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Chapter: 178

Chapter 178: Cutting Off Supply of Aviation Fuel, A Rock Stirs Up a Thousand Wa

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Unfortunately, Mom and I only caught the two of you. If we have a hold over others, they will be here to accompany you." Lu Ze said with a fake smile, "If this matter is successful, we don’t mind covering up for you. Old Master will definitely not suspect you. Of course, if you refuse, we’ll destroy you both! Let’s go to hell together!"

He had nothing to lose. His identity, reputation, and money had all become bubbles under Lu Ming’s pursuit and attacks!

He knew very well what he was doing, It was just throwing an egg at a rock. However, he was willing to pay any price to embarrass Lu Ming at his wedding a month later!

"What do you mean!"

Dacheng sensed that there was something wrong with his words and asked with an ugly expression.

No! What I did was flawless. How could Third Miss have something on me?!

With the wild eyes of amad man, Lu Ze said, "What do you think? My mom has already sent me all the evidence of you bribing others behind the Tang family’s back. You didn’t expect it, right? We kept the evidence of bribing you back then or you bribing others. Are you surprised?" How is this a surprise? It’s clearly a shock!

Dacheng said confidently, "How is that possible! Impossible! How could Third Miss have evidence? Are you deliberately scaring us?! Let me tell you, I, Dacheng, am not so easy to deal with! Otherwise, why do you think they added the character ‘Da'[Da means big] to my name! That was because I received their respect! Now they all call me ‘Dacheng Manager’!"

"Impressive, impressive." Lu Ze clapped his hands perfunctorily and said, "If you don’t believe me, I can show you the evidence."

So he handed the document on his phone to the two people opposite him. "Oh right, if you try to delete it, it will be sent to Old Master immediately. It’s useless trying to tamper with it."

This quickly extinguished their desire to destroy the evidence.

Now… What should I do?

Mr. Bao sighed heavily and said, "Young Master Lu, we have been friends for many years. Can you really bear to do this? When Old Master finds out, he will definitely be completely disappointed in you. Have you forgotten his expectations of you?!"

"There’s no use playing the emotional card with me. Either do it or die. Your choice."

Lu Ze was unmoved. He had long lost his rationality. Now, he only wanted to embarrass Lu Ming! Not only did he snatch his woman, but he also stole his father’s favor! How could he take this lying down?

He even dreamed of killing the other party! We are clearly half-brothers. Why does Lu Ming manage the company so well?! Dad must have secretly taught Lu Ming in the past! It’s because he does not want me to be better than Lu Ming that he has incapacitated me! 1

It was useless to say anything now. Lu Ze firmly believed that this was the truth.

Mr. Bao instinctively looked at Dacheng and asked in a low voice, "Manager, what should we do? It seems that Third Miss won’t give up. The choice now is just a matter of dying early or late."

No, using Old Master’s methods, he would definitely make them wish they were dead. Just thinking about it scared them, but they had no other choice. There was no way out.

After a short silence, Dacheng said, "We will do as you say. I hope that Young Master Lu’s evidence will always be kept on your phone. If you violate the agreement, everyone will die together!"

"What about Mr. Bao?"

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Lu Ze asked.

"TH do it."

He had to do it even if he did not want to. Moreover, he could not give himself away. Mr. Bao had already started to think of countermeasures.

As all the Tang family’s petrochemical companies were no longer producing aviation fuel, it caused a shortage in various places. This unusual behavior displeased countless people. What is the Tang family doing? They suddenly stopped producing. Are they tired of living?! Could it be that the Tang family has become arrogant because we’ve worked together too many times?

They could not imagine that the so-called culprit was completely unaware of this matter. After all, Mr. Bao and Dacheng had threatened all the low-level employees not to report it to the higher-ups. Otherwise, they would be chased out of Beijing! Under pressure, no one dared to go against them for the moment. They could only bury their heads and work hard.

But the outside world was full of resentment! "What’s going on? Why aren’t the planes flying these days?! I still have to work! If I don’t reach the negotiation company at the specified time, my bonus for this month will be gone! Which other airline is flying now? I can pay more! It’s fine no matter how much!"

"It’s useless even if you pay more money. I’ve been keeping an eye on the airlines for a few days, but no plane is taking off. I even called to ask. The reason is that the fuel supply for the planes is insufficient. I don’t know who did it! Anyway, I don’t expect any bonuses this year. Now I just want to beat that f*cking person up!"

"Theard that the military’s reconnaissance planes can’t take off. Usually, we don’t know how important fuel is, but now we can see that every industry is in chaos. Does the Tang family want to do business or not? Can’t they give us a clear answer? I had already arranged with my daughter to meet her overseas, but it’s been delayed for so long!"

"Damn it! Who the f*ck stopped production? I’m speechless. I’ve been so angry recently! Since the Tang family insists on doing this, then don’t blame me for selling all their shares! What a wicked thing! I thought the Tang family was very reliable! I didn’t expect them to go on strike at the last minute!"


Lu Ming looked at the new information he had received and could not help laughing. This Tang Wenyi and her son were really courting death! If they knew their place and had stayed at home, there would have been nothing to worry about. But they deliberately tricked the Tang family in order to deal with him!


The higher-ups would probably notice soon. Lu Ming would never have dreamed that Lu Ze would do something illegal just to deal with him. This was not just abuse of power, but it would also cause social unrest and the loss of state assets. These were punishable crimes and whether he could survive was a question.

‘There was a series of knocks on the door. Who would be looking for me at this time? "Come in."

It was Ma Jie, the chief engineer of aerospace, whom he had met not long ago. He said tiredly, "Do you know about the Tang family’s suspension of fuel production?" He had almost forgotten that this industry would be affected.

Lu Ming nodded and said, "Has the research progress slowed down?"

Slowed down?

Ma Jie scratched his head. "It’s basically stuck! It hasn’t moved at all! I wonder what’s wrong with the Tang family! They actually did such a thing! We researchers are so worried that our heads are almost bald.. We curse the Tang family all day!"

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