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Chapter: 1467

A Cheated Life

They had studied the surveillance footage for a long time last night, but they did not discover any cheating.

In the end, she could only conclude that Shen Fanxing had her own way of confirming the number of points in the dice cup.

Regardless of whether she relied on her ears or had a pair of X-ray vision, it was the taboo in their casino.

The exorbitant bet last night was enough to make people jealous. That was money that could not be spent in a few lifetimes.

If they continued today, would their casino survive?

Only a fool would bet with her.

No one gambled with her. As long as she played other events, the bankers would be on the casino’s side.

If she gambled again…

The consequences were unimaginable.

Shen Fanxing felt… helpless about this.

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She had indeed gone overboard yesterday.

She should have been more reserved, but Les’ words back then had really provoked her.

"I’m not playing today…"

Yes, she was here with Ah Chuan today.

The manager chuckled. Who could stop them from entering now?

"So she’s the woman who gambled last night?"

Before they could say anything, someone suddenly shouted from the crowd outside. In the next second, they were surrounded by a group of people.

Seeing this, the manager hurriedly left. Before he left, he specially instructed the bodyguards, "Don’t let them in. Otherwise, you’ll bear the consequences!"

This was a rejection.

However, Shen Fanxing had no time to bother with them.

Bo Jinchuan pulled Shen Fanxing into his embrace and surveyed the crowd.

Judging from their posture, they should be reporters.

"Hello, are you the one who gambled with the casino shareholders last night?"

"Are you Alan Bell?"

"I heard that you won an astronomical sum last night. Is that true?"

The reporters had seen Shen Fanxing’s familiar face too many times. When they saw her, they couldn’t help but feel excited.

Faced with so many reporters, Shen Fanxing didn’t reject them.

She leaned into Bo Jinchuan’s embrace obediently, but the expression on her face was the same as when she was facing the camera. She smiled indifferently, with a coldness and dominance that made people not dare to approach her.

Her fluent English sounded pleasant to the ears.

"I don’t think I would be stuck here if you didn’t get the exact news, right?"

The reporters were stunned. "…Does that mean you admit that you won a huge sum of money?"

Shen Fanxing nodded and said, "Yes, do you believe me?"

A reporter asked, "You have so much money at once. Do you have any plans? Do you want to travel around the world, eat and drink, or something else?"

Shen Fanxing smiled and looked up at the man beside her. She broke free from his embrace and took the initiative to hold his arm.

"Give it all to him."

The reporters shifted their attention to Bo Jinchuan.

Seeing the tall and slender man, they were slightly stunned.

"This isn’t…"

Some reporters recognized Bo Jinchuan and didn’t dare to act rashly.

"Isn’t he the CEO of the Bo Consortium?"

"It’s the former CEO…"

The Bo Consortium’s business status was naturally among the top internationally. It was only natural that they would be recognized.

Coupled with his well-known relationship with the woman beside him, it was natural for the two of them to appear.

"From what I know, the other party promised to give you 20 billion yuan yesterday. Have you received the 20 billion yuan?"

Shen Fanxing nodded and replied, "Yes, I just received it."

Everyone gasped. "So you really want to give this 20 billion to… Mr Bo?"

"Sure, why not?"

Shen Fanxing didn’t hesitate at all.

Bo Jinghang and Yin Ruijue looked at Bo Jinchuan enviously. If they were given a handkerchief, it would probably be twisted into pieces.

Bo Jinghang said, "Brother, I feel so jealous now!"

Yin Ruijue gritted his teeth. "I’m more jealous than you, okay? Brother Bo can give you his shares, but I have nothing."

Bo Jinhang paused and the expression on his face improved slightly. "I’m in a better mood after hearing that."

Yin Ruijue was speechless.

Why would a man make things difficult for a man?

Shen Fanxing’s reasonable answer puzzled some reporters.

A woman with some money in her hands was also her future confidence.

Immediately, a reporter asked, "Why should we?"

Shen Fanxing smiled and said, "Just treat it as me providing for him."

"Pfft…" Bo Jinghang and Yin Ruijue couldn’t help but laugh.

Bo Jinchuan raised an eyebrow. Was he being kept?

The reporters were speechless.

"I’ll support this man for 20 billion yuan. If other women have ill intentions towards this man, I’ll take out a wallet worth more than 20 billion yuan to support him. If I can’t reach him, then I’ll ask you to… stay as far away from him as possible."

She faced the camera with a gentle smile on her face, but everyone felt a chill.

Previously, she had warned everyone not to have any designs on her man.

Back then, many women online were unhappy with her and said that she was no different from a shrew.

It was their ability to make men fall in love with them…

But now…

It was a direct hit to those women’s faces.

Since they were competing on ability, they would compete on ability.

[20 billion. If you can beat her, then come.]

Twenty billion yuan was a number that would only appear in dreams.

It was easy for Shen Fanxing to come, but to most people in this world, it was a fantasy.

Even the richest man in Asia might not be able to play like her.

If other women wanted to get close to Bo Jinchuan, the threshold was 20 billion yuan. Such a thing would never happen in this world.

With this move, no matter how the remaining women fantasized, they probably wouldn’t have the guts and ability.

Thinking about it now, this woman was really amazing.

Not many men could suppress her.

Fortunately, he was the young master of the Bo Consortium.

However, based on their current net worth, Shen Fanxing seemed to be better.

After all, Bo Jinchuan was no longer the CEO of the Bo Consortium…

However, what made them suspicious was that after leaving the Bo Consortium, where did this man get the confidence to say that he would do his best to annihilate the Bo Consortium?

Someone asked Bo Jinchuan boldly.

Bo Jinchuan was silent for a few seconds before saying calmly,

"Because I have a powerful wife."

Look at how smug she was.

Yes, she was indeed impressive.

Previously, she was despised for her family background, but in a few days, she had become a princess.

It was as though she had a cheat in her life. How could she not be impressive?

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