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Chapter: 2581

The original dark and hundreds of broken poles can only watch the ancient wilderness leave. No one dares to catch up. After all, how dangerous the eternal sea is. Without the help of the ancient wilderness, they have no confidence to cross the past.

Not to mention how many unnamed things are hidden below, that is, their own spirituality is not enough to support and can fully support to the end.

The eternal sea has never been crossed by anyone.

"Destiny girl, my deal with you is over."

"The devil has gone, and he has come to this step after all, although I had expected it long ago."

"Sentient beings and innate creatures are innate hostility. There is no right or wrong."

"Everything is meaningless, and I should continue to sleep."

The big black brick and the beautiful woman with silver hair also came to the edge of the eternal sea, and saw the ancient wasteland floating away. The big black brick finally sank and sighed.

"Elder, what kind of beings is he?"

Looking at the disappearing figure of ancient wasteland, the beautiful woman with silver hair was surprised to find that her hatred had been eliminated a lot. She didn't want to break it up like before.

"He! A despicable, vicious and cunning fellow who can do anything. This is the impression of his enemies."

"But it's also a strange guy who has feelings and righteousness, who can remember eternal life even if it's a casual help."

"It's very contradictory, isn't it? The human race has always been such a contradiction. It is more multifaceted. There is nothing wrong with standing in the position of innate beings, and there is nothing wrong with standing in his position."

"The innate beings are afraid of being replaced by the sentient beings, so they try their best to suppress the sentient beings, and the sentient beings are just like the leek being continuously harvested, and countless sentient beings and civilizations are extinct."

"But the more he harvests, the more he wants to resist. Even if he is beaten into the end of the law, he will try his best to get rid of it."

"Destiny girl, have you ever thought of a spirit who can climb out of the dead ruins and push it all the way to the long river of history? No one can kill such a guy if he wants to."

"In the past, he would try his best to take away hundreds of broken poles, but now he doesn't even look at it, which is enough to prove that he has more power in his hands."

After that, the figure of the big black brick disappeared at the end of the universe. No one knows where to go. As the first instrument in the long river of history, it naturally has an unknown secret.

The beautiful woman with silver hair was very disappointed. Looking at the ancient wasteland that was on the road alone and gradually disappeared, the guy who once wanted to cut it thousands of times has reached a level stronger than them.

The land of eternal destruction, the depths of the virtual abyss.

A big black brick slowly emerged. Not long after that, another figure loomed out. When one person met one brick, they all gave out a long lost cheap laughter.

"Wild boy, how's my acting?"

"Black boss, do you still need to say? A good movie emperor on earth."

"Wild boy, now all creatures think you've run away. What's your plan next?"

"Black boss, you know..."

"Wild boy, make it clear. Don't talk about it. It's still like this for many years."

"Black boss, since they are all gone forever, they will be gone forever. Why break free? As the first weapon in the long history of the Lord, you should know how much impact these things will have on the long history of the Lord, so you don't want to shoot."

"Wild boy, you mean to kill them all. Don't underestimate the place that will never die! There are many old Yin objects hidden in this place in the last long history."

"Black boss, if you go missing collectively, it will certainly attract people's attention. You and I cooperate and hide the black hand. How many can block a brick? Breaking is no better than dominating. You can kill a large area. You need to refine it slowly."

"Wild boy, you have to sacrifice and refine all these hundreds of broken poles..."

"The black boss, of course, is to make all the sacrifices clean. They won't die clean. I'm not calm all the time. It's a great disaster to go out."

"Wild boy, let's do it! Our cooperation is invincible in the world, but this ticket is finished, the war between the old and new eras..."

"Black boss, you can talk about anything, except this. I didn't manifest in the long river of the main history, so the long river of the main history didn't give me any gifts. Your friendship with me is also a private one. What I can guarantee is that if the long river of history is broken, your black boss will never die. This is the bottom line I can do."

"Wild boy, I'm satisfied with your words."

"Black boss, recover first and go to work soon."

Of course, the ancient wasteland did not leave the place of eternal extinction. It was just an illusion to hide people's ears and eyes. Hundreds of broken poles were the best resources that could make the six samsara and the four holy worlds change qualitatively.

With the friendship of one person and one brick, how can it be said that the face will turn around? Everything is just acting for others. As for who to show, only God knows. Anyway, the land of eternal destruction must be flat.

As time flies, the next extraordinary universe has unknowingly passed for thousands of years, and 98 broken mysteries have disappeared.

In the whole extraordinary universe, the existence of the broken pole state is only fate and the original darkness. Since the first broken pole disappeared, the two have stayed together for fear of being killed alone.

"Fate, the extraordinary universe, there are only you and me."

"Hundreds of broken poles disappear one after another. Who is hunting?"

"Will it be the first device..."

Yuanyin was very frightened. He spent thousands of years in anxiety and horror. He was afraid that he would find himself next, but he disappeared one by one, leaving only fear in his heart.


"If he wants to kill us, he will never wait until now."

"This despicable means is very much like the devil."

"I don't think he's gone at all. He's still dead."

"The king of all ages died violently. He can't let go of hundreds of broken poles."

The fate is full of anxiety and horror. Although it is clearly known that it was done by the demon king, it is powerless to stop it. Ninety eight broken poles died in the millennium. It is clear that they will hunt one by one, and it will be their turn in the end.

The devil of the mixed world has always been a vengeance.

I should have thought of it. I'm really naive.

"Fate, what now? If it's really him, it's our turn next."

"We have already died forever. Do we have to go through it again?"

"Not reconciled!"

Yuan dark's eyes are full of helplessness. They can't hide. They have to beware of being tired all the time. It really makes them despair

"There's nothing to be reconciled to!"

"The original dark and fate, now it's your turn."

"After living a thousand more years, you should be satisfied."

"Now it's time for you to end."

A dark curtain emerged, directly involving the original darkness and fate. At the same time, a cigarette end contaminated with Mars fell, and the whole extraordinary universe burst open in an instant, representing the first sequence of power flames sweeping the whole universe

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