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Chapter: 181

Chapter 181: Threatened

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If you want a grandson, why don’t you go to the Lu family? Don’t disturb my life now."

Seeing that he was so cold and not surprised at all, Tang Boyan was not embarrassed. He said, "Why? Don’t you want to acknowledge your ancestry? As long as you’re willing to contribute your strengths to the family, I don’t mind writing your name on the family register. From now on, you’re the only young master of the Tang family. Who in Beijing would dare to touch you so easily?

With your ability, appearance, and identity, any wealthy family in Beijing will want to rope you in. Isn’t it good to go there and find a beautiful wife? Shanghai will only limit your development. After all, it’s not the capital. Be it resources or connections, it can’t compare to Beijing," No matter what he said, Lu Ming had a calm expression on his face. It was as if he was not convinced at all.

Tang Boyan said uncertainly, "Don’t tell me you still hate Tang Wenyi? Hasn’t she been tortured badly by you now? Her personal behavior has nothing to do with our Tang.

Lu Ming felt that his ears were buzzing. He had said too much. None of the so-called benefits were reliable. He was just glib-tongued and wanted to take away the company that he had worked so hard to run. He thought that the Tang family was too greedy. They actually wanted to snatch away other people’s things.

Ifhe had been alittle stupid, Lu Ming would have become part of the Tang family!

"If we’re related, do you think the Tang family will be safe and sound? As for the suffering you’re talking about, are you referring to not going to work and relying on the Tang family’s support every day? Back then, my mother was indirectly killed by Tang Wenyi! What’s the point of telling me this now? Also, I’m already married."

He dropped a bombshell.


"Why haven’t I heard of this matter? Could it be that it happened recently?"

Tang Boyan quickly regained his senses and said, "Which family’s missy is she from? Or is she an ordinary person? With your status, it’s really not worth it if you don’t choose the latter. I can introduce you to a few women from influential families in the capital who will make virtuous wives and mothers." "Tm different from you. You treat marriage as a bargaining chip, but Chu Jinyu and I are truly in love."

Tang Boyan was completely stunned.

Whose name did I hear?

Chu Jinyu?

Isn’t that the eldest daughter of the Chu family!? And the future successor of the Iron Lady’s business empire!

This was much better than those wealthy families in Beijing!

He did not expect his grandson to be so capable.

If he could take him under his wing, wouldn’t the Iron Lady’s company be his? Wouldn’t this be a free-for-all?!


If Han Qianjing knew what he was thinking, she would definitely think that he was dreaming. She would not have let her hard work become the Tang family’s! He was crazy!

But Tang Boyan did not know this, so he threw out his last trump card and said, "I can make you a candidate for the position of the Tang family’s head. With your ability, there’s a high chance that you can get the Tang family business. How about that?"

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To be honest, he did not want his family to fall into the hands of an outsider. However, in order to recruit Lu Ming, he did not mind making a big deal out of it. When the time came, he could just pretend and retract his promise. In any case, no one could prove it. He looked down at Lu Ming. He was confident that no one could resist such terms. The Tang family symbolized power, status, and money. When the time came, he could have anything he wanted.

"I don’t want it."

Lu Ming said calmly, "I still prefer what I have now."

No matter what this old man said, he would not agree. Does he really think that I’m a fool who can’t tell that he’s scheming against me? He’s digging a pit for me with these words. Does he think that I’m not very smart? Lu Ming thought.

"If you have nothing else, I’ll get going first."

Seeing him get up, Tang Boyan suddenly took a sip of tea calmly and said, "Since you’re here, do you think I’ll let you go easily?"

"Ha, are you going to force me to give you the company? Your family is big and powerful, so why bother me? If word gets out, do you think the Tang family can still maintain the status quo?"

Lu Ming’s mood worsened. He knew that with the Tang family’s greedy character, they would do such a thing. They were indeed a family that could produce someone like Tang Wenyi. She was even better than them!

"Whether it’s big or small is up to me."

Tang Boyan was clearly convinced that Lu Ming would be his. He continued, "Your company can only flourish in the hands of my Tang family! You have to give it to me today even if you don’t want to! Do you really think I’ve lived all these years in vain?! If you surrender obediently, I don’t mind letting you bea manager."

It went from boss to manager!

Is he chasing a beggar away?!

He knew that his company could eam a lot of money every year. To the Tang family, this was not a small sum. He did not have a habit of feeding his enemies.

"This company is mine to begin with! Who do you think you are? Not only is your face as old as orange peel, but even your heart is probably rotten, right? You stink from head to toe."

Tang Boyan had not been spoken to like this for a long time. His expression was ugly as he said, "Isn’t it natural for the young to serve the old? Enjoy blessings together. Are you such a petty person?!"

Isn’t sharing hardships the premise of enjoying blessings together?

When I’m having a good life, this person threatens me to hand over my company. How can there be such a thing in this world?

Lu Ming was so angry that he rolled his eyes. "Are we very familiar with each other? You only know how to daydream! I think the reason why your Tang family could develop to this extent was because you used all sorts of means to amass wealth, right? Don’t forget, this is Shanghai, not Beijing!"

Tang Boyan tightened his grip on his crutch and sneered. "Yes, this is Shanghai, but I have enough people to deal with you! Even if you don’t give it to me, I have thousands of ways to force you to agree! I’ll give you two choices. Sign a transfer contract. No matter what happens, the Tang family will protect you. Can you really run such a big company alone?"

"Either that… or I’ll come and get it myself! At that time, I won’t care about life or death!"

How could I be afraid of him? If Tang Boyan lives, I have to die? Lu Ming thought.

"Old thing, do you know what ‘shameless’ means?"

This was clearly robbery. Why did Tang Boyan say that it’s for my own good? I’ve maintained the equilibrium for so long, but now he’s doubting my ability? If I can’t manage the company well, could the Tang family, who’s rotten to the core, do it?! ‘Tang Boyan’s gaze darkened. "Young man! I advise you to be careful with your words. Offending the Tang family is not a good choice. I have plenty of time to waste with you!"


"Do you?"

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