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Chapter: 331

After saying that, she looked cautiously at the old master. He did not react and silently assented to her actions.

Hence, she became even more blunt. "Third Sister, there should be a limit to how much one can do, right? Old Master and the elders have already said it several times. Now that the family is going through a critical period, even if we don’t take advantage of this year-end bonus, we should at least take some practical actions, right?"

When Tang Wanxi heard this, she agreed and said, "Fourth Sister is right. Five million isn’t a lot. For people like us who come from prestigious families, we can only buy a good bag with it. Third Sister, don’t tell me you don’t even have this? I remember that ever since you came back, Old Master has been giving you pocket money every month. Surely, you can even fork out some money."

With just a few words, she was suggesting that Tang Wenyi should inject five million yuan into the family funds without any compensation. How could Tang Wenyi be willing to accept this? She didn’t want to risk her dignity and lose her capital in the end! Moreover, although she had pocket money every month, because she didn’t go out, the old man didn’t give her much at all! It was not even a four-digit sum!

Also, if she wanted to save Ah Ze, this bit of money was absolutely indispensable!

She glared at her sisters, but she could not say anything. After all, what they said was the truth. She was the one who wanted the year-end bonus no matter what, and she was the one who wanted to freeload. If this matter was not resolved properly, it would be extremely difficult for her to become the head of the family.

What should I do? she thought.

Tang Nishang casually took out her phone and looked at the time. The corners of her mouth curled up as she reminded her ‘kindly’, "We don’t have so much time to waste on you here, nor do we have as much free time as you. You even have to copy Buddhist scriptures to pass the time. To the family, time is life now. Just what you’ve wasted can earn us millions.

Third Sister, how is it? Do you know what you should choose?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Tang Yajing, who was not far away, chuckled and said, "Third Sister, you’re already an adult. I don’t think you need us to help you come up with a plan, right? You just need to answer whether you’re willing or not. It’s too late to pretend to be deaf and mute now. I still have something to deal with. Please make a choice quickly."

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Tang Wenyi still didn’t say anything.

As time passed, the air became heavier, suffocating her. She even felt like she was still dreaming. Have I woken up too early today? Is that why I’m facing this nightmare? She pinched her already bloody palm hard, and the sudden pain woke her up a little.

"Old Master, is what you said true? Even without the year-end bonus, I’m still a member of the Tang family?"

The old man was getting more and more disappointed in her, but he still didn’t show any emotion on his face. "Yes."

"… Then, then I think we should forget about it. Actually, after thinking about it carefully, I was too willful. This bit of money is nothing, and there’s no need to exchange five million yuan for it. Old Master, I think I’ve already thought it through clearly. Let’s just let this matter go."

It was a predictable answer.

The others couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. If she had handed over the five million yuan just like that, perhaps they might think highly of her. However, the third Miss’s short-sightedness made them feel speechless. Tang Wenyi didn’t seem to understand. She could still sit here safely because she was relying on the Tang family. If the Tang family was gone, Tang Wenyi with her five million yuan would be targeted by others

Perhaps others could easily scam the money away. At that time, who could she go to for help when she had no power or influence? Moreover, this would have a bad impact on the competition for the position of the head of the family. Even if Third Miss was really lucky enough to be appointed as the next successor by the old master, they would probably leave the Tang family as soon as they received the news. This was because there was no need to think about it. Even ten more Tang families would not be enough to deal with her!

A hint of mockery flashed across the old man’s eyes. She’s really stupid!

"You said it yourself. Don’t pester me later and insist that I give it to you!"

Tang Wenyi blushed awkwardly and said, "I, I understand. All the elders are present. How can I go back on my word?"

She had really thought of doing that, but now that her thoughts had been exposed, it meant that her last resort would not work. She never expected that her father, who had once doted on her, would be so ruthless! He even made her look bad in public!

She bit her lips until they bled, but she did not feel any discomfort. At this moment, she tasted rust in her mouth. The bitterness and unwillingness in her heart numbed her physical pain. She had to admit that she… was no longer useful to the old master.

Unintentionally, she met Fifth Sister’s pitch-black eyes and was shocked! If she gave up now, wouldn’t the family head be hers? At that time, would she still be able to live well in the family? And Ah Ze was waiting for her to save him! She couldn’t give up just like that!

Thus, she forced herself to perk up and pay attention to the details of the meeting.

Tang Yajing looked at her expression and felt that it was strange.Third Sister is probably so agitated that her mind is not working properly. Hence, she did not think too much about it and turned her gaze to the old master again.

"In that case, I want everyone here to discuss the direction of the family’s development next year, the allocation of resources, and the plan to deal with Lu Ming Corporation. We can’t let a situation like this year happen. One wrong step will lead to more mistakes! How ugly would it be if word got out that we were reduced to such a state by a new corporation?!"

Old Master Tang felt that the reason why the Tang family had fallen to this state was all because he was careless. With the family’s ability, it would be easy for them to annex the Lu Ming Corporation. They only needed to use their brains a little! He didn’t believe that he was no match for a young man!

At this moment, the others also began to discuss.

"I think it’s better to be conservative. Leave the market where Lu Ming Corporation is positioned. According to my investigation results, as long as the other party has a lead position in a certain area, it will immediately become his world. Those companies that have just entered the industry will eventually close down because of bankruptcy."

"In the end, it’s because Lu Ming Corporation’s research and development ability is too strong. How many people are coveting his team? Moreover, all of them are quite loyal. I wonder how they came up with so many ideas. If we had half of their ability, the Tang family wouldn’t have fallen to this state."

"I also think that it’s better to avoid them. Lu Ming Corporation is developing at its peak now. I believe it will become the most famous company in China soon. At least, the only good news now is that the other party hasn’t snatched the remaining few businesses of our Tang family."

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