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Chapter: 176

Chapter 176: Lu Ze’s Plan

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"We have already received news that, as part of the wedding plan, Lu Ming will give Chu Jinyu a satellite on the day of the oath. However, to launch a rocket carrying a satellite into the sky, he has to use aerospace fuel. And these resources are basically in the hands of the Tang family… Do you think…?" Only then did Lu Ze remember that such state-owned resources were mostly under the jurisdiction of the Tang family in Beijing. Isn’t the Tang family my mother’s family?! There are so many tricks that could be done, he thought.

He immediately patted Brother Zhang on the shoulder and said with a smile, "That’s right! This news is really great! If I can pull this off, you’ll definitely benefit from it!"

It would be even better if he could destroy the wedding just like that! No one else could get what he could not have!

"Buy me a plane ticket now. I want to rush to Beijing overnight. As for my parents, tell them that I’ll be staying at someone’s house for a while. If my mom wants to probe, tell her my whereabouts and ask her to find someone to help me."

"This… isn’t too good, right?"

Brother Zhang said awkwardly. If Lu Ze did not return for a few days, Lu Yaohua would definitely be suspicious. He wondered what he should do then.

"Don’t worry, I’ll be gone for a day or two. I’ll be back soon. Besides, my mom will help you. With her around, nothing will go wrong. This matter is settled."

With that, Lu Ze disappeared.

Now, even if he did not want to do it, he had to do it. Brother Zhang lowered his head helplessly. He had originally planned to use this opportunity to get more money, but Young Master Lu did not give him a single cent. Not only did he make a big deal out of it, but he also asked him to buy a plane ticket.

Indeed, he should not have come here.

Night fell. Lu Ming was still in his office dealing with documents while Chu Jinyu was flipping through the contract in a leisurely manner. In the afternoon, she came over to invite him to have lunch. However, he kept getting held up and had yet to settle his work.

She sighed softly and thought to herself, It seems that having too many businesses is not good. We don’t even have time to have fun. Brother Lu Ming has become a complete workaholic like my mother. We’ve just been married for a few days and have gone on only a handful of dates. She looked at the movie tickets in her pocket for a long time. If this drags on, the movie will start soon! Maybe today doesn’t work? But didn’t we already have an appointment?


Before she could finish, the phone on Lu Ming’s desk rang. He immediately picked it up and asked, "What is it?"

"Boss, we just found out that Lu Ze booked a plane ticket to Beijing at 11 pm, but he seemed to be very well disguised in the camera footage. He doesn’t seem to want us to know, so we specially called to ask you what to do."

Long ago, Lu Ming had specially checked. Currently, the Tang family owned the most aerospace fuel. Since the other party happened to have a grudge against him, he did not know what they would do. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, he specially asked Eye of the Sky to keep an eye on the Lu family and the Tang family.

From the looks of it, aren’t they taking my bait?

"Continue to monitor his whereabouts, report to me who he meets and what he does."


After hanging up the phone, the corners of Lu Ming’s lips curled up. He wondered how those people managed to jump into his trap every time. However, this was good too. It would make his plan progress more smoothly. When Chu Jinyu saw his smile, she could not help but be dazed. No matter how many times she looked at him, she still found him very handsome!

"Is he nice looking?"

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"He is."

She regretted it the moment she blurted it out. When she met Lu Ming’s teasing gaze, her face reddened. She said reproachfully, "Did you do it on purpose?"

"Would I dare to?"

Lu Ming stood up and stretched. "Let’s go."

Chu Jinyu was dumbfounded for a few seconds. "Where are we going?"

"Didn’t we agree to go to a movie tonight? It’s not good to stand you up."

He still remembers?

Other than being surprised, Chu Jinyu was stunned, then she relaxed. She smiled and held her lover’s arm. "Seriously, I thought you’d forgotten! Is there a problem with work?" "No problem. Work is not as important as you. You’re my wife."

Lu Ming said seriously. Her face turned even redder.

Lu residence.

Lu Yaohua looked at Brother Zhang who walked in and frowned. "What are you doing here? Could it be that Lu Ze is fooling around with you guys again? Call him back quickly! If he gets into trouble outside, the Lu family can’t settle it with the current situation! And if his illness suddenly acts up, I don’t have extra money to send him to the hospital!"

"Lu Yaohua! How could you say such a thing!? Ah Ze is your son too!"

Tang Wenyi said in a hoarse voice. Needless to say, they must have been quarreling intensely recently, Brother Zhang thought.

Seeing that the two of them were about to argue, he hurriedly said, "Young Master Lu is spending the night outside. He asked me to tell Sir and Madam not to worry about him. He will be back when he has had enough fun outside."

Lu Yaohua sneered. "Worried? I wouldn’t be worried even if he died outside! He didn’t even say anything when he went out! Looks like he will be a pile of mud for the rest of his life! I can’t even lift him up! How could I have such a useless son!"

He could not be compared to Lu Ming!

With that, he went into the bedroom without looking back.

‘Tang Wenyi observed Brother Zhang for a while. Just as he thought that he had accidentally offended her, she asked, "Tell me, where did Ah Ze go? If he went to someone else’s place to spend the night, he would have told me in advance. He didn’t text me today. Is it because he’s busy with something?" "This… Madam, you’re amazing. After Young Master Lu found out that Lu Ming wanted to buy aerospace fuel, he rushed to Beijing."

Brother Zhang did not explain it too clearly, but she immediately understood what he meant. In short, he was creating trouble for Lu Ming. She touched her chin and said, "I understand. I will contact him."

She had brought Lu Ze back to Beijing before. She reckoned back then that they would try to win people over. However, he was too inexperienced and could not come into contact with any powerful people in just a short time. If he wanted to succeed, he had to find someone with a higher position. She happened to have connections with someone like that.

As for whether it would harm the family’s interests, this matter was not within her consideration. Since Old Master did not want to bother about them, she might as well go all out and exploit the last bit of value she could! She was just adding fuel to Lu Ze’s fire. No matter how angry Old Master is, will he fly over and hit me immediately?

‘The emperor was far away. She did not think that Old Master would do this. He had to put up with it whether he wanted to or not. By the time the Tang family realized that something was wrong, it would already be too late!

At this point, since everyone is being unreasonable, why should I care about the overall situation? It’s good that you didn’t save me; otherwise, I may become soft-hearted!

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