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Chapter: 321

From the series of reactions just now, Lu Ming was a soft persimmon that could be kneaded by him! Even the boss of Lu Ming Corporation had to bow down to him? Just the thought of it made him feel good!

Thus, he walked briskly into the courtyard.

On the other side, the two of them sat back in the car. The atmosphere was silent for a while. Then Lu Ming couldn’t help but ask the old man who was pretending to sleep, "Godfather, you don’t seem surprised at all. Could it be that you already knew Fang Tiancheng’s personality? Does the old leader know his nature?"

"There are many people like him in this world. It’s normal for people to drift away after staying in a comfortable environment for too long. Besides, he has followed the old leader for so many years. It’s normal for my good friend to not know his nature."

Previously, he had reminded his good friend explicitly and implicitly, but the other party just couldn’t get it. What else could he do? He couldn’t possibly have such a low EQ that he would say it directly, right? In any case, it might not have any effect. And he was afraid that it would have a counter-effect, causing a rift between the two of them.

Therefore, he could only watch quietly from the side. If his good friend suffered a huge setback, he should be able to help him. He felt that given Fang Tiancheng’s personality, he might cause big trouble if he attacked. If that happened, it would be troublesome.

"He’s too good at pretending. In front of the old leader, he’s a conscientious and dutiful captain of the garrison. In front of people of status like us, he acts like a smart person. He’s very good at manipulating the situation! If there’s something of extremely high value, he’ll try his best to rope it in. If it’s something of ordinary value, he’ll use the carrot and stick approach. If it’s useless to him, he’ll put on airs!

He doesn’t have much ability, but his ability to judge people is engraved in his bones. If it weren’t for the fact that the old leader favored him back then, how could he have been doing so well? He’s just an ingrate who forgot his roots! On account of the old leader, I don’t mind pretending to be deaf and mute to give him face, but he also knows that if he offends me, I won’t let him off easily.

He’s just the captain of a private team. He really thinks he’s something!"

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Lu Ming took note of a few words and said, "So, in his opinion, my Lu Ming Corporation is very ordinary?"

"… Of course not. Perhaps you disguised yourself too well? You sounded very serious just now. I almost misunderstood that you had something in common with him."

From the looks of it, he was thinking too much. With his godson’s positive personality, he probably wouldn’t be able to get along with such a despicable person. However…

"What were you guys talking about just now? I wasn’t paying attention just now. I didn’t know what’s going on. Every time he spoke, I either felt sleepy or I couldn’t focus. Moreover, during my previous visits, he didn’t talk so much. Today, it was like he won the lottery. Perhaps the appearance of the boss of the Lu Ming Corporation was a pleasant surprise for him!"

So my acting skills were that good? I even fooled my godfather.

Lu Ming rubbed his chin and said with a cold smile, "I don’t know if he’s audacious or brainless. He laid so many foundations. One moment, he said that he wanted to be my colleague, and the next, he even guaranteed that my company’s share prices would rise. Do you know how much he wanted to buy my 3% shares for?"

His tone sounded rather ominous!

Tang Mingkun pondered for a moment and asked tentatively, "Is it 30 million?"

Even if he used 10 million yuan to buy 1% of the shares, he would still make a killing. Just when he thought that what he said was very low, Lu Ming’s answer stunned him.

"Five million! He even said that it was a lot. I even wondered if his IQ was normal. But on second thought, to be able to follow that old leader for 11 years, he should have a brain. Then there’s only one last possibility—pretending to be confused! Moreover, he kept using the old leader as a security token. Those who don’t know might think that he’s his son!"

Fortunately, he did not work with Fang Tiancheng. He would treat what he said today as random comments. If Fang Tiancheng knew when to stop, he would not continue to push. However, if he were to extend his claws to him one day, he could not blame him for losing his good job!

Hearing this, Tang Mingkun’s impression of the police captain fell to rock bottom. No wonder his godson disliked him so much and dared to mention such a thing. Did he really think that his Tang family was just for show? He wanted to take advantage of Lu Ming openly. Who knew how shameless he could be!

Thinking of this, he let out a long sigh and said, "Let’s just let this matter go. His personality is a little bad, but his thoughts are good. It’s normal for people to be greedy. He has followed the old leader for a long time. 11 years is really too long. Let’s treat this as compensation. I hope he’s a contented person."

He paused for a moment before continuing, "Moreover, he has helped the old leader a lot. The old leader trusts him quite a lot. Although his mind is sometimes muddled, he is now his right-hand man. If we act rashly, the old leader probably won’t be able to find such a useful subordinate in a short period of time. We should wait and see."

It would be troublesome for the old leader to fire such a man, especially since his straightforward friend valued relationships the most. He would have to be rational and decisive to not get entangled in emotions. It would not be good if things turned ugly. Just thinking about that made Tang Mingkun’s temples throb!

Since his godfather had said so, what else could Lu Ming say?

He shrugged helplessly and said, "I don’t mind, but the premise is that he doesn’t touch my bottom line. I don’t intend to be that generous and let him have 3% of the company’s shares for just five million yuan."

"I can help you settle this matter. You don’t have to worry. In addition, for the sake of the old leader, he won’t dare to act rashly."

Now that both sides were in harmony on the surface, it was not good to fall out with each other. Therefore, they did not dare to cross the line. Moreover, he did not think that with Fang Tiancheng’s calculative personality, he would take the risk of exacting revenge on him and Lu Ming Corporation, and insist on fighting to the death! Although his good friend’s mind was not as clear as when he was young, once he saw through his nature, he would definitely not let this matter drag on!

At the end of the day, Fang Tiancheng was not in the right. Therefore, even if they lay the cards on the table, this person was in the wrong! Then this matter would be easy to resolve. Thinking of this, he already had a plan in his heart.

Coincidentally, Lu Ming had the same thoughts as his godfather. At least for the time being, he did not have to worry about the other party secretly tarnishing his reputation. It seemed that he had to settle the matters at hand in advance and find an opportunity to meet the old leader.

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