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Chapter: 1438


Everyone’s gaze landed on Yuan Sichun.

"Who is it? Is he crazy?"

"You still treat her as a liar. Do you really think Queen Yulia is a fool? You’re making the truth public without confirming it? Is this person a lunatic and a fool?"

"I remember her. Is she the eldest daughter of the Yuan Corporation? Back then, she shamelessly clung onto the CEO of the Bo Consortium and did all sorts of shameless things. Wasn’t that injury caused by CEO Bo? She still has the cheek to attend the state banquet? I really don’t know how shameless she is!"

"I’ve heard about it too. Back then, she used her status as the eldest daughter of the Yuan family to bully others. Because she was from the Yuan family and Princess Ava was her aunt, she had a sense of superiority in front of Miss Shen. I didn’t expect her to be the only princess in the royal family."


"This time, my sense of superiority is gone. I’m almost going crazy."

At this moment, Yuan Zhengchong wished he could find a hole to hide in. On this important occasion, celebrities from all over the world were gathered. Was she crazy? How could she make a fuss at such an occasion? How embarrassing!


"Sister Bailey, is she a liar? Auntie, quickly tell everyone that that woman is a huge liar!"

She suddenly looked at Bailey and Ava expectantly.

Ye Jingyun’s pale face twitched violently. She wished she could strangle this damn fool to death!

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She had never been so embarrassed in her life.

Seeing that Ye Jingyun was silent, Yuan Sichun continued, "Auntie, hurry up and tell me! Didn’t you say that the queen’s biological daughter is dead? How can a dead person give birth to a daughter? So there’s no need to think. Shen Fanxing is a liar!"

Everyone looked in their direction with indescribable gazes. Ye Jingyun avoided their gazes in a panic, not daring to look at anyone.


There were many ladies from the business world present. Ye Jingyun had been in charge of the arrangements for the past few days and they were all dissatisfied with her arrogant attitude.

"That’s strange. Since Queen Yulia has chosen to announce it in front of so many people, it must be confirmed. She’s clearly fine. Why did she say that she’s dead?"

"What’s so strange about that? After all, she’s the princess of a country. Now that the real princess is back, how can she be the princess? In order to protect her status, she has to think of ways to not let the real princess appear, right?"

"Now that you mention it, I suddenly feel a chill down my spine… Queen Yulia lost her daughter 36 years ago and brought her back two years later. At that time, she was only six or seven years old. Is she that vicious?"

"Oh my god, I’m scary…" Someone couldn’t help but hug his arms and rub them hard.


"She started scheming when she was six or seven years old. Isn’t she even more terrifying now…"

"Oh-my-god, how terrifying…"

Ye Jingyun’s expression was indescribably ugly. Her mind was in a mess and she didn’t know what to say.

The discussion in the banquet hall reached the stage. Queen Yulia’s face was calm, as if she didn’t feel or react to those words.

Shen Fanxing’s gaze on Ye Jingyun turned colder.

If she could be so vicious at the age of six or seven, it was naturally impossible for her to be kind now.

When Queen Yulia mentioned the word ‘bloodline’, thinking about Ye Zhiqing, Yuan Sichun, and Bei Lei, how good could Ye Jingyun be?

"What nonsense are you spouting?!" Yuan Sichun’s words finally made Ye Jingyun roar.

"Auntie, she’s a liar, she’s a liar! How can you watch as she acts so brazenly in front of you! You’re the princess of the royal family, and Bei Lei and Sister Bei Xi are the granddaughter of the queen. Shen Fanxing is trying to snatch your position. Auntie, Sister Bei Lei, you won’t allow such a thing to happen, right? Huh?!"

When Yuan Sichun reached the end of her sentence, she screamed. Her sharp screams filled the entire banquet hall.

"Lunatic, you’re simply a lunatic!" Ye Jingyun pointed at Yuan Sichun angrily, her body trembling. "Get out, get out!"

"She’s a liar! Why do you want me to leave?! That b*tch should be the one to leave! Why should it be me?! Are all of you blind? You actually believe that she’s a princess? No, you’re all fools. All of you have been deceived by her!"

Ye Jingyun was so angry that she almost fainted on the spot.

"You… you…"

"Tsk tsk, look at Princess Ava’s niece, the eldest daughter of the Yuan family. This upbringing is really not up to standard."

"I wonder who will marry such a woman. What a disgrace."


"I heard that she’s the future head of the Yuan family. Aiyo… won’t the Yuan family be finished sooner or later?"

"Shut up! My Yuan family is fine. You’re all fools. Don’t you know you’ve been deceived?!"

Yuan Sichun must have gone crazy. She refused to believe that Shen Fanxing could suppress her.

All her expectations had turned to ashes. How could she accept this cruel reality?

"She’s crazy! Someone, throw her out!" Ye Jingyun swore that she would strangle this damn fool to death!

A few people in uniforms ran up quickly. Yuan Muchun released his grip on Yuan Sichun’s wheelchair and retreated silently.

She watched coldly as someone surrounded her and lifted the wheelchair.

"What are you doing?! Let go of me! How dare you! I’m Princess Ava’s niece. How dare you treat me like this!"

Everyone watched as she was thrown out by the guards. The screams and her hideous face had broadened their horizons.

She had never seen such a shameless and shameless lunatic.

The banquet hall returned to silence. Ye Jingyun looked up nervously at Queen Youlea. "Mother…"

Queen Yulia glanced at her before retracting her gaze. She turned to Shen Fanxing with a smile and patted her hand gently.

"Don’t be afraid."

Shen Fanxing smiled. She wouldn’t take it to heart.

Seeing Shen Fanxing’s calm expression, Queen Yulia couldn’t hide the relief in her eyes. She turned to everyone and said,

"I’ve embarrassed myself in front of everyone. Apart from sharing the greatest joy of my life, I want to announce something."

Everyone fell silent and stared at Queen Yulia.

Even Shen Fanxing turned to look at Queen Yulia in confusion, not knowing what she was thinking.

Yulia took a deep breath before speaking slowly.

"My daughter’s birthday happens to be on New Year’s Day every year. I’m very happy. I still have a chance to celebrate my daughter’s birthday in this lifetime! There are still more than two months before New Year’s Day. This time, I want to celebrate her birthday properly.

Then, on her birthday, I want to hold a coronation ceremony for her beloved daughter and granddaughter! On January 1, I hope that my daughter and granddaughter will receive the attention and blessings of the entire world!"

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