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Chapter: 332

"Then we’ll focus on developing industries that won’t suffer serious losses next. We still have some foundation to fall back on. Even if Lu Ming Corporation suddenly steps into a new field, they won’t succeed in a short period of time. If we develop slowly, we might be able to go head to head with them!"

"I agree!"

Just as everyone thought that this matter was settled, Tang Wenyi acted as if she didn’t hear it and said, "Actually, I think it’s fine even if we go head-on now. With the Tang family’s strength, why should we be afraid of a small Lu Ming Corporation?"

As soon as she finished speaking, the entire place fell silent!

The others looked at her strangely. If this were in the past, she might have been able to get away with saying that. But now they only felt that she was like a retard. They wondered why she couldn’t see the situation clearly. Now that the Tang family was suppressed to the point that they couldn’t even raise their heads, competing with Lu Ming Corporation in their remaining businesses would be like throwing an egg at a rock.

Could it be that No. 3 can’t wait for the Tang family to be finished?

The uncle suppressed the displeasure and annoyance in his heart and said, "Do you have an idea? Tell us. If it’s feasible, we will follow your instructions. After all, the family has always listened to whoever has the strongest fist, right?"

"That’s right! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of extraordinary comments Third Miss will make. Perhaps she really figured it out just now?"

"I think that’s extremely unlikely. Could it be that she’s just saying it casually?"

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"Won’t we know when she tells us? Third Miss, it’s time for your performance. Please start! Don’t waste our time anymore."

The urging sounds continued. Instantly, Tang Wenyi opened her mouth in confusion, but no sound came out. How could she have any plans? The reason why she said those words was purely because she was blinded by hatred. At that time, her mind was filled with revenge, and she couldn’t wait for Lu Ming to die a miserable death!

Unexpectedly, among everyone present, she was the only one who chose to fight head-on?! Why? Was it her arrogance as a member of the Tang family?

"I… this…"

She was stuck for a long time, unable to say a complete sentence. Now everyone knew that she had said it casually.

The first to attack was Lin Jinxu. She sneered and said, "Did you lose your brain when you were born? If I had known this would happen, even if you went on a hunger strike and died at home back then, we wouldn’t have agreed to you marrying off to Shanghai. Look at what you just said."

She paused for a moment and continued, "Do you have a grudge against the Tang family? You’re doing such a brainless thing because of your own selfish desires. Are you that eager to destroy us?"

Tang Nishang followed closely behind and said, "Cousin, look at what you’re saying. Maybe Third Sister went to Shanghai to liberate herself? Previously, Old Master was watching over her at home, so she didn’t do anything overboard. But because he was so strict with her, she rebelled when she went to Shanghai. The outside world says that Third Sister was led astray by Lu Yaohua. I don’t think so."

"Big Sister is right. Perhaps Third Sister’s was so destructive that she led Lu Yaohua astray? I heard that before he met Third Sister, he was not only smart but also capable. He started from the bottom and gradually became a manager. How bad could such a person be?"

Tang Rongrong gloated and turned her attention to her third sister, who had yet to react.

"Now that you mention it, I remember that Old Master wanted to bring Third Sister’s son to the capital for education. In the end, Third Sister felt that she was capable of educating him. Then… Third Sister ended up teaching Lu Ze to go to jail. Hahahaha! Third Sister, are you a jinx? Why does everyone who gets close to you become so unlucky?"

Finally, Tang Wanxi could not help but laugh. The others followed suit. Soon the entire hall was filled with laughter. They had all heard about this matter. There was probably no one else in the world who could cripple a child like this!

They didn’t know if No. 3 really loved the child or if she had a grudge against Lu Ze. Otherwise, how could she have raised him like this?

"If you don’t have that ability, don’t take on that job. I’m also curious. How could Third Sister be so confident? If any of us are like her, we probably won’t stay here obediently. The Tang family will be in complete chaos. When Old Master sees that, he will be so angry that he will be hospitalized!"

Suddenly, Tang Yajing’s expressionless face turned into a smile. She said, "Third Sister, are you really qualified to sit at the same table as us? Are you sure you won’t drag us down? Third Sister, why don’t you go back to your room and copy Buddhist scriptures for Old Master?"

It saved them the trouble of chasing her away.

Thinking of this, the others scrambled to say:

"If Third Miss is unwilling to leave, then I won’t come to the next family meeting. I don’t know what Old Master was thinking, but he actually called you over!"

"If Third Miss hadn’t been disturbing the meeting, would we still be in the middle of it? She’s just dragging us down! Do you really think I’m that free?"

"I think Fifth Miss is right. If Third Miss really knew how to write the word ‘face’, she would have taken the initiative to leave without being asked. Then it wouldn’t look so bad!"

There were about 20 to 30 people in the entire living room, but no one was willing to help Tang Wenyi. The repeated humiliations made her feel ashamed. If there was a hole, she wanted to crawl into it immediately! She did not understand why her relatives, who were usually very kind to her, suddenly changed. It was obvious that she did not realize that her actions had angered everyone.


Just as she was about to escape, a phone rang.

They instinctively took out their phones and looked at them. In the end, they found the source where the old man was. The lively hall was quiet again.

"This is Tang Boyan. What do you want? Do you want to cooperate with me? Oh, I see. I’ll talk to you personally about the details…"

After a few exchanges, the old man hung up the phone and stood up. He said, "I have a big deal to discuss with a company. You guys can discuss the plan on your own first. Just let me know the outcome when the time comes. As for No. 3… Sigh, forget it. It’s up to you. As long as you don’t smear the family name, just stay in the old residence."

Now that he had already lowered his expectations to the minimum, he hoped that No. 3 would not continue to court death. Otherwise, even he would not be able to protect Tang Wenyi!

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