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Chapter: 323

"No wonder Old Master is so curious about how your brain works. Could it be that the outside world thinks that you’re mentally deficient? It’s fine if your plan failed, but you actually assisted them? Third Cousin, are you a spy sent by Lu Ming to destroy the Tang family? In fact, when you were in Shanghai, you had already reached an agreement with Lu Ming for that small profit!

How much did Lu Ming give you to do such an unfilial thing? If you’re willing to tell the truth, we can give you double or even triple the price. I just hope that you won’t drag our Tang family into deeper mire. I really don’t know how many lifetimes of sin our Tang family has committed to meet someone like you!"

The woman in the long red coat was like a cannonball as she said words that struck the depths of one’s soul. She was the daughter of her father’s sister. According to seniority, she was the cousin of the five sisters of the Tang family. She had always been arrogant and domineering. Because she had grown up in a honeypot, she had developed a personality of speaking her mind.


So what if she was the daughter of the main family? She didn’t want such a useless cousin! She had originally planned to buy the branded bags and all kinds of luxury goods that she had taken a fancy to after the year-end bonus this time. In the end, when she saw the accounts this morning, she almost fainted!

Who could tell her why the family ledger was so close to the deficit!?

Hence, she flipped through the account book several times in disbelief before finally having no choice but to accept reality. In other words… her plan to splurge on branded goods was going down the drain. Moreover, she might have to pay a sum of money to maintain the family’s operations! This was like a bolt from the blue for her!

The others were going through the same experiences.

Those who had a weaker mental fortitude directly fainted. If not for the fact that this meeting was very important, they would probably be sick at home. Fortunately, those servants pinched them in time and woke them up! As a result, everyone came to the meeting with low spirits.

After seeing the culprit, they couldn’t help those emotional outbursts. They couldn’t wait to use all the vicious words in the world on Tang Wenyi. Hence, in just a moment, the hall that was originally as silent as death became lively. The rising and falling voices seemed to tear the roof off!

Those who did not know better would think that they had entered the market by mistake. After all, these people were no longer as calm and collected as before. They usually had their noses in the air, but were now cursing Tang Wenyi angrily. Their faces were red from the arguing. Those with explosive tempers rolled up their sleeves and were about to attack!

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As for Tang Wenyi, she was almost scolded to death by everyone. She tried to open her mouth to defend herself, but her voice was drowned out by these voices every time. The scene was completely out of control! She looked at these faces with intense malice and couldn’t help but feel afraid. Why… Why did it become like this?

In the past, she was still the Third Miss who was doted on. When they saw her, they would always smile at each other. Her cousin would not say such unbearable words. That kind third cousin had vanished—there was only hatred left! Even now, Tang Wenyi did not feel that she had done anything wrong.

Back then, she just didn’t like that bastard and wanted him to disappear. What was wrong with that? Besides, no one stopped her when she actually took action. Now, these people were starting to dig up the past. They even condemned her for her wrong behavior. They only berated her after the recent turn of events!

She clenched her fists and raised her voice angrily. "Do you think Lu Ming will let the Tang family off without me? Don’t forget that the Tang family is the murderer who indirectly killed his mother! From the moment that b*tch died, we were already on opposite sides. You can’t blame me alone!"

Although what she said was true, if it weren’t for Tang Wenyi’s instigation, how could the Tang family have gotten involved? However, some of them were stunned when they heard this. This was because only a few people knew about this matter. The others only knew that there was such a general rumor. It seemed both true and false. Moreover, the old man had never directly responded to this matter.

Therefore, those who didn’t know the inside story thought that it was false. This was because there were many similar rumors about the Tang family, so they didn’t take it to heart. Now that Tang Wenyi had directly said it, didn’t this mean that… the rumors about this matter were true?! As they thought of it, the hall instantly fell silent.

Even the breathing of the person next to them could be heard clearly.

The other four sisters’ expressions instantly turned ugly.

As the saying went, one should not air one’s dirty laundry in public. The fewer people who knew about this matter, the better. In the end, this idiot No. 3 actually said it out loud? Was she thinking that they wouldn’t die quickly enough? The main family was already unhappy because Tang Wenyi kept dragging them down, but now that this matter was exposed, there would probably be no peace today.

Sure enough, the youngest uncle present said in a low voice, "What’s going on? I think everyone in the main family needs to give us a reasonable explanation. Lu Ming Corporation is developing very quickly now. In time, it will definitely be on par with the Tang family! If it’s at its peak, we don’t care who we offend because the Tang family has the ability to deal with them!

But the Tang family is going downhill now, and everyone is in danger. It’s even more difficult to deal with Lu Ming Corporation. Besides, we don’t want to clean up the mess for the main family for no reason. You’re the ones doing this, not us! We’re all innocent. Does the main family think we’re tools?"

Has it finally come?

Although Tang Yajing had already expected such a situation, she still couldn’t help but hold her forehead with a headache. The other three sisters glared at Tang Wenyi. Idiot! How stupid!

Just as the two sides were in a deadlock, the old master, who had not even changed his clothes and was still wearing his coat from a few days ago, walked in with his walking stick. Behind him was Butler He, who looked a little tired. The latter was the first to take a look at the Third Miss who was pretending not to exist. Then he sighed in his heart. She was hopeless!

"Back then, without your instigation, do you think the Tang family would have helped you get rid of that woman? In the end, isn’t it all because of you? Why? Do you still want to quibble? You’re not hardworking, but you’re quite proactive in pushing the blame! I can’t be bothered to say anything to you."

In the next second, he looked at the others and said, "It had been two years since this incident. It’s too late to regret it. Now, we can only continue to move forward and not wallow in regret. You all have the Tang family’s blood in you. If the Tang family is in trouble, how can you retreat unscathed?"

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