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Chapter: 169

Chapter 169: Public Display of Affection

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Looking at the passing scenery outside the window, Chu Jinyu’s heart rate gradually increased. She glanced at the person beside her from time to time. Has my confession succeeded just now? Then what is our relationship now? No, no, no, perhaps I’ve misunderstood? However, Brother Lu Ming has personally admitted that he likes me as a lover.

Could it be my imagination?

She pinched her thigh and gasped. It hurts!

Is it real?

It still did not feel real.

Now where is Brother Lu Ming taking me? she wondered. She could not think of an answer.

Not long after, the car stopped in front of a building. When Chu Jinyu got out of the car, her eyes widened slightly as she looked at the scene in front of her in disbelief. "Isn’t, isn’t this the Bureau of Civil Affairs? What are we doing here?" Abold thought struck her. Could it be.

No way! she thought.

Lu Ming took the initiative to hold her hand and said, "It’s Monday today. The Bureau of Civil Affairs will be open. Let’s register our marriage and get a certificate. What do you think?"2

Get what???

Marriage certificate!

Chu Jinyu immediately turned into a ripe apple and said, "Am I dreaming? The progress is so fast!"

Although she had wanted to do this for a long time, it was too unexpected for her to get the marriage certificate right after confessing! Not only did the worst not happen, but she even got the best outcome! It went so smoothly!

Lu Ming chuckled and asked, "Why? Are you unwilling?"

"No, no, no! Of course I’m willing! I’m so willing!"

She came back to her senses and quickly explained.

Lu Ming could not help but laugh. He rubbed her hair and said, "Did you bring your identity card? If not, I’ll help you retrieve it."


Chu Jinyu quickly took out her identity card and household register. She had been carrying them with her recently because for some reason, she had a feeling that they would be used. Coincidentally, they did not occupy much space, so it did not matter if she brought them with her. She did not expect that she would actually get married! This was definitely the most correct choice she had made!

"That’s good. Let’s go in."

Perhaps it was because it was Monday today, many people came. The spacious hall seemed a little crowded at this moment. Chu Jinyu walked with great effort in the crowd. Just when she was about to trip, Lu Ming held her in time. "Are you alright?"

She shook her head.

Right away, she was protected in Lu Ming’s arms. She felt safe.

Chu Jinyu’s lips could not help but curl up. Look! This was the lover she had chosen. How thoughtful and gentle! She really wished she could quickly announce to the world that she had such a good boyfriend… No, he will become a husband soon!

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At the thought of this, her heart raced.

Soon they arrived at the registration office. The staff member was amazed at their outstanding looks! It was rare to meet such an eye-catching couple! Her gaze paused on their watches and clothes for a few seconds. She thought to herself, These are all big brands. Although the man’s clothes are not as expensive as the woman’s, if she remembered correctly, that watch is limited edition globally!

Are they rich, second-generation heirs? she wondered.

Without thinking too much, she gave the two of them a form each. While they were filling in the forms, the staff sighed. "You two are really a match made in heaven! I haven’t seen such good-looking people for several years! I dare say that you two are definitely the most good-looking couple I’ve met in my career! Are you celebrities?"

Chu Jinyu blushed even more. "Neither of us is a celebrity."

Seeing her enticing manner, the staff could not help but sigh. "Sometimes, God is really unfair. With this face, she could survive just by shooting a few commercials. It’s completely the work of God."

"So how did you meet? How long have you known each other?"

Obviously, the staff was burning with curiosity.

Lu Ming explained, "We knew each other since we were young. We have already filled in the blanks. Where should we go next?"

In other words, they were childhood sweethearts?!

The staff member felt that this was a fairytale romance. She took the two forms and said, "Just turn to the left and take a photo. I wish the two of you a happy marriage and happiness until you grow old."

"Thank you."

Chu Jinyu nodded at her and followed Lu Ming to the left.

When they entered the studio, the people inside were stunned for a few seconds at the same time. The photographer asked excitedly with a trembling voice, "This… Are you Ms. Chu Jinyu? The angel in the commercial! Are you here to get married today?" Angel?

Chu Jinyu did not expect someone to remember her. She said embarrassedly, "Yes, I just finished registering with Brother Lu Ming."

Brother Lu Ming?

No wonder the photographer thought that the man beside her looked familiar. So he was the young entrepreneur who often appeared on the news recently? He remembered that his younger sister liked him a lot. She was a girlfriend fan.

"You, you’re a couple?!"

How did the two of them know each other? they wondered. They didn’t seem to have a lot of interactions, right? Wait! When they were filming that lipstick commercial previously, someone seemed to have guessed that they had a close relationship. After all, only Lu Ming could have invited an international A-list female star to play a supporting role!

The others looked astonished. What an earth-shattering spectacle have we witnessed? they thought.

The mysterious boss of Jingchen is getting married to the CEO of Lu Ming Corporation, who has recently made a name for himself? This is unbelievable! Is this a business marriage or is he genuinely fond of her?

Chu Jinyu was in a good mood, so she did not mind saying a few more words. "Brother Lu Ming and I were childhood friends. However, we haven’t seen each other for six years after we moved. Recently, I finished my work and came to look for him. I just confessed my feelings for him today." She paused for a moment and continued, "Back then, we made an agreement that if we meet again, we will become husband and wife. Now, we have fulfilled our promise. Brother Lu Ming, right?"

Judging from the little girl’s attitude in her words, it was obvious that she really liked him.

Lu Ming said dotingly, "That’s right. There’s a saying that goes, ‘If you can’t forget it, it will echo.’ Perhaps we’ve been thinking about each other all these years and that’s why we could get together smoothly."

Those single people were completely jealous.

Rich, good-looking, and deeply attached childhood sweethearts—was this really not a plot in a novel? The two of them had not met for many years, and when they met again, they were big shots in various fields. Was this the so-called meeting at one’s prime?

Moreover, their relationship was as good as before, and their hearts had never changed.

‘Where could one find such a devoted lover?

The photographer thought that Chu Jinyu had given more to this relationship. Now it seemed that Lu Ming was not bad either. They were two outstanding people who weren’t jealous of each other.

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