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Chapter: 177

Chapter 177: Threat

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas StudiosInacafe in Beijing.

Looking at the rich people coming and going, Lu Ze could not help but feel envious. Alll of this should have been his. For a moment, he could not help but blame his mother. Why did she marry a useless man who was married back then? If she had just found a husband here, he would not be unable to afford steak now.

Young Master Lu, why are you here?"

A middle-aged man in a suit who sat opposite him asked in surprise.

If he remembered correctly, Old Master had given up on Third Miss Tang completely? He wondered if Lu Ze was here to borrow money or to resolve something more difficult. At the thought of this, his mind raced. He had to find a good excuse to leave quickly. If Old Master found out, wouldn’t all his previous efforts be in vain?

Before he could come up with a reason, Lu Ze spoke first. "Mr. Bao, I don’t think you’ve forgotten, right? Back then, when you first came to the Tang family, your salary was meager because of various mistakes at work. I helped you out. I sponsored you for several years in a row. You should repay this favor."

Mr. Bao’s heart skipped a beat. Indeed, things were going in the worst possible direction. "Of course I know that. Young Master Lu has helped me so much. Even if I work like an ox or a horse for you, I can’t repay you."

Lu Ze said smugly, "I don’t need you to be my slave. I just need you to do something for me. You spent a lot of effort to get promoted from a lowly employee to a supervisor, right? Don’t worry, I won’t make things difficult for you." ‘When he said this, Mr. Bao was already in a difficult position. He prayed silently that it was not a big deal. If it was just borrowing money, he could give him any amount. He hoped that this person could leave quickly.

"Within this month, prohibit all production of aviation fuel by petrochemical agencies!"

Mr. Bao was speechless.

If this is not being difficult, then what is being difficult?

After all, aviation fuel was very important to the Tang family and could be considered one of the many money trees. If he did this on his own, Old Master would probably beat him to death!

He gave a bitter smile and said, "Sorry, Young Master Lu, forgive me for being powerless. Why don’t you choose something else?"

"Aren’t you a supervisor?! Why can’t you even do such a small thing!"

Lu Ze slammed the table unhappily and said fiercely, "You have to do it even if you can’t! Have you forgotten my kindness to you previously?"

"Young Master Lu, I’ve already repaid you double the money. Although I’m a supervisor now, the manager above me is not blind. He’ll definitely find out when such a large amount of money is involved! Why don’t I repay you in my next life?"

Mr. Bao was prepared for things to go badly with Lu Ze. He could not do it. If he offended the Tang family, how could he survive in Beijing? Whether other companies would hire him at the risk of offending the Tang family was a small problem compared to whether he could leave Beijing alive! Lu Ze did not expect him to say this. He threatened, "Believe it or not, I’ll expose the deal between us! At most, we’ll fight to the death! Anyway, I already have nothing. Do you dare to play with me?"

‘A few years ago, in order to curry favor with Old Master, Lu Ze had been constantly sought Mr. Bao’s help. Otherwise, why would Old Master have such a good impression of them, who were far away?

Mr. Bao looked at the man who had lost his mind and sai

"No, you can’t do this! Old Master has always hated having people reporting on him. If you tell anyone about this, we’ll be finished! Do you want to drag Third Miss into an abyss of eternal damnation?" "Not only does my mom know, but she’s also very supportive of me doing this."

Lu Ze said fearlessly, "Who doesn’t know that the Tang family has given up on us? So be it. Before Old Master can react, I’ll squeeze out the last bit of value out of the family! I’ll give you five minutes to consider. If you reject, I’ll immediately send our transaction records to Old Master!" Who said that this person was a playboy who knew nothing?

It was rare to see someone who could do such a ruthless thing.

Cold sweat broke out on Mr. Bao’s forehead. Should he help or not? If he helped, he would only die if he was found out. If he did not help, perhaps Old Master would let him live on account of his many years of service.

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Just as he was hesitating, Lu Ze received a text message and a document on his phone. He looked at the text and smiled crazily. "Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Someone will be here to accompany you later."

‘These words stunned Mr. Bao for a few seconds. What does it mean? Is Lu Ze talking to me? Which unlucky person has been pulled over? Could it be someone with a lower position than me?

A moment later, a flustered man in a trench coat appeared in the cafe. At a glance saw Lu Ze greeting him. He pursed his lips and walked over with an ugly expression. "Young Master Lu."

"Uncle Dacheng, it has been a while."

To be honest, Dacheng wished that he would never meet this person again. He casually glanced at the familiar face next to him. "Supervisor Bao!?"

Mr. Bao was dumbfounded!

Why is the unlucky person my superior—Manager Cheng!?

Suddenly, he felt like they were brothers in trouble. He sat awkwardly at the side and said, "Hello, Manager."

Dacheng seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he did not say anything. After sitting down, he said, "Young Master Lu, even if you show Old Master the transaction records of the sponsorship that Third Miss gave me every year, I won’t submit!"

‘Mr. Bao was speechless.

So his manager had taken Third Miss’s money? To put it nicely, it was sponsorship. To put it bluntly, it was bribery. They only had to report Old Master’s situation from time to time to get a considerable sum of money. At that time, they thought that they had benefitted from doing that. Now that he thought about it, he was really blinded by greed. He would have to pay for what he had done sooner or later!

"Don’t be in a hurry to reject me."

Lu Ze said calmly, "The two of you must have paid a considerable price to climb to your current position in just a few years, right? It’s normal to win people’s hearts, right?"

‘The two of them panicked!

Fortunately, Dacheng regained his composure in time. Otherwise, why would he be called a manager?

"Are you threatening me? Do you have evidence? Third Miss rarely comes back to the capital all these years. How could she know our situation like the back of her hand?! Young Master Lu, evidence is important for everything."

Upon hearing this, Mr. Bao cleared his throat and said, "Manager, you’re right! You’re a little too naive to think that you can threaten us with your words! We’ve been in the business world for so many years, so how could we be scared of you? Besides, this kind of thing is very normal.. There aren’t many

people in our industry who are clean!"

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