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Chapter: 325

"I think Uncle is right. We only take a few holidays a year. If we count carefully, we can count the number of holidays with our fingers! Even the donkeys in the production team are not as diligent as us! No matter what, we have at least brought hundreds of millions of profits to the company. Old Master, is this how you treat us? I’m also curious. Where did this money go!"

"No. 3, tell me, how many times has it been? Don’t think I don’t know. In the past, No. 3 often caused trouble, but in the end, everyone still split the losses evenly! Previously, we had a lot of money, so it didn’t matter if we had less. But this year, things were already very tough. Now, we still have to split the losses evenly. What kind of dream is that?!"

In just a few words, the hall turned into a market again. Everyone was venting their dissatisfaction and resentment. Apart from the repeated losses caused by Lu Ming Corporation, the new year was not peaceful either. The entire Tang family was in a panic. As an old family in the capital, they could not defeat a new company. Did this mean that the Tang family was going downhill?

Fear and unease filled their hearts.

After the show of strength, the old man’s expression became uglier and uglier. The uncle said smugly, "Big Brother, if this matter gets out, it won’t sound good no matter what. What will the outside world think of us? The Tang family’s year-end bonus is actually a box of apples? Moreover, everyone is feeling uncomfortable. We can’t not even see the shadow of money, right? How shocking is this?"

He paused for a moment and continued, "I know that the family is in trouble now, so we don’t ask for much. We don’t have to ask for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan like in the past. At least give us some comfort. This way, it won’t be too bad if word gets out, right? Big Brother? Give us less. You should be able to fork out some money, right?"

With the Tang family’s capacity, he would definitely be able to pay this bit of money. Therefore, it would depend on whether Big Brother was willing or not. If he refused, he could take this opportunity to say that the main family was stingy. If it were him, he would definitely do his best to give the others a better bonus!

Unfortunately, how could the old master not know what he was thinking? He said indifferently, "Since you’ve said so, let’s add another dollar to the year-end bonus."

The audience was in an uproar!

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After all that, he added a steel ingot?

What a joke!

Didn’t this mean that they had worked for nothing this year? They might as well leave the family and start a business of their own. No matter what, their work was worth more than one yuan! Wasn’t this old man a little too petty? Although he had always calculated carefully before giving them year-end bonuses, why did he give them one yuan this year?

How could they accept this?

The Uncle directly voiced out what they were thinking. "Big Brother, are you making fun of us? Although one yuan is still money, but… isn’t it too little? Do you think that our hard work this year is worth this little money? Do you need me to tell you that any one of us here can get at least tens of thousands of yuan as a year-end bonus if we work at another company!

How about this? Since you want everyone to advance and retreat together, we won’t make things difficult for you. Everyone will get 8,000 yuan. As for the apples, you can give them to us or not. How about that? This is our bottom line. If you agree, we’ll send them immediately. We won’t say anything else!"

The old man looked at his younger brother, who seemed to be giving him a way out on the surface but was actually digging a hole for him to jump into, and said, "That’s simple."

Only a master would know the value of rice.

"No. 5."

Tang Yajing seemed to have expected this scene to happen. She stood up and took out stacks of documents from a cabinet not far away. Then she placed them in front of everyone. They opened them with confusion and doubt. What greeted their eyes was a long string of numbers.

A crisp female voice sounded in their ears. "Everyone has indeed earned a lot of money for the family, but in contrast, how many of you are using public funds to buy bags and cars? Because of the Tang family’s industrial losses, they have been using their capital since April.

Everyone is spending money extravagantly, so I won’t say anything. In the past, it didn’t matter if you did this. Just take it that the old master was kind enough to reward you. But this year is very different from the past. The family is targeted by Lu Ming Corporation. In addition, you guys are being extravagant without any self-awareness. No matter how much money you earn, it won’t be enough for you to spend.

Do you have any objections now? Or do you want to see where those so-called public funds have been spent? I’ve already collected them all. If you have no idea, I can show it to you now. If you really want to get down to it, don’t you have to pay back the money that you’ve used?"

In other words, if this continued, everyone would settle scores! At most, no one would be able to leave the old residence!

As expected, when those people saw the reimbursement figures, they were speechless.

What else could they say? They were indeed the ones who applied for the reimbursement, and they had indeed spent it all. Moreover, the other party had more detailed evidence. This made them secretly click their tongues. No wonder their uncle had been suppressed all these years. With this method, even ten of them might not be able to defeat the old master!

As expected of the head of the Tang family and the Fifth Miss who had perfectly inherited Tang Boyan’s personality.

This series of moves stunned them! It was simply unexpected! As for the cousin’s straight back, it was carefully bent slightly. On the account book was written in black and white that she had once applied for a five-figure sum of public funds. She could not escape even if she wanted to.

Of course, this money was used to buy luxury goods. She was never someone who could save money, so how could she cough it up? She glanced at the others who were feeling guilty and heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that no one could afford to pay back what they had used. This time, it would probably pass.

Just as she was thinking this, her uncle suddenly slammed the table and said sarcastically, "That’s not a reason for you to give us a dollar. As the head of the family, you have to lead by example. Your year-end bonus must be more than ours, right? Then why don’t you share it with us!"

Now, he couldn’t care less about his face anymore. He directly exposed his greedy and ugly face. He exuded self-interest from his bones. He didn’t want to know if Tang Boyan had that much money. He wanted the part that he ‘deserved’!

Immediately after, he met the cold gaze of his half-brother. This made his rationality return a little. He seemed to have realized that he had lost his composure and quickly said to the others, "Of course, I’m also thinking for everyone!"

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