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Chapter: 170

Chapter 170: Back on the Hot Search

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After the photos were taken, the two of them left a few autographs under the coaxing of the staff. As they watched their backs gradually disappear, some of the young couples who were still uncertain a moment ago immediately confirmed their guess!

"They’re Chu Jinyu and Lu Ming, right? Am I seeing things?! Be it their figures or features, they look very similar to the photos on TV! What are these two doing here? Could they be a couple? Is that possible? They rarely appear together at the same venues, right?"

"Theard from some sources that they knew each other for a long time. Is Lu Ming the manager of Chu Jinyu’s company or something? Anyway, the two of them are quite intimate. Chu Jinyu was also at the auto press conference a while ago. Could they have been together since a long time ago?"

"It can’t be, right? Lu Ming is single. A reporter interviewed him on this topic back then. I don’t think he will lie. Perhaps they just got together recently! However, based on the time, isn’t registering the marriage certificate proceeding too fast? The two of them don’t know each other very well. I’m afraid they will get a divorce soon."

The scene just now was naturally posted online. As Lu Ming had recently stolen the limelight at the press conference, many people paid attention to him. Soon this matter became a trending topic—Jing Chen and Lu Ming’s bosses appeared in the Bureau of Civil Affairs! [No way? No way! My teenage heart has just started beating, and I’m out of love? This is the fastest relationship I’ve ever had. It hasn’t even lasted a few days! Speaking of which, are these two sure it’s not a business marriage? No matter how I look at it, they don’t look like people who have time to date.]

[You’re thinking too much. I’ma staff member of the Bureau of Civil Affairs. I bumped into them today. I have to admit, these two people are really eye-catching! They have a good relationship and a good temper. After all, when we found out about this, we couldn’t help asking about their relationship. Then we got the answer that these two people were childhood friends.]

[What the heck! Is what the person above said true? They were childhood sweethearts?! Why didn’t the media expose them? This is so exciting, right? A while ago, someone told me that as long as Lu Ming remains single, we will have a chance! Although I’m envious and jealous, I want to say that they are really compatible!]

{Uncluding my previous observational posts, I hit the jackpot!]

Xu Wei wanted to take advantage of the break to relax, but she did not expect to see the news of her missy’s marriage! She thought that it was fabricated by some marketing account until she saw the video!

She was stunned!

In just a short while, Missy became a married woman!?

Moreover, the other party was Lu Ming, who she had been thinking about for a long time! Could he have been abducted by Missy to the Bureau of Civil Affairs? She really could not be blamed for thinking that because Han Qianjing had such a dark history. However, when she saw Missy and Lu Ming smiling so happily on the screen, she dismissed this thought. They look so blissful. How could he be unwilling?

She exhaled. Love will find a way? she thought.

Great, after so many twists and turns, they’re finally together.

She thought that she would never see the loneliness on her missy’s face again. It was good to have someone by her side. When would a good person appear by my side? she wondered.

Just as she was lost in thought, the office door suddenly opened. The junior assistant asked tentatively, "Should we suppress the matter about CEO Chu?"

"Why should we suppress it? Can’t you see that our company’s shares have increased by quite a bit?"

This was a business world where benefits were paramount. Everyone knew that the partnership between Jingchen and Lu Ming was a strong partnership that would only become better in the future. In addition, there was Qianyu Corporation. Sooner or later, the three companies would have to merge. If they did not cozy up to Lu Ming now, when would they?

The junior assistant asked carefully, "Then about the leave request…" "If you want to, go ahead. Get those who want to take leave to apply together. Anyway, Boss is immersed in the sweetness of love now. It’s the best time to request it."

Xu Wei said readily.

‘When the junior assistant received a satisfactory answer, she jumped for joy!

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"Yay! We can finally take a break!"

Previously, Han Qianjing had been suppressing Chu Jinyu. When she worked overtime, the employees had to work overtime as well, so it was difficult to even apply for leave.

"Tl inform them now!"

‘When Xu Wei saw this, she smiled lightly and thought to herself, Don’t invite them all at once, or the company won’t be able to operate.

Ina Catholic church.

Brownish-red paint covered the walls and the pointed roof looked like a wizard’s hat. It had concave arches. Because the style was medieval gothic, it felt like a vampire would crawl out.

It was Lu Ming’s first time here. He looked around curiously. "So your family has a religion?"

"Alittle. Nota lot."

Chu Jinyu had always only half believed these things, but when it came to love, she chose to believe it. Then she turned to the priest and said, "I hope you can be our witness."

The priest readily agreed. Almost every day there were such young couples who came to him to witness their marriage. He did not mind giving them his blessings.

She took a deep breath and said seriously, "I, Chu Jinyu, am willing to use my entire life to love Brother Lu Ming. I will pay any price. I’m only willing to grow old with you. My love for you will never change until death. I’ll always be willing to give my heart to you with both hands.

Tm very happy that you like me, and at the same time, I’m very glad that I spent such a good time with you so early in life. Fortunately, although we didn’t meet for many years, our feelings for each other were always there. I used to think that the heavens were biased, but now it seems that they still favor me."


Although she had not felt any familial love since she was young, the love she had was something that ordinary people envied. Every time she encountered danger, there would always be someone shielding her, and that person happened to be the same person.

To her, Lu Ming was a ray of light in her life.

She held his hands and smiled. "I hope to spend the next lifetime with you only."

The light of the sun shone on the three of them, making them look sacred and inviolable.

Such passionate love was like a fireball. Even the priest could feel their strong emotions. After so many years, their relationship had become stronger. How much they must love each other, he thought.

To be honest, this was the first time Lu Ming felt loved. He looked at the lover in front of him and his heart could not help but beat faster. He said, "… Me too.."


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