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Chapter: 171

Chapter 171: Qi-nourishing Breathing Technique

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

‘There was a layer of red evolution crystals in the sewer.

Fang Heng raised his hand.

The red crystals flew into Fang Heng’s hands.

[Hint: You have obtained evolution crystal fragments*2391, complete evolution crystal*212.]

Lucia also jumped into the sewer behind Fang Heng.

So many zombies?

At first glance, the sewer was densely packed with zombies.

Lucia was shocked. She subconsciously raised her gun.

Wait, these zombies were all controlled by Fang Heng?

Seeing that the zombies were in a daze and had no desire to attack, Lucia put down her muzzle again.

Lucia looked at Fang Heng with surprise.

He could control such a large zombie group?!

Fang Heng looked calm. He continued to control the zombie clones to clear a passage leading to Area D of the Meteorite Company. Then, he came to a corner.

There was a pile of miscellaneous items there.

They were all collected by the zombie group when they cleared the sewer last night.

Fang Heng checked them.

He didn’t even bother to pick up the miscellaneous items. He only picked up a few books from the pile of miscellaneous items.

Eh? Seven books dropped?

The drop rate today was so high?

"Could it be that they’re all recipes?"

Fang Heng had a bad premonition again.

He muttered softly and flipped through the books one by one.

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‘As expected, most of them were recipes.

[Hint: You have obtained the recipe-pepper potato chips, recipe-potato stewed eggplant, recipe-chicken stewed mushroom, recipe-ribs stewed beans, recipe-pork stewed noodles, blueprints-crossbow trap, skill book-gi-nourishing breathing technique.] Oh my god, today is the complete collection of Manchurian cuisine.


Eh? Skill book!

Fang Heng’s eyes lit up when he flipped to the end.

[Blueprints-Crossbow trap.]

Description: Master the production of the crossbow trap after learning.

Level requirement: Level 5.

[Skill book-Qi-nourishing breathing technique.]

Skill level: C-

Skill description: After learning this skill, the player will gain 1 point of the upper limit of vitality and a small amount of stamina recovery speed. Every time the player’s skill level increases, the player will gain 1 point of the upper limit of vitality.

Additional description: The highest level of this skill is Level 30, and the current skill level can not exceed the current character’s level.

"Blueprints are trash, but the skill book can still be used…"

Fang Heng flipped through to read the two skill descriptions, but he was not interested.

‘The crossbow trap was not easy to use.

It had a high lethality in the early stages, and normal zombies would be instantly killed. However, the problem was that it had to be reloaded every time it was used up. It was very troublesome.

As for the skill book…

Fang Heng sighed in his heart.

For an ordinary player, the qi-nourishing breathing technique was a low-level skill.

In the game, skill books that could increase the upper limit of vitality and recovery speed of vitality were very rare.

However, for Fang Heng, this skill was of little value.

After all, under normal circumstances, the zombie clone would do all the physical work, so he didn’t need to do it himself.

"It probably means that I can run farther than ordinary people when I run for my life in the future."

Fang Heng smiled self-deprecatingly.

"Forget it. I picked it up for free. I won’t ask for too much."

Fang Heng threw a few cookbooks and skill book at his head.

[Hint: You have learned recipe*5. You have gained cooking skill experience points +77.]

[Hint: Your cooking skill has been upgraded to Level 4.]

[Hint: You have learned blueprints-crossbow trap. You have learned the skill-qi-nourishing breathing technique.]

After learning the skill, Fang Heng opened the map to roughly identify the location and pointed to one side.

"Lucia, let’s go."

‘When the number of the vine zombies in the team reached a certain number, the overall strength of the zombie team had a qualitative change. Now, even if they encountered a Tier 2 Hunter, the zombie clone could rely on the advantage of numbers to crush it.

‘The Hunters often died miserably. They were sucked dry by the vine zombies.

Fang Heng and Lucia walked forward slowly.

About 15 minutes later, in the back garden of Area D.

The manhole cover on the ground was pried open.

Lucia poked her head out from the manhole cover.

There were still many zombies wandering in the back garden.

Lucia immediately turned over and took out her assault rifle to shoot.

"Puff, puff…"

The assault rifle with a silencer made a faint sound.

The zombies scattered in the back garden were shot in the head one by one and died under the muzzle of Lucia’s gun.

Fang Heng climbed out from the manhole cover behind Lucia.

He looked at the experimental building in front of him.

Coincidentally, the modified T-virus and G-virus blocker that he needed to find this time were all in the experimental building in Area D! "Lucia, do you know the G-virus blocker?"

Lucia frowned and thought about it carefully.


"But this high-tech experimental building used to be the place where Meteorite Company conducts research on new drugs for virus bodies. There should be some in there, right?" "Yes, let’s go in and look."

The two of them tried to break open the small door at the back of the experimental building and enter the building.

‘The building was very dark and unusually quiet.

Lucia’s eyes were shrouded in a layer of red light.

She held an assault rifle and quickly scanned the surrounding environment.

Fang Heng also took out a flashlight to illuminate the surroundings.

After confirming that it was safe, Lucia put down the muzzle.

"Fang Heng, if you want to find the related T-virus, you should go to the special laboratory in the third basement. If you can’t find it again, then we can only go to Area S to try our luck and see if we can find anything there." "Area S?"

Fang Heng turned his head to ask Lucia, "Do you know anything about Area $2"

"Yes, Area S is where Meteorite Company keeps its top secrets. The company’s special human body experimental area is also set up in Area S. I escaped from there in the past." "previously, I heard from the Dark Knights that Meteorite Company’s Area S was destroyed after the biochemical virus was leaked."

"We suspect that someone activated the self-destruct device in Area S, causing the entrance of the entire Area S to be destroyed."

While speaking, Lucia had already brought Fang Heng to the stairs leading down.

Fang Heng waved his hand.

More than a hundred zombies behind Fang Heng spread out and began searching the entire building.

To save time, Fang Heng directly led more than ten zombies to the third basement to search for the T-virus research laboratory.

Fang Heng felt that something was wrong.

He didn’t meet any zombies along the way.

The two of them went to the research room for the T-virus in the third basement.

The door of the laboratory was tightly closed.

Lucia tried to press the emergency button on the wall.

The button was useless as it had lost its effect.

She raised her head and looked at the top of the laboratory door.

‘The emergency light button above the door was still on.


Lucia was surprised.

"What’s wrong?"

"It’s very strange. The T-virus research laboratory has entered a locked state. Under normal circumstances, it won’t be under this state." "There’s no way to open it?"


"Forget it. Let’s just hammer our way in.."

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