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Chapter: 320

Make friends with a mere police captain?

Lu Ming sneered in his heart. Isn’t the old leader the ultimate goal of these people? He really knows how to flatter himself. He’s just relying on his 11 years of working with the old leader to swindle people everywhere and even secretly receive benefits.

If the old leader knew that he had such a traitor under him, he would probably faint on the spot. However, even if Lu Ming said it out loud, the other party might not believe that about his trusted aide.

In addition, Fang Tiancheng was a police captain. If Lu Ming really tried to badmouth him, he might be chased out before he could say anything. Even if Lu Ming did not receive such treatment, with Fang Tiancheng’s despicable personality, he would discredit him in front of the old leader. Then everything he did today would be in vain!

After some thought, he decided not to act rashly. The disadvantages outweighed the benefits.

Thinking of this, he quickened his pace. Fang Tiancheng did not notice his impatience at all. It was obvious that he had concealed his feelings too well. On the surface, he looked like a modest gentleman, nodding and agreeing from time to time, giving Fang Tiancheng the illusion that his plan was effective.

He glanced at Tang Mingkun, who was walking in silence beside Lu Ming. Fang Tiancheng only focused his attention on the young man. It was not that he had not tried to rope in Tang Mingkun in the past, but this person was a tough nut to crack. No matter what he said, Tang Mingkun was unwilling to give him any attention. He always looked high and mighty, making him as awkward as a clown.

It was not that he had not deliberately smeared Tang Mingkun’s reputation in front of the old leader, but given the deep friendship between the two of them, not only did his words not have any effect, but the old leader accused him of being prejudiced against Tang Mingkun and taught him a lesson!

Moreover, Tang Mingkun could visit the old leader if he wanted to. He did not need to go through any procedures. In other words, even if he wanted to, he could not do anything to Tang Mingkun!

Moreover, his sixth sense kept telling him that if this continued, the other party would definitely use the ruthless methods he had used for many years in the political world on him! He knew very well that apart from the old leader, he had no other methods. In other words, if the old leader could not stop Tang Mingkun, the other party would crush him as easily as crushing an ant!

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So he chose to target Lu Ming, who looked easier to bully!

He couldn’t help but praise himself for his wit.

If Tang Mingkun knew what he was thinking, he would definitely laugh out loud without mercy. Although Lu Ming looked young and tender, and his casual clothes had reduced his age by a lot, his methods of scheming were even better than old fellows like them! Fang Tiancheng probably couldn’t even react when he jumped into the pit!

It was only because the old leader’s territory was not easy to attack now. Otherwise, Fang Tiancheng would have long lost his human form!

"Brother Lu Ming, actually, I have some spare money on hand. Do you think I can buy Lu Ming Corporation’s shares? I’m not greedy. 3% is enough. I heard that you have many businesses under your name. Just the shareholders alone have about two-digit shares. I don’t think 3% is a big deal, right?"

It hasn’t even been that long and he’s already asking for benefits. How could he say that he isn’t greedy?

Does he think I’m a fool?

3% was indeed not a lot, but for a large company like Lu Ming Corporation, even 1% of the shares was enough for ordinary people to live a peaceful life. A stranger I meet for the first time is asking for three times the shares? Does he really think I’m a philanthropist? Is this person playing me?

Lu Ming lowered his eyes to hide his disdain. "How much do you have?"

"Hahahaha, not bad! Five million! What do you think? If you agree to let me invest, with my connections, I can definitely get you a few big orders. At that time, Lu Ming Corporation’s shares will reach a new peak! It’s not impossible to become the number one company in China!"

A burst of hearty laughter rang out. He felt suffocated. Perhaps the demonic voice was nothing much. Moreover, he wanted to buy 3% of his company’s shares for just five million yuan? Wasn’t that a dream?

Just the benefits alone were worth more than this! Wasn’t five million yuan equivalent to free money?

Without changing his expression, he said, "Alright! I’ll think about it!"

As soon as he said this, Fang Tiancheng was instantly delighted. He said, "Brother Lu Ming is really a hero. Then I’ll wait for your good news here! Don’t worry, I hit it off with you today. Even if you’re not free to come over these few days, I’ll put in a good word for you in front of the old leader so that he at least remembers you!"

"As the saying goes, heroes cherish heroes. I like smart people like Mr. Lu the most. Let’s keep in touch in the future! Anyway, we’ll be colleagues soon. This is my business card. If anyone dares to touch you in the future, just tell me. They’ll really be tired of living!"

Immediately after, he bowed politely to Lu Ming with a sincere smile. In fact, even if Lu Ming treated him coldly, he did not dare to do anything to this person. After all, Lu Ming was someone that the old leader valued. If he acted recklessly, he would lose his job!

However, he had always been proud and arrogant, and was used to being pursued by others. Therefore, when he faced Lu Ming, he could not put his pride aside for a moment. Fortunately, the other party was an easy-going person! This caused him to push his luck and take it for granted.

Lu Ming rolled his eyes when he heard this. Do I need to ask someone to do such a thing?

With his superb skills today, even if the old leader wanted to forget, he wouldn’t be able to, right? Fang Tiancheng’s purpose of saying this was to remind him that he was an aide who was favored by the old leader. He could say a few good words or slander him easily. him

After sending them off, Fang Tiancheng stood at the door for a while, his heart beating excitedly. As for what Lu Ming said just now, he had already automatically translated it into agreement. In other words, he would be able to get 3% of Lu Ming Corporation’s shares very soon. That was 3%! He could already imagine how he would sleep in a pile of money in the future!

With endless money and all kinds of connections, even if he left his old leader and started his own business, he could still make a name for himself! He was really lucky today! When Lu Ming first came, he thought that he was just an ordinary person protected by the Tang family. He thought that he would just pretend that he didn’t see him. He didn’t expect him to be so powerful!


Fortunately, he adjusted his stance and plan in time and began to test the other party while fawning over him.

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