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Chapter: 553

Not Worthy of It

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Go ahead. Do whatever you want."

Shen Fanxing gave him a faint smile before standing up and walking towards the stage.

"Give me ‘Only’!"

Standing on stage, Shen Fanxing said bluntly.

"Only?" The host was puzzled and Shen Fanxing glared at him coldly.

Startled, the host took two steps back. When he saw Shen Fanxing staring at the bottle of perfume on the counter, he reacted instantly.

"But this…"

This was something that Mr. Bo had just won with 200 million yuan!

How could he give it to her so easily?

However, the auctioneer handed the perfume over first.

Shen Fanxing took it and smelled it.

Then, her lips curled into a faint smile.

When others saw her actions, they felt their hearts ache.

There was definitely some alcohol in the perfume, and it evaporated very quickly!

Moreover, this perfume was worth 200 million yuan!

Every second was filled with money!

This kind of thing should be sealed properly and kept as a work of art.

However, Shen Fanxing didn’t close the lid. Instead, she raised the bottle of perfume and said to the audience,

"This bottle of Only is said to be… the work of Star, who won the championship in the first International Fragrance Competition. There’s only one bottle in the world, right?"

The audience agreed.

Shen Fanxing nodded and looked at Su Heng. "Star’s work should be many times better than Rosanna’s, right? At the very least, in terms of reputation, Rosanna can’t compare to Star! In terms of reputation, I believe that between Star and Rosanna, there should be more customers who favor Star! Young

Master Su, don’t you think so?"

Su Heng frowned and nodded without hesitation. "Star is the champion of the International Fragrance Competition after all. Rosanna is only in fourth place, so there’s still a gap. In all aspects, Rosanna can’t compare to Star."

Shen Fanxing sneered and raised an eyebrow. "Remember what you said today."

Su Heng frowned, not knowing what Shen Fanxing wanted.

Shen Fanxing ignored him and shifted her gaze to Shen Qianrou.

"Do you admire Star a lot?"

Shen Qianrou didn’t say anything. Instead, the woman beside her said unhappily,

"Aren’t you spouting nonsense? You clearly know that Qianrou likes it, but you insist on snatching it!"

Shen Fanxing smirked and said, "That’s right! I was the one who wanted it. The reason… is because she likes it. But more importantly, I don’t think she’s worthy!"

Every word was powerful!

Even the echoes echoing throughout the venue were exceptionally clear!

Shen Qianrou’s face turned pale as she gritted her teeth and glared at Shen Fanxing.

The supporters exploded!

"What do you mean?"

"You’re too much of a bully. You’re blatantly mocking Qianrou!"

Shen Fanxing smiled and asked, "Is this sarcasm?"

Then, he turned to Shen Qianrou and asked, "You can’t take such sarcasm?"

She suddenly smiled again!

‘What happened next made everyone gasp in shock!

"Oh my god!"


"He must be crazy…"

Not long after Shen Fanxing finished speaking, her hand that was holding the perfume bottle fell and smashed the bottle worth 200 million yuan to the ground.

Aunique fragrance instantly filled the air!

It floated into everyone’s noses!

That fragrance was something they had never smelled before!

With a bang, it hit everyone’s hearts!

Shen Qianrou’s head throbbed violently because of the crisp sound.

Humiliation filled his entire body.

"Tll smash the monthly votes today to make the rankings better! Are you satisfied?"

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