug the child, but her rationality told her she could not do this because she had never done this before. It was the first time she had a feeling of dread.

What’s wrong with me?

She could not understand.

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Chu Jinyu arrived at No. 1 Residence next door. This was what Lu Ming told her yesterday. When she found out that the person she liked was so close to her, she regretted it! If she had known, she would have interacted more in advance. Perhaps her mother would not have expected that the person she tried to introduce previously was actually the same person she liked.

She saw Lu Ming standing by the bridge, feeding the fish. Today, he had changed into a white shirt and light blue jeans. At this moment, he looked like a university student. From his looks, no one would have thought that he had countless assets under his name and was worth hundreds of millions. After making countless mental preparations, she took a deep breath and walked forward. "Brother Lu Ming, good morning!"

Lu Ming looked towards the direction of the voice and smiled. "Good morning."

He was gentle, and even his voice was so gentle.

At the thought of what she was about to say, she felt a little shy, so she kept encouraging herself inwardly, saying to herself, No matter what, I must confess today!



Lu Ming was puzzled. "What are you trying to say?"


‘The words were at the tip of her tongue, but she could not bring himself to say it. How could I be so cowardly?! It’s just a confession, what’s there not to say!

At the thought of this, Chu Jinyu took a deep breath again and said, "Brother Lu Ming! I like you! I love you! From the day we met, I had a good impression of you! I’ve been thinking of you every day for the past six years! Liking you and loving you have become an indispensable part of my life! I couldn’t help but fall in love with you!"

In one breath, she poured out the lines that she had prepared the entire night. Her mind was a blur.

Silence. Still silence.

Her eyes reddened instantly. Have I been rejected? she wondered.

As expected, mom was right. I’m not outstanding, and the other party has a better choice. However, I’m clearly prepared to be rejected, so why am I still so upset?

Just as she was looking down to find an excuse to leave this sad place, a familiar voice came from above her. "Little Yu, I like you too."2


Chu Jinyu looked up in disbelief and asked, "W-what did I hear?"

Lu Ming said seriously, "I said, I like you too. I thought that I had always treated you as my younger sister. But after spending time with you, I realized that I actually like you. I want to protect you forever, Little Yu." ".. Am I dreaming?"

Her already inflexible brain died on the spot, as she muttered to herself.

Seeing this, Lu Ming could not help but laugh. "You’re not dreaming. I wanted to find an opportunity to confess to you. I didn’t expect you to beat me to it. I like you, Little Yu." "Isn’t it like affection for one’s family?"

Chu Jinyu asked blankly.

"I’m very sure of my feelings for you. I want to marry you…"

She still felt that it was unreal. The person she had a crush on for many years liked her too. What kind of dream is this? she thought.

If this is a dream, I hope I won’t wake up again in this lifetime.

Seeing that she still did not believe him, Lu Ming immediately grabbed her hand and ran outside. When she came back to her senses, she was already sitting in the front passenger seat of his car.

"Where are we going?"

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