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Chapter: 1469

How Embarrassing

Without giving anyone a chance to refute, he pushed his chair away and walked out of the conference room.

The higher-ups looked at each other and shook their heads.

"How is this a meeting? He’s simply giving orders!"

"It wasn’t easy for her to shake off the Yuan Corporation, but now she’s rushing to stick to them! What a disgrace!"

"Whoever gets involved with the Yuan family is really unlucky! If the Bo Consortium can really get involved with the Yuan Consortium again, hmph, he won’t be able to last long either! Old Master is getting more muddle-headed as he gets older!"

After the senior executive finished speaking, he picked up the document and left the conference room with a cold expression.

The others got up and left.

"The Bo Consortium is in chaos now!"

"What’s going on?"

"This Yuan Sichun is really a jinx! Not only did she harm the Yuan family, but she also harmed the Bo Consortium."

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When Yuan Zhengchong brought Yuan Sichun and Yuan Muchun back to the country, he was in high spirits.

Regardless of whether CEO Shen was the real granddaughter of the Queen of Country Y, it was human nature. Ye Jingyun and her daughters had been by the Queen’s side for so many years.

There was no reason for him to chase away his adopted daughter who had accompanied him for more than thirty years after finding his real daughter and granddaughter.


As long as Princess Ava was still a princess and her family’s Ye Corporation was still around, she could help the Yuan Corporation at critical moments.


The news from two days ago explained everything.

With the full support of the Ye Corporation, there were no changes to the Yuan Corporation’s project.

This was great news for the Yuan family.

As long as they clinched this project, the Yuan family could still take a huge step forward.

The reason why most people were enjoying the show was because the Yuan Corporation used to be proud of itself. It thought that it could suppress Shen Fanxing’s family and the power behind her. Now, it had become a huge joke.

On the other hand, the Bo Consortium had always been wary of the Old Master or had taken a fancy to the Yuan family and Princess Ava. They disliked Shen Fanxing and reality had slapped them hard.

Not only that, but his favorite grandson had also left the Bo Consortium and expressed his stand with the Bo Consortium by saying that he would do his best to annihilate them.

After that, he…

There had been no news for two days.

"CEO Yuan, can you reveal how much the Ye Corporation has invested in this project?"

"When will the funds arrive? Can the project really start as scheduled?"

These two questions made Yuan Zhengchong smile in front of the media.

"I really have to thank the Ye Corporation for their generosity for this project. You have to know that 20 billion yuan is not a small sum. If there are no accidents, 20 billion yuan will be transferred to our account in two days. Thank you for your attention on our Yuan Corporation. I hope that we will have deeper cooperation in the near future."

If a company needed publicity, it naturally had to do with the media.

This was a mutually beneficial matter, so the media was naturally delighted.

But now… 20 billion yuan had arrived within a few days. The Ye Corporation was really rich.


Twenty billion…

Compared to the high-spirited smile on Yuan Zhengchong’s face, he should indeed be happy.

Turning to look at Yuan Sichun, the reporters pursed their lips. But no matter what, the whole world probably knew that this woman had gone crazy at the international banquet.

It was a disgrace to the people in the country. It was extremely smelly. They really had nothing to say to her.

The attitude and expressions of the media made the extremely sensitive Yuan Sichun burn with anger. Her face was so ferocious that she couldn’t bear to look at them.

Ye Zhiqing pushed aside the reporters and walked to Yuan Zhengchong’s side. She held his arm.

"You’re finally back!"

Yuan Zhengchong glanced at her and asked in a low voice, "What’s wrong?"

Ye Zhiqing had a polite smile on her face as she glanced at Yuan Muchun behind her. She smiled and whispered to Yuan Zhengchong,

"I just received a call from Old Madam Qin. Coincidentally, you’re all back. Coincidentally, it’s his precious grandson’s birthday today. She invited us over now!"

Yuan Zhengchong turned to look at his second daughter, who was standing behind him. He didn’t say anything.

At that moment, Yuan Muchun felt a little relieved.

However, this relief did not last long. When they walked out of the airport and avoided the reporters, Yuan Zhengchong said to her,

"Did you gain anything from Country Y this time?"

Yuan Muchun’s heart turned cold.

"What gains?"

Yuan Sichun laughed softly at the side and said, "What do you mean by gain? Muqing, why are you pretending to be a fool? Of course I’m talking about a man. He’s giving you a chance. If you have a suitable husband in Country Y, we naturally don’t have to attend Young Master Qin’s birthday party today."

Yuan Muchun looked at Yuan Zhengchong and asked calmly, "Is that what you mean?"

Yuan Zhengchong was very dissatisfied with her cold attitude. He frowned and said, "I specially reminded you in Country Y…"

"Ha…" Yuan Muchun sneered. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "With an embarrassing sister, which man would be willing to build a relationship with the Yuan family?"


"So the daughter of the Yuan family can only marry a fool!"


Yuan Muchun sneered and interrupted Yuan Zhengchong’s anger that was about to erupt. She also ignored Ye Zhiqing and Yuan Sichun’s sharp gazes.

She walked towards the parking lot.

"Stop! Where are you going?!"

Yuan Zhengchong’s angry roar sounded behind him, and Yuan Muchun responded with a sneer!

"Of course I want to attend Young Master Qin’s birthday party."

The muscles on Yuan Zhengchong’s face twitched. He didn’t know if he should be happy or angry.

Ye Zhiqing saw that Yuan Zhengchong was obviously affected by Yuan Muchun’s words and immediately said,

"Alright, Old Lady Qin is still waiting for us. Why are you angry with her now? Let’s go…"

Ever since the news came out, the Yuan Corporation’s shares were slowly rising.

Compared to the daily drop, this trend was very good.

The Yuan Corporation’s situation gradually improved, so at Young Master Qin’s birthday banquet, Yuan Zhengchong naturally became the focus of attention.

Old Lady Qin specially received them and introduced her precious grandson, Qin Zhixuan.

Ye Zhiqing pushed Yuan Muchun in front and smiled.

"This is my second daughter, Yuan Muchun. Muchun, greet Old Lady Qin and Young Master Qin."

Yuan Muchun pursed her lips and pulled her arm back.

She looked up at Qin Zhixuan, who chuckled at her, his eyes full of silliness.

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