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Chapter: 183

Chapter 183: Delivering Fuel

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The more he said, the more serious the consequences. Tang Boyan’s forehead was covered in sweat. From what Tang Mingkun said, he wanted to uphold justice for Lu Ming.

He said unhappily, "We still have a partnership, right? That’s enough. Moreover, this Lu Ming is not a big shot…"

He wanted the other party to give him an out on account of their partnership.

However, Tang Mingkun interrupted him impatiently. "How much money can I earn with that little bit of cooperation? Besides, since when have I, Tang Mingkun, become such a snob? If you want my benefactor’s life, that will depend on whether you have the ability to take it away! However, if you dare to do this, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!"

‘The bodyguard who was guarding outside suddenly cried out in pain. Tang Boyan instinctively looked over and saw that his men were being suppressed by another group. "Tang Mingkun! Don’t go too far!"

"Too far?"

‘Tang Mingkun said nonchalantly, "I’m not as excessive as you. You can choose for yourself whether you live or die. If you have the ability to kill someone in my territory, I don’t mind keeping you here forever!" Should he lower his head or endure it head-on?

Soon, Tang Boyan made his choice. He gritted his teeth and said to Lu Ming, "You’re ruthless, kid! I didn’t consider it carefully this time. Let me apologize to you. Take the 1 million yuan here as compensation for mental trauma. The password is the last six digits of the card." It would be embarrassing if word got out. As the head of the Tang family, he was actually tricked by a young man!

Lu Ming accepted the card without hesitation. Just as Tang Boyan was about to leave, Tang Mingkun said, "Don’t you still lack aviation fuel? Get him to give you 10 tons in three months."

‘Tang Boyan was speechless.

"Don’t go too far!"

"Are you giving or not? I don’t like to force people."

As soon as he finished speaking, the thugs outside rubbed their fists.

Tang Boyan looked at them in disbelief. If this is not a threat, then what is?!

He said with difficulty, "… Give! I’ll give! But this is my bottom line! Leave some leeway for everything so that we can meet again in the future!"

But why within three months?

He did not lack this thing.

Lu Ming seemed to know what he was thinking. He smiled maliciously and said, "Don’t tell me you’re still kept in the dark by them? Look at you, the head of the Tang family. Are you going to be the last to know? I’ll give you three months. Of course, you don’t have that much aviation fuel!" "What do you mean!?"

No matter how slow Tang Boyan was, he realized that something was wrong and asked.

"It’s not a good habit to reap without sowing. Aren’t you the family head? Why don’t you investigate it yourself?"

Lu Ming looked forward to seeing the other party’s expression after knowing the truth. He continued, "If you walk around outside for a while, you will know the answer."

This answer confused Tang Boyan even more. What is going on?

‘Tang Mingkun sneered. "I think you’re really old and muddle-headed! You don’t have the intelligence you had when you were young!"

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‘Tang Boyan, who could not find an answer, felt that the two of them were lying to him, but the seed of suspicion had already been planted.

After personally watching him leave, Tang Mingkun patted the shoulder of Lu Ming beside him and said, "Next time you encounter such a thing, look for me! Or use my name. They will at least give me some face!" "Thank you, Mr. Tang."

Lu Ming smiled and said.

"We don’t need these superficial things between us! Don’t you lack aviation fuel? I have it here. I’ll get someone to send as much as you want to your company. Don’t stand on ceremony with me!"

Seeing that Tang Mingkun was so persistent, he could not reject him. He could only agree and remember when to repay this favor.

‘Then the two of them chatted for a while more before separating.

Lu Ming thought to himself, Fortunately, we are in Shanghai. If we are in Beijing, I’m afraid Tang Boyan will not let go easily. It seems that we have to be careful in the future.

His phone rang and he picked up the call. "How is it?"

"The company’s matters have been settled. What should we do with those who were bribed?"

Fire them, Also, tell the companies outside why they were fired. If anyone takes them in, it’s going against me! "

Lu residence. Lu Yaohua had received the news that he had cleared his job interview, so he left after lunch. Lu Ze carefully poked his head out of the bedroom. After confirming that Lu Yaohua had left, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He had been unlucky recently. Ever since he returned, Lu Yaohua had been forcing him to read all sorts of books and memorize them. He really wished that his father would disappear from this world quickly, so in order to reduce unnecessary conflict, he had not left his room for a few days. He walked down the stairs briskly, picked up a cherry, and stuffed it into his mouth. He asked, "Mom, when are we going to separate? I can’t wait to return to Beijing, No matter what, the days there are many times better than here!"

He wondered what Beijing beauties looked like.

Just the thought of it made his heart itch.

Now that Tang Wenyi realized that the more they argued, the less spirited she became, so she decided to get a divorce. In their current situation, it was simply impossible to compete for the position of the family head. In that case, she might as well go home and enjoy her life.

She was used to being mocked by those people recently.

"Wait a few days. When Old Master’s anger is almost appeased, we’ll go back. Oh right, have you finished your work in Beijing?"

At this point, Lu Ze said smugly, "Those two aren’t very smart. When I said a few random words, they couldn’t wait to kneel on the ground and beg me. It was all thanks to the evidence you gave, Mom. Otherwise, with Bao Chou’s personality, he probably wouldn’t have agreed no matter how I threatened him."

He paused for a moment before continuing, "Fortunately, Dacheng is a sensible fellow. He knows that if he is discovered by the old master, he will definitely die. He might as well collaborate with us. At least, we can stall for time. In this way, that bastard will never achieve his goal! However, if the old master finds out what we did, what should we do?"

Tang Wenyi did not take it to heart at all and said, "It’s alright. It’s just a suspension for a month, Old Master won’t notice in such a short time. Have you instructed them not to tell the truth?"

"Tve instructed them, I’ve also given them a sum of hush money and told them that when I return to Beijing, I’ll put in a good word with Old Master. So what if they’re just manager and supervisor? I can let them work directly in the main company!"

The two of them looked at each other and laughed unrestrainedly..

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