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Chapter: 2580

"Smelly boy, what do you mean? I'm leaving now."

"Without me taking you across the eternal sea, you want to return is a dream."

"Come back, we're talking."

The black boss has understood that the current ancient famine is no longer the ancient famine in the dead ruins. He has experienced too much and found too many memories. He is also unwilling to believe in any life.

"Black boss, there's nothing to talk about."

"If I want to go, I don't have to cross the eternal sea."

"I've cut off everything in the past. I'm no longer a member of the ancient family of the thirteen realms. Now I'm a living creature and a pathfinder of Zhuxia civilization."

"If you really want to count, I don't owe you anything. In the first war, I sent you to the place of eternal destruction to avoid disaster and let you escape the risk of falling."

"You want to continue the old era. That's your business. I won't participate anymore. My strength will only fight for those who believe in me."

"Even if you're the black boss, you've never trusted me unconditionally. You've always kept your hand and always had a variety of layouts."

"Farewell, I hope to see you again tomorrow. You and I don't want to be enemies."

Gu Huang's eyes are filled with a bit of sympathy. Now he has mastered 33 new roads, six reincarnations and four heavenly pillars, opening up the long river of Hongmeng. His own combat effectiveness can be crushed even if the ceiling is broken.

We have established a humane heaven!

All conditions have been met. It's time to return to the long river of history and go to the war of the six ways to witness everything in the past.

"Gu Huang, you stinky boy, can't cure you, can you?"

"Break up again. Every time you want to break up, you must have mastered enough cards."

"The devil without big black bricks in hand is incomplete and unreliable."

"Without my help, how can you shoot black bricks behind your back and rob them?"

"Come on, take me with you."

Big black brick suddenly realized that this boy must have mastered some terrible cards, otherwise he would never be so confident.

"No, you are doomed to decay with the old era. Now I don't need to beat bricks behind my back. I just need to kill on the front."

"Black boss, you are the guardian of the Lord's long history. Defend the law well. Life is what you have to do. We sentient beings will bother you."

"Hurry back to your own master, or when I find your master, he may be killed by me."

"Trust! When you plan on me, we are doomed to this result. If you trust me more, you won't get to where you are today."

"Terrans sacrifice heaven and earth, and heaven and earth do not care. Terrans worship ghosts and gods, and ghosts and gods do not have mercy, so Terrans can only rely on themselves."

"Black boss, you haven't been with me for two days. If you believe more in me and our civilization, you won't be so lonely now."

"When you decide to protect the fate of the little bitch, I already know that you still favor the law of life after all."

"Well, there's enough nonsense. Don't say goodbye!"

After that, the ancient wasteland disappeared. When it appeared again, it had emerged before the dark sea, almost endless, and there was no edge at all.

"Brother Gu, wait!"

"Under the crown of the devil, please wait!"

"Under the crown, please wait!"

"Under the crown, stay, stay!"

At this moment, I saw hundreds of streamers coming, impressively the original dark and hundreds of broken extremely strong ones, of which the lowest is broken extremely four environments, and the strongest is broken extremely nine environments.

"What can I do for you guys?" Gu Huang pretends to be confused with understanding. Naturally, these guys want to cross the eternal sea with themselves.

"Brother Gu, we'll go with you. Please take us across the sea of eternal destruction."

"Most of us died in the war between the old and new eras. We want to cross back and save our respective civilizations."

"As long as you are willing to take us back, we are willing to fight for you, and our civilization is willing to be loyal to you."

The original dark represents hundreds of broken poles, because this is the only chance to go back. The demon king has enough life crystals in his hands.


"If you really believe me, you're not afraid that I'll kill you all on the way."

"Don't expect me to have much kindness. The king will really kill you."

"You should also know that you have been completely silenced in all the time lines outside. Even if I kill you, I won't be contaminated with any cause and effect."

"Besides, you still can't change the outcome when you go back. I'm a member of all sentient beings. Almost half of you are law life. I'm born against you."

"So, you dare to follow."

The ancient wasteland stood with a negative hand, and his eyes were filled with a bit of ferocity and Sen Leng. He released the killing opportunity without concealment. If hundreds of broken poles were killed, the crystallization of spirituality and law alone could accelerate the growth of the humanitarian heaven.

"Brother Gu, you won't!"

"Killing us won't do you any good."

"When we go out, we can fight for you and solve many problems for you."

"We come from different eras in the long history of the Lord. Each of us is a nine level civilization."

"You need us, and we also need you. As beings, you have embarked on an unprecedented path."

"If you really want to kill me, I'd rather die on the road of return than be a prisoner here."

The original dark is also completely open-minded. I deeply know what these things mean? There are infinite possibilities in the demon king.

"If you are not afraid of death, then follow up!"

"My ugly words are ahead of me. Don't expect me to help you."

"Whether you can cross the sea of eternal destruction depends on your own ability."

"After all, I don't owe you anything?"

After all, the ancient wasteland stepped into the dark sea and walked against the water. It was obvious that the dark sea was swallowing the spirit. However, the gray power of the ancient wasteland emerged, and the limitless power directly cut off the power of the dark sea. He did not come after immortality, but came in his real body

"Under the crown of the devil, you said you would help us. Now why do you go back on your word?"

"Demon king, you have so many life crystals in your hands. As long as everyone has one, we can cross."

"Devil of the world, you shameless villain!"

One by one, the broken pole began to scold, and the urgent thing was to jump straight. Who would have thought that the devil would change his mind if he said to change his mind.

"Gentlemen, I only said that you might need my help, but I didn't say I would help you."

"I have no grudge against you, so I have no obligation to help you."

"Life Spirit Crystal, I do have it, but why should I give you this group of law life."

"Do you beings who are high above even beg to me?"

Gu Huang, with a light smile on his face, stepped towards the depths of the eternal sea

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