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Chapter: 317

Unknowingly, at some point, the white chess pieces were surrounded by the black chess pieces!

The old leader recalled that he had just said that the other party had nowhere to go. In the end, it was actually himself.

To confuse the enemy in the early stages and only reveal the terrifying shrewdness buried in the bottom of his heart after winning? Even he was stunned by this level of meticulousness. Goosebumps covered his body. To be so scheming at such a young age was really terrifying! If he didn’t know that the other party was really only in his twenties, he would have thought that the man sitting in front of him was actually an old monster!

A little fox who was even more powerful than Tang Mingkun! If this person was given a few more years… his future would be unimaginable!

He finally believed that Lu Ming had half of the credit for those high-tech things. How stupid could someone who could play chess like this be? He was truly a well-deserved genius! This made his heart itch even more. Why is such good talent taken away by Old Tang?

Isn’t it good to be in academic circles?

Regret appeared in his eyes, but most of it was admiration. Then he smiled and said, "Hahahaha! Young people these days are really amazing! The new generation surpasses the old, and each wave is higher than the previous! With you here, China is really lucky! Little monster, I admit defeat this time. No wonder you asked me to take the white chess piece! With your level, it’s not a problem for you to go overseas and win glory!"

If not for Lu Ming’s respect for the old and love for the young, his outcome would have been even worse this time. He might have even pestered the other party to play a few more rounds. From the beginning, he wanted to avoid other trouble, right? He did not expect that he would be given a chance by a junior one day. Moreover, he could clearly feel that this person did not use his full strength.

However, he could not blame anyone for being too lousy.

"I said previously that if anyone could win a round against me, I would fulfill the other party’s small wish. Although you were brought here by Old Tang, these words can still be used on you! After all, I’ve always treated everyone equally. There’s no reason to take back my words! Tell me, what do you want me to help you with?"

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He had to admit that the old leader had seen many people who came to challenge him in chess because of the words he had said. Even if he did not use his brain, he knew what those people were thinking. Therefore, he naturally would not show mercy. However, today’s opponent had changed to his good friend’s godson. Not only had he defeated him, but he had also widened the gap between them!

It even made him feel like there was a chasm between the two of them! He recalled the scene of him learning chess in the past and being constantly suppressed by his teacher. It had been a long time since he felt so helpless. He began to wonder why such a person came to look for him.

First, there’s no problem with the company, and second, there’s no trouble. Can it be that he’s looking for official protection or cooperation? Or… is it to satisfy his greater desire? It can’t be that he came simply because his godfather asked him to, right? The old leader glanced at Tang Mingkun from the corner of his eye. The other party was still smiling, but this time, he looked more sincere.

It was obvious that his friend was really happy about Lu Ming’s victory.

In fact, it was just as he had thought. From the moment the chess game started, Tang Mingkun had been feeling tense. Because he had not seen him for a long time, the old leader’s level had actually improved?! After experiencing repeated bloody abuse, he began to suspect if his godson could defeat the other party. In addition, he had played so hard that no one could understand him at all. He even took the initiative to let the enemy find his weakness and attack again and again.

At this moment, he no longer had any hope of victory. As expected, it was too difficult for him to face the old leader. Fortunately, he had achieved his goal today. At most, his favor had not been maxed out. Just as he was about to find an alternative strategy… reality was reversed!

His tense nerves were finally relaxed, and elation followed! His godson’s standard in chess was extraordinary! He could fool them until the end before revealing the truth. No wonder when the old leader was making a guess, Lu Ming only smiled and did not say anything. So this was what happened?!

He puffed out his chest proudly and said, "Old leader, did you see that? Isn’t Little Ming very powerful?"

"Hahahaha! That’s true! Little Lu, which master of chess are you? Can you explain your chess thinking to me?"

The old leader asked curiously.

Lu Ming replied, "I learned it myself. In fact, I’ve been deploying it since the beginning. From e4 and c5, I was trying to confuse you so that you would think that I would follow one of the many chess records. However, in fact, I quietly placed the elephant in this position midway. However, because your firepower and attention were focused on my king, you subconsciously ignored this small detail.

Therefore, by the time you reacted, my plan had already succeeded by more than half. You didn’t have time to change the target at all. However, if I was the one in charge of the white chess pieces, I would still have a place to counterattack. For example, if I placed the horse in the F6 position and the Empress was placed here, wouldn’t there be a chance of survival?"

The old leader nodded like a curious student. "I see! Then where should you go next?"

The two of them kept changing their perspectives and constantly found a chance to survive. The old leader felt that he had really learned a lot today. He clapped his hands and laughed. "This is so interesting! Little Lu, you’re not bad! By the way, you haven’t answered my question just now. What reward do you want?"


Lu Ming pondered for a moment and said, "I don’t seem to lack anything. I’ll treat having a meal at your place as a reward. I haven’t eaten such delicious food in a long time."

Tang Mingkun secretly relaxed. If he really said something, he would probably be estranged from his old leader. It was better not to. Although there were very few people who could forgo a reward without hesitation in the face of a huge temptation, he believed that with Lu Ming’s intelligence, he definitely knew the goal this time.

He subconsciously looked at the old leader and saw that he was stunned. Then an obvious smile appeared on his face. He met his friend’s gaze and said meaningfully, "You have good taste, old fox. I want to steal your godson more and more."

"That won’t do, because I’m satisfied with him too."

He was so satisfied that he wanted to keep Lu Ming as the heir of the Tang family.

Lu Ming, on the other hand, watched them play riddles silently. However, not long after, the topic returned. The old leader asked seriously, "Are you sure you want to give up such a good opportunity? I might not fulfill this request next time. If you need anything, just ask now!

I can help you do anything. After this village, there won’t be such a shop!"

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