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Chapter: 324

"Moreover, with Lu Ming’s vengeful personality, he probably won’t let you off easily without the Tang family’s protection. Now, you can only choose to advance and retreat with the Tang family! Therefore, I hope that you won’t tell anyone about what happened today. After all, we’re all in the same boat now!"

The old master who said this was one of the few sober people present. He glanced coldly at the guilty third daughter. If not for the other party not being able to control her mouth, would he have spent so much time explaining? Not only was she unable to help at all, but she even made things more complicated!

How could he have such a useless daughter?

The more he looked at his third daughter, the more he felt that she was useless! At a time like this, she had to be careful with her words and actions. However, it was as if she had not thought of this. She desperately wanted to pull their main family into an eternal abyss! Thinking of this, he really wanted to pick up his walking stick and give her a beating. However, in front of others, he could not act rashly. It would be bad if this became something that could be used against him!

Therefore, he had to suppress his thoughts. When he passed by his third daughter, he snorted coldly in a voice that the two of them could hear. "I’ll settle this score with you later! Be mentally prepared. Now, reflect on what you did wrong!"

Tang Wenyi’s pupils constricted and her body subconsciously trembled. She thought that since the Old Master was willing to come out and help her, it meant that he would let this matter rest. She did not expect that he was… planning to settle the score later. Somehow, her warm mink coat could not provide any warmth. Instead, the cold wind outside blew in and seeped into her blood vessels and bones.

She did not know how she got to her seat. When she came back to her senses, the family meeting had already begun! Even though she had her head lowered the entire time, she could still see the disdainful gazes of the people around her. She pursed her lips and stabbed her nails into her palm.

Her face was pale, and she was starting to feel dizzy. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. Those who didn’t know better would think that it was summertime for her, because she was the only one in the entire living room who looked extremely abnormal. But even so, no one was willing to help her. They even hoped that she would feel worse.

"I think you should have seen the Tang family’s situation this year in the account book this morning. I have to admit that the Tang family is in a critical moment now, so I hope that everyone can bear with it a little. I think we should forget about the New Year bonus this time. However, in order to reward everyone, I’ll get someone to send a box of apples to you later!"


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For a moment, those people widened their eyes in disbelief. Has it already reached such a pathetic stage? It was not that they did not think that they would get less money this year, but after working for an entire year, they ended up getting a box of apples?? Could this be a joke?

The five Tang sisters’ cousin heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she had prepared for the worst from the beginning. Now, it was fine as long as she did not have to fork out money! She did not want to leave her wallet behind.

"The reason why the Tang family can become a famous family is also because of us. Even if we didn’t contribute to the Tang family, we did work hard. Besides, it has nothing to do with us that the Tang family is so miserable this year. After all, it was No. 3 who provoked Lu Ming Corporation. Why should we pay for the mistake of a junior? Big Brother, let me ask you, has any of us slacked off in the past year?"

The uncle on whom the others had pinned their hopes spoke in a half-yielding, half-resistant tone.

The old man let out a long sigh in his heart. He knew that this group of people would not compromise easily, especially his ambitious brother. Although the two of them were brothers, they had different mothers.

This also meant that his younger brother was an illegitimate son left behind by his father when he was young. If his own mother had not been in poor health and died early, how could this person and his mother have become part of the Tang family?

The reason why he did not get rid of the other party after becoming the head of the family was because the previous head of the family had to establish a branch family with an illegitimate son before he died. Otherwise, how could this person appear in the old residence? However, the other party’s ambition was getting bigger and bigger. He even wanted to replace the main family with the branch family!

Who would keep an eye on the main family all day long to see if they had done anything out of line?

His younger brother really didn’t hide his desire. However, he didn’t care because he was very confident in his methods. He didn’t think that the other party would find out the dirty things he had done, but he couldn’t help but feel that he had a teammate! If possible, he hoped that his third daughter wouldn’t open her mouth to speak again for the rest of her life. Otherwise… she would disappear from this world silently.

However, he was still worried about the last bit of blood relationship. When he had severed ties with Tang Wenyi, she would really disappear. At that time, he would have no qualms about letting go of a daughter who let everyone down! Thinking of this, a glint flashed across his eyes. He was not too old to wield a knife.

It had to be known that in order to obtain the position of the head of the family, he had secretly made many so-called illegitimate children disappear. What was a stupid daughter who was not favored? From this, it could be seen that the ruthlessness of his youth did not disappear with time. Instead, it became stronger and stronger. It was just that it had always been buried in his heart.

"… No."

The uncle gave him a knowing look and continued, "It seems like you’re very clear-minded. I thought you were finally muddle-headed! Yes, for the past year, everyone has been doing their jobs diligently. They even stabilized the company’s funds overnight and cleaned up your mess!

In the end, not only did they not get the reward they deserved, but they even had to be punished together. What kind of logic is that?"

He swept his gaze across the other people’s faces and said as if he wanted the whole world to erupt into chaos, "What do you all think? In any case, I don’t accept this. If there’s a blessing, your master will always take the lion’s share. If there’s trouble, everyone has to bear it together? Do you think we’re stupid?"

As soon as he said this, the others’ emotions were stirred as they discussed spiritedly.

"That’s right! I don’t want to either! I’ve worked hard for the family for a year, and this is how the old master repays me? This is too disappointing, right? If the old master can’t give us a plan that satisfies all of us, then we won’t leave today. There are enough rooms in the old residence!"

"Uncle, you’re right. We should share blessings and difficulties together. I’ve only enjoyed blessings a few times, but these difficulties come one after another. Old Master, do you think that only the people of the main family count?"

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