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Chapter: 551

A Cold Light That Could Destroy Everything

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Fan Ruyun’s violin had already switched to "Aria on the G-string". This was a very romantic proposal song.


"Marry him—

"Marry him—"

"Marry him—

Everyone clapped rhythmically and urged Shen Qianrou to agree to Su Heng’s request.

Shen Qianrou was agitated and tears streamed down her face. Her hand slipped from her lips and landed on her chest.

She closed her eyes and nodded vigorously. "I agree!"

Su Heng’s tensed expression relaxed. He held Shen Qianrou’s hand and slipped the 90 million yuan ring onto her slender and fair ring finger.


The entire venue was filled with screams and enthusiastic applause.

Shen Qianrou grabbed Su Heng’s hand and pulled him up from the ground.

She looked at the man with tears and laughter.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

"Give me a kiss!"

At this moment, there was no lack of onlookers. Amidst the commotion, Su Heng wrapped his arm around Shen Qianrou’s slender waist and bent down to kiss her.

Shen Qianrou tilted her head slightly to welcome Su Heng’s kiss. Her gaze traveled past Su Heng’s shoulder and landed on Shen Fanxing.

‘The smugness in her eyes was obvious.

Shen Fanxing met Shen Qianrou’s gaze coldly, her expression cold.

She stared into Shen Qianrou’s eyes for a long time. There was an extreme coldness in the depths of her eyes. It was a coldness that could destroy everything.

Shen Qianrou.

Su Heng.

Let’s see how long your romantic love can last.

Her eyes flickered and the coldness in her eyes changed. Her lips curled into a mocking smile as she raised her hands and clapped under Shen Qianrou’s gaze.

Shen Qianrou frowned, feeling uneasy by Shen Fanxing’s indifference and sarcasm.

The long kiss gave the reporters enough time to witness this unexpected proposal.

Charity dinner, expensive ring, My-Queen!

Shen Qianrou had undoubtedly become the most eye-catching queen tonight.

Because of the commotion tonight, their engagement party tomorrow would definitely be watched by everyone.

At this moment, Fan Ruyun’s violin gradually fell. She walked gracefully towards the two of them.

He went forward and gave Shen Qianrou a gentle hug.

Then, she said, "Congratulations, Qianrou. You’ve married love!"

Shen Qianrou was touched. "Thank you."

Fan Ruyun smiled lightly and said to Su Heng, "Congratulations, Young Master Su, for marrying love."

Su Heng looked at Shen Qianrou and smiled gently.

Fan Ruyun watched as the two of them exchanged glances affectionately. She glanced at Shen Fanxing and raised her chin proudly.

"If you fall in love with two people at the same time, please choose the second one. Because if you really love the first one, you won’t fall in love with the second one. There’s no first-come-first-serve in love, nor is there a logical theorem. It’s fine as long as two people are happy. Young Master Su,

Qianrou, you have to be happy forever!"

Fan Ruyun’s words seemed like a sincere blessing, but it also reminded everyone of Shen Fanxing’s embarrassing existence.

"Oh my god, he’s proposing in front of his ex-fiancée. This…"

"That’s nothing. Didn’t the two of them confront each other when they were bidding for the ring just now?"

"I suddenly feel sorry for my ex-fiancée…"

Su Heng’s expression changed and he turned to look at Shen Fanxing.

She sat there with a faint smile, ignoring the discussions around her.

There was an expression in his cold eyes that he had never seen before.

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