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Chapter: 334

She had really fallen into the trap so easily! Based on her past experience of repeated failures, there was a high chance that she would not succeed this time. In other words, Tang Wenyi had dug a hole for herself this time! It had to be known that even though she was no longer favored in the Tang family, the old master had given her a lot of inheritance!

However, Tang Wenyi’s train of thought had always been different from theirs. She firmly believed that she would definitely succeed this time. Then she would successfully fetch her precious son from prison, marry Yang Shuhai, and live a beautiful and happy life! Thinking of this, she could already see beautiful days in the future waving at her!

However, before she could gloat for long, Tang Yajing said, "Then why don’t you let me briefly explain the contents of the agreement? If you still can’t deal a heavy blow to the Lu Ming Corporation next year while retaining your family resources, then you will voluntarily give up your inheritance and transfer it to your other siblings."

She smiled and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She said, "As for what position you will hold, I think it’ll be Business Director. It’s equivalent to higher management. You’ll be on par with everyone here in a single step. Moreover, you will have enough authority to do whatever you want. I think Third Sister should be satisfied, right? I’ve been kind to you. Aren’t you going to thank me?"

Tang Wenyi’s expression froze when she heard this. This person is really shameless! Isn’t she the one who has tricked me to this extent? Why is she pretending to be a good person now? The corners of her mouth twitched, and her eyes flickered with conceit. She thought to herself, One year is enough! I’ll definitely pull these people down! If anyone dares to block my way, don’t blame me for being rude!

As if she hadn’t heard her, she looked at her uncle and asked, "Uncle, do you agree?"

"… No problem."

Uncle spread his hands.

Regardless of whether she succeeded or not, he would be the biggest winner! If Tang Wenyi won, he could rope her into his camp. If it was the other way around, the reputation of the main family would become even worse. Even if they pursued the matter, the blame would not be entirely on him. There were still a few other nieces to take the blame.

After all, he was not the one who suggested this arrangement.

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If the old master were present to see this farce, he would definitely do his best to stop the situation from developing. Others might not know, but how could he not know? Tang Wenyi was just a pile of mud that was beyond help! He had given her so many chances, but she had never succeeded! Wasn’t the bet this time a sure loss?

However, after Tang Wenyi signed the contract, both parties heaved a sigh of relief.

Her uncle sat in his chair and said solemnly, "Then it’s settled. Next, we should discuss the central topic. Which direction should we develop in?"

The others suggested a few industries.

"I’ll stick to my opinion expressed earlier. We’ll allocate more resources to the fields of biomedicine, insurance, and entertainment. It’s quite easy to earn money in the last two industries in the short term. It can help the company recover. What do you think?"


"I agree, but other than that, I think we still need to stabilize the Tang family’s traditional industries—property investment and energy development. We have to have a few things that can make the family invincible. This way, we can compete with the Lu Ming Corporation! At least we won’t be chased out of the industry like now."

Not surprisingly, the suggestion received unanimous support.

Uncle nodded slightly and said, "According to what you said, it’s indeed a good strategy. However, which area should No 3 be in charge of? Of course, I can’t give you an important position. I hope No. 3 can forgive me. The business world is like a battlefield. In addition, you haven’t proven yourself."

If anything happens along the way, Big Brother will tear me apart, right? It will be best if it’s a peripheral business of the company. This way, even if something really happens, it will be easier to make timely adjustments. As for what kind of mood No. 3 was in, it was not within his consideration. She had obtained this position in exchange for an agreement. If not for that, she would not be able to talk her way into getting any benefits today!


Tang Rongrong asked tentatively, "I remember that the insurance seems to be quite easy to do, right? As long as you’re eloquent, you just have to put in some effort."

"Do you think it’s appropriate, given Third Sister’s performance just now?"

Tang Wanxi spat ruthlessly. A suitable position for ordinary people might not be suitable for Third Sister.

We have to assign the simplest task to Third Sister in order for her to manage it. Besides, insurance is a rather popular sector. Won’t it be better to let people compete for it? We can’t hand it over to Third Sister just like that.

Presumably the others have the same idea?

She glanced at the elders at the table from the corner of her eye. Sure enough, they were all silent.

Tang Nishang pondered for a moment and asked, "What about entertainment? You don’t have to think too much about it, but you have to have some knowledge about it. You’ll know what to do after taking a look. Besides, it’s not very busy at the moment. You just have to clock in at work every day."

"That doesn’t suit No. 3 either."

The uncle said helplessly, "She’s not good at learning. Mastering professional knowledge in the short term is as difficult as ascending to the heavens for her. I think when this sector grows, she may not be able to completely manage the work. At that time, she will still have to hand over the documents to her subordinates. Won’t she be crippled?

Do you have any other ideas?"

There was complete silence.

Everyone was having a headache. What kind of job should they give Third Miss? It was not that there were no positions in the family. There were many. However, jobs that did not require any thinking or emotional intelligence were too rare. If Third Miss was a little smarter, they would not be racking their brains for a long time.

They frowned and sighed in their hearts. This was much harder to deal with than business. In their opinion, this person was not suitable to enter the business world at all. Why did she have to go through so much trouble and lose her inheritance? Couldn’t she just be the third daughter of the Tang family?

She’s brainless and ambitious. How foolish!

Just as they were thinking hard, Tang Yajing broke the silence and said, "I think it’s better to assign biological medicine."

As soon as she said this, everyone in the hall looked stunned. They looked at her in disbelief. Handing over the biological medicine portfolio to Tang Wenyi?! What kind of joke was this? This area needed someone with brains. The reason why they did not mention it before was that they subconsciously thought Tang Wenyi definitely did not have this ability.

Who knew that the usually shrewd Fifth Miss would take the initiative to mention this? If the other party didn’t do a good job, wouldn’t they be done for? Just thinking about how Old Master Tang would be furious, they subconsciously shivered. Now that the Tang family was already having a hard time, if they provoked the family head…

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