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Chapter: 327

Just as the old master said, the others secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Since the other party had already said so much, it meant that the old master really did not intend to get more year-end bonuses than them. At the very least, there was still a real-time synchronized account book to refer to. Moreover, they all knew very well that this was the reason why the old master valued power so much and delayed choosing his successor.

However, they did not say it out loud because of their relationship with him.

Now that he had assured them that he would give up his position, what else could they say? They couldn’t possibly press on recklessly, right? They saw that his younger brother, who was smug just now, had become a defeated rooster. Moreover, they weren’t that close to the family head. If they said something wrong, the other party would definitely not let them off!

Therefore, this matter came to an end for the time being.

"Wait! Since the head of the family has already set such an example, what about the five nieces? Among them, Little Five is especially outstanding. However, the Tang family is currently facing a crisis. Brother, don’t tell me you want to secretly give her a big bonus? Don’t forget, you just said that everyone will be treated equally? Even you will be getting a dollar!"

Tang Boyan’s brother said indignantly, his words directly targeting Tang Yajing.

The old master frowned when he heard this. He did intend to give his fifth daughter a bigger bonus. But now that he was seen through, he would arouse the dissatisfaction of the others if he didn’t stick to what was agreed. But how could his fifth daughter be on the same level as these people? Isn’t that a joke!?

Just as he was hesitating, he saw Tang Yajing smile and say, "Uncle, what are you saying? Even Old Master is willing to be an example. How can I, as a junior, be an exception? Even if I don’t have a single yuan this year, I don’t mind. After all, everyone is quite busy and it’s already a blessing for us juniors to be able to gather at the old residence today!"

As expected of the most powerful candidate for the next head of the family. Look at how eloquent she is!

As she sighed, Tang Nishang rubbed the portable heater in her hands and sighed softly. She knew that she would not catch up to her fifth sister even if she lived a few more lifetimes. No wonder Old Master favors her so much. She’s so good at saying and doing what is appropriate. If it were me, I’d most likely choose such a smart daughter to support the Tang family too.

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She glanced at her second and fourth sisters. She thought that they would at least be jealous or envious. She did not expect them to…

Tang Nishang looked down and twitched the corner of her mouth stiffly. She thought to herself, Hey, hey, hey, what kind of joke is this? Why can you secretly play with your phone in such a serious situation? If Old Master sees this, won’t you be finished?

As expected, she shouldn’t have expected anything from her two sisters. They didn’t seem to care about how much the year-end bonus would be. They only cared about playing with their phones. Even if they didn’t receive anything today, they wouldn’t be too sad. They are really magnanimous.

Tang Nishang silently retracted her gaze. If she wasn’t wrong, the two of them were playing mahjong on their phones. Since they couldn’t go out to play, they played online during the meeting. Aren’t they useless? Fortunately, Old Master is so angry with Uncle that he couldn’t care less about their little actions. Otherwise, they’d probably be finished along with Third Sister.

Sigh, so from the beginning to the end, only I, Third Sister, and Fifth Sister were fighting for the position of the family head? Thinking of this, she held her forehead helplessly. Why are my sisters’ personalities so abnormal?

Seeing her unusual behavior, Tang Yajing subconsciously looked to her side and saw her two sisters playing mahjong enthusiastically. The corners of her mouth subconsciously twitched. It had been a long time since she was so speechless. Immediately after, a trace of disdain flashed across her eyes. No wonder they can’t defeat me!

If they use their brains on the right things rather than mahjong, why would Old Master dislike the two of them so much?

"Then, do you have any other objections? If you do, bring them up as soon as possible. We can discuss them together."

Although there was room for discussion, what could they say about a one-dollar year-end bonus? How much lower could it go? Moreover, judging from the old master’s attitude, the highest he would go was probably only one dollar! No, they almost forgot that there was a box of apples. Just thinking about it made them feel very embarrassed!

As the cousin of the five sisters of the Tang family, Lin Jinxu was the first to speak. "I agree. One yuan it is. It’s better than nothing. Just treat it as a good bet. I hope the Tang family will survive."

In any case, her objective for coming over today was very simple. It was fine as long as she didn’t have to fork out money. As for the things she wanted to buy, at most, she would live frugally and save some money. However, the others weren’t as relaxed as her. Most of them were waiting for the year-end bonus to invest or buy cars and bags like her.

They were not as rich as Lin Jinxu, so they were more or less in a dilemma. This was because they never dreamed that Tang Boyan would do this. They originally planned to get as much as they could, but… They looked down at the account book in front of them, and their temples throbbed!

Some of them even frowned on the spot and secretly scolded Tang Jingyi for being stupid. If it weren’t for the fact that this person couldn’t think straight, would they have received this little money? Tang Jingyi was the head of the Tang family’s branch family, that was all. If Tang Boyan really wanted to attack, how could they stop him?

At the end of the day, the Tang family was essentially a family business. Even though they had recruited many new people in recent years, most of the executives had the surname Tang! And the person with the most power was Tang Boyan, who was sitting at the top of the pyramid! It could be said that he had given them quite a lot of face by doing this today. Right now, they only had one option left.

Thinking of this, the middle-aged woman closest to Lin Jinxu raised her hand and said, "I agree. It’s more important for the Tang family to tide over this crisis now. Just as Fifth Miss and Jinxu said, just treat it as a blessing. Old Master can just send the apples to my residence later."

Seeing that there was no hope, the others echoed.

"No objections. Let’s do as you say, Old Master."

"I agree! No matter what, today is new year’s day. It’s not good to make things too ugly. We still have to rely on Old Master in the future!"

"Yes, yes, yes! A dollar is still money!"

Looking at this group of fence sitters, Tang Jingyi almost fainted on the spot. It was clearly these people who asked him to talk back to Tang Boyan just now, but now, they were actively sucking up to him! He knew that he shouldn’t have had any expectations of them. They would act pragmatically, according to the situation!

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