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Chapter: 1437


The smile on Yuan Sichun’s face widened as she basked in the excitement of Shen Fanxing being stepped on.

"But the heavens still pity me. Just yesterday, she gave me a huge gift…"

Queen Yulia’s sorrowful voice changed, her joy evident.

"She told me that thirty-six years after I lost my daughter, Phoneix, she sent an angel to me and told me that my phoneix wasn’t dead…"

Before she could finish speaking, the banquet hall exploded.


"The queen’s daughter isn’t dead?"

"How is that possible? It’s been so many years. How can she not come back if she’s not dead?"

"Yes, didn’t Princess Ava witness the cremation?"

Ye Jingyun’s face seemed to have lost all color.

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She was so shocked by the news that she lost her balance.

Bei Lei seemed to have guessed something, but she couldn’t stop it now.

Queen Yulia’s voice paused for a few seconds. Yuan Sichun looked up belatedly, the excitement still on her face.

"Fanxing, come, come here…"

Everyone’s gaze followed Queen Yulia’s and shifted to the darkness beside her.

When Yuan Sichun saw a tall and slender figure in a gorgeous evening gown walking out into the open,

Seeing that familiar and hateful face, all her expressions froze.

Shen Fanxing?

Why was she there?!

Queen Yulia’s previous words suddenly entered her mind. Her daughter wasn’t dead? The heavens had sent an angel to her yesterday…


What bullsh*t angel?!

When everyone saw Shen Fanxing, they were shocked.

This woman was no stranger to them.

She was one of the female leads at the state banquet yesterday. Moreover, many people knew of her existence before that.

They didn’t know the details, but they had heard of the chief perfumer, CEO of Stars International, and the fiancée of the CEO of the Bo Consortium.

Unexpectedly, she had such a shocking identity.

Shen Fanxing was wearing a dark blue evening gown with a gold-embroidered waistline. The feathers on her shoulders were of the same color, making her shoulders look exceptionally beautiful.

There were no unnecessary flowers. Her long dress covered her ankles, making her look dignified and elegant.

The unique aura she exuded was even more eye-catching.

Her expression was cold. The moment she appeared, Queen Yulia held her hand and pulled her to her side lovingly.

Shen Fanxing could clearly feel Queen Yulia’s uncontrollable grip on her hand. It was even trembling nervously. She looked up and smiled at her. Then, she felt Queen Yulia tighten her grip.

"Originally, I shouldn’t have said so much at today’s banquet, nor should I have asked so many reporters to restrain everyone’s words and actions. However, I’m too happy. I can’t suppress my emotions at this moment. I want to share the happiest moment of my life with you and everyone…"

As she spoke, she glanced at Shen Fanxing and smiled.

"I believe everyone has guessed it. That’s right, Fanxing. Her name is Fanxing. She’s the biological daughter of my daughter, Phoneix. She’s my granddaughter and the only true princess of the royal family of Country Y!"

The audience fell silent for a few seconds. Those who reacted quickly applauded slowly, instantly causing thunderous applause to sound in the banquet hall.

"Congratulations, Queen. You’ve finally found your real daughter and grandson."


"Congratulations, Queen. This is great news."


Although everyone was puzzled, they should give their sincere blessings.

It was no longer a secret that Queen Yulia had lost her daughter. Perhaps in the eyes of others, it was just an accident, a tragedy, something to be pitied.

However, there was a huge difference between sympathy and empathy.

No one knew how Queen Yulia had survived all these years.

She looked like an ordinary person, but in the dead of the night, it was the most unbearable.

In their eyes, Queen Yulia had never been someone who didn’t know her limits.

It was rare for them to do this. Actually, they understood.

So what if she was the queen? Was she made of steel?

Faced with everyone’s blessings, Yuan Sichun’s head seemed to explode as it buzzed.

"That’s right, Fanxing. Her name is Fanxing. She’s the biological grandson of my Queen Yulia and the only true princess of the royal family of Y Country."

It was as if there was a recorder in her body, repeating this sentence countless times, telling her one thing countless times in an attempt to make her accept this fact as soon as possible.

"No, how is that possible? How is that possible…"

She shook her head blankly, unable to accept this.

How could she be a princess?

Didn’t she not come? Why did she suddenly appear there?

At this state banquet, she was clearly about to be completely under her feet. She wanted Brother Bo to regret and return to her to beg her.

She was the eldest daughter of the Yuan family. She was a hundred times better than Shen Fanxing…

"No! That’s not true! Shen Fanxing is a liar, she’s a liar!"

She couldn’t accept this at all. How could she accept it?

She had been looking forward to it for so long. All she wanted to do was to trample on Shen Fanxing. Why did things turn out like this?

She screamed uncontrollably, attracting the attention of everyone in the banquet hall.


Hearing this, Queen Yulia frowned and looked down. It was easy to see Yuan Sichun in the wheelchair.

Shen Fanxing frowned and looked over. Seeing how crazy she was, her lips curled into a smile.

Even though she found it unbelievable that she had suddenly become the princess of Country Y, she didn’t know how to face her.

However, after seeing Yuan Sichun like this, she suddenly felt that the identity of a princess was not bad.


Yuan Sichun’s eyes widened as she looked at Shen Fanxing’s smiling gaze. All the nerves in her mind seemed to have snapped.

Ignoring the heart-wrenching pain left behind by Bo Jinchuan’s punishment, she pointed at Shen Fanxing and screamed,

"All of you have been deceived by her! She’s a liar! She’s the eldest daughter of the Shen family in Ping Cheng City. Everyone in the Shen family has abandoned her and hates her. It’s obvious how bad her character is. How could she be related to the royal family of Country Y?"

"Sichun!" Yuan Zhengchong didn’t expect Yuan Sichun to suddenly become like this. He shouted with a cold face.

She had lost all her face!

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