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Chapter: 555

Have You vented your anger

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Bo Jinchuan finally frowned.

"You’re too curious!"

Pei Yunze smirked and stared at Shen Fanxing thoughtfully.

"But… this 200 million yuan perfume… is gone just like that?"

No one knew who suddenly said this, but everyone fell silent for a few seconds and gasped again.

That’s right, the perfume that Shen Fanxing had just smashed was worth 200 million yuan!

And it wasn’t even hers!

‘What was even more terrifying was that the owner of the Bo Consortium had just bid for it.

She didn’t even get permission and… smashed it?

Shen Qianrou was so angry that her head was spinning. She only hoped that Shen Fanxing could disappear from her sight.

"Brother Heng…"

She didn’t want to stay any longer. She grabbed Su Heng’s hand and was about to leave when she heard this.

She looked up slightly, her pale face filled with anticipation.

She had ruined the Bo Consortium’s perfume and it was worth 200 million yuan. So what if they had a private relationship?

She had already embarrassed Bo Jinchuan twice tonight. There was a limit to one’s patience!

She could do it again and again, but not again.

Ordinary people wouldn’t do such a thing, let alone the rumored cold and unpredictable Bo Jinchuan.

She had embarrassed herself tonight. She wanted to see how Shen Fanxing would end up after offending Bo Jinchuan repeatedly.

She retracted her grip on Su Heng’s arm and glared at Shen Fanxing viciously. She was anticipating what she would face next.

Seeing this, Fan Ruyun immediately shouted,

"Shen Fanxing, you might have acted arrogantly, but have you ever thought that CEO Bo spent 200 million yuan to bid for it? Have you thought of how to retum it to him?"

Seeing this, Shen Fanxing raised an eyebrow and turned to look at Bo Jinchuan.

The seats were already in a mess. Many people had moved from the back row to the front row to smell the perfume that Shen Fanxing had smashed.

Many people tumed to look at Bo Jinchuan.

Bo Jinchuan sat there with his long legs crossed. His black suit was pressed neatly, and his arms were casually placed on both sides of the chair. The cuffs of his white shirt reflected a dazzling luster, revealing his well-defined wrist.

He sat there silently, exuding a mature elegance.

Everyone held their breaths as they waited for Bo Jinchuan’s next move.

The organizer rushed out from backstage with a handkerchief in his trembling hand.

"Mr. Bo, this, this…"

Bo Jinchuan looked up slowly and the organizer broke out in a cold sweat.

Bo Jinchuan’s gaze swept past him and landed on Shen Fanxing’s face.

"Have you vented your anger?"

Shen Fanxing’s eyes flickered and her voice was clear.

"Tm fine."

‘The huge venue fell into silence for a long time.

‘The unique fragrance in the air made Shen Fanxing look even more ridiculous.


No one could help but laugh softly.

"Idiot, a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water… Are you giving up?"

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