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Chapter: 1439


As soon as Queen Yulia finished speaking, there was a moment of silence before thunderous applause.

Wave after wave of blessings sounded.

Ye Jingyun’s body swayed and she almost fell to the ground.

"Be careful."

Yuan Zhengchong helped her up.

Ye Jingyun steadied herself, her face pale.

Bailey’s expression wasn’t any better. However, compared to Ye Jingyun’s panic, she was more angry and indignant. The glass in her hand had been crushed subconsciously, and the bright red wine flowed from her hand to the hem of her gown. She didn’t even notice.

The only true princess!

Then what was she?!


In order to be a good princess and be worthy of her, she had spent so much time and effort. In the end, the only princess had become someone else so easily?

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She had tried her best to hint at a princess coronation, but she still had nothing.


Now, she wanted to hold a grand ceremony for this woman who had suddenly appeared?

After all these years, what was she? What was she?

The applause and blessings were simply a huge joke to her.

Everyone mocked her for being a complete joke all these years.


The world-famous coronation of the princess…

Yuan Sichun, who had been thrown out of the banquet hall, heard the Queen’s clear voice. The expression on her face was indescribable.

The coronation of a princess!

What right did Shen Fanxing have…


Why did he have to suppress her in the end?

Why didn’t she die?!

"Liars, you’re all a bunch of fools. You even fell for such a low-level trap. What bullsh*t princess? The princess is long dead. How can there be a real princess? What a bunch of fools…"

She spoke in Chinese and the guards didn’t understand what she was saying. They only looked at her as if she was crazy.

When this news came out, all the reporters present actively recorded today’s major event.

They believed that this matter was enough to cause an international sensation.

Shen Fanxing stared at Queen Yulia in disbelief. Her eyes widened for a few seconds before she said slowly,

"Why… did you suddenly…"

Queen Yulia patted the back of her hand gently. "Why would it be sudden? I owe you all this. Fanxing, don’t worry. I will give you and your mother everything I have in my life."

Shen Fanxing shook her head, but Queen Yulia smiled at her and shook her head. "Just fulfill my wish."

She didn’t speak again.

After the banquet ended, the reporters sent the shocking news back to the magazines and companies in the country. The editor-in-chief immediately arranged for someone to edit the news, hoping to send it out as soon as possible.

At 9:30 a.m. in Ping Cheng City.

The doors to the conference room opened and the directors and higher-ups of the Bo Consortium walked in.

Everyone was whispering to each other, sighing and shaking their heads.

"I really don’t know what this old man is up to all day. Why does he have to fight to the death with the Yuan Corporation?"

"Sigh, the CEO has an important collaboration now. If we negotiate, the Bo Consortium will surpass the Yuan Consortium!"

"Can the Yuan Corporation compare to our Bo Corporation now? Don’t you understand? What Old Master likes is that in the future, if the CEO can really be with the eldest daughter of the Yuan Corporation, he can easily take over the Yuan Corporation. Is there anything easier and cheaper than that?"

"That’s true. If we can get the Yuan Corporation, it’s indeed…"

"What a pity. So what if we get the Yuan Corporation? I’m afraid today’s situation is set in stone!"

The directors shook their heads and sighed again. They were rather regretful and helpless about the outcome that they already knew.

However, there were naturally people who acted according to the situation. Now that Bo Yuelin’s succession as the next chairman was almost certain, there were naturally a few directors who were biased towards him.

Compared to the distressed expressions of the previous directors, these people looked much more relaxed.

Actually, that included Bo Chengjiang, the third uncle of the Bo family.

Although he was unwilling to let his second brother become the chairman, he was more than happy to see Bo Jinchuan succeed.

At the very least, he bore a deep grudge against Bo Jinchuan for leaving his son in the lurch because of that woman.


Now that he had lost his position as CEO because of that woman, how could he not be happy?

Looking at the news released yesterday, the news of Shen Fanxing being recognized as a liar at Country Y’s banquet made him feel great.

"The heavens have mercy on reincarnation. It’s not that karma doesn’t exist, but the time hasn’t arrived…"

The moment he spoke, everyone’s gazes landed on him.

"CEO Bo, the CEO has been capable for so many years. Are you going to watch helplessly as the CEO loses power? Can’t you temporarily give the shares in your hands to the CEO and help him overcome this hurdle?"

Bo Chengjiang snorted as if he had heard a joke.

"My nephew is very capable. If he needed me, he would have come to me long ago. Why would I need you to worry?"

He was overjoyed that Bo Jinchuan had lost his power. Why should he help him?

At this moment, a few people stood up. Everyone looked over and Bo Yuelin walked into the meeting room with Old Master.

The meeting room was silent. Seeing the old master enter with an expressionless face, his lips were pursed tightly and his eyes were filled with dignity. He walked to the main seat and sat down. He looked around and snorted coldly.

Everyone pursed their lips, not daring to speak.

The meeting was about to start. Even the old chairman had arrived, but the CEO had yet to arrive. It was no wonder the old man’s face darkened.

"Let the meeting begin."

The old man said without giving Bo Jinchuan any leeway.

"Old Master, the CEO hasn’t arrived…"

Bo Chengjiang threw the magazine on the table and said with a smile, "What’s the difference if he’s here or not? So what if he’s here? He’s just embarrassing himself. It’s good that he’s not here. He’s quite smart, so he naturally knows this better than anyone else…"

"Of course I have to hear the results myself. Otherwise, if word gets out, wouldn’t it seem like I’m too irresponsible? I have a reputation, so I naturally can’t ruin it now."

Before Bo Chengjiang could finish speaking, Bo Jinchuan’s indifferent voice sounded.

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