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Chapter: 2582

"Madman, you madman!"

"The devil of the world, you did it. You didn't intend to let us go from the beginning."

In the darkness, the beautiful woman with silver hair really panicked. Even though she knew it was done in the past, she was still afraid when it really appeared in front of her.

"You're right. I can't keep you alive. Don't I kill you and take you out, so I'll block you up at that time?"

"Destiny, as the supreme manifestation of you, has been hostile to all sentient beings from the beginning."

"Everything experienced on each timeline will cause all kinds of situations today. If you don't kill me, who will die if you don't die?"

"Hundreds of broken poles, kings of thousands of eras, your strength will only make my sentient beings stronger. I don't care how to fight in the new and old eras."

"I will open the era of all living beings. It's your turn to die."

"Hongmeng Tower!"

"The Great Wall!"

With the call of ancient famine, an ancient war tower and a huge city wall emerge. One as the tool of Hongmeng River and the other as the tool of Zhuxia civilization will extract the origin of destiny. This is the endless power of destiny in charge of the universe of the heavens and the long river of history, and Hongmeng river is lack of destiny.


"Demon king, you can't kill me!"

"I will be loyal to you!"

The beautiful woman with silver hair was frightened. She felt the power to kill everything from the Hongmeng tower and the Great Wall. They held the power to destroy all the supreme manifestations in the long river of the Lord's history.

"You don't deserve it!"

Gu Huang raised his hand and the Great Wall suppressed his fate. Hongmeng tower extracted all the spirit and immediately returned to nothingness. If the great wall and Hongmeng tower had been destroyed a thousand years ago, it would never have been possible.

But after killing the kings of all ages and crushing hundreds of broken poles, the two powerful defensive weapons of Hongmeng tower and the Great Wall have reached an extremely terrible level.

Kill one by one under the broken extreme six.

"Wild boy, these two tools are amazing!"

"No, this tower has a long history. What did you do?"

"How many secrets do you have to hide from me?"

When the black boss town killed yuan dark, it also came out. When he felt the breath of the long history on the Hongmeng tower, even the black boss was shocked.

"Black boss, there are many creatures killed. Naturally, it is stained with the breath of the long river of history."

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. When did you become so suspicious?"

"The king joins hands with you, and the world can go. Now the broken pole of the eternal land has been killed."

"It's time for us to return. Are you going to the era battlefield in the future or return to six battlefields with me."

Gu Huang knows that the black boss is a powerful thug. If the black boss is in hand, he will be able to wipe out the six forces. Now it will be the revenge war of Zhuxia civilization.

"Wild boy, don't pretend. You have something to hide from me!"

"I know you too well. I have drawn hundreds of broken spirits, but the power belongs to you."

"Where are these pure laws, mysteries, truth, authority, the power of sequence?"

"Stop pretending. Let me see it quickly. Brother, it's not interesting if you hide it from me."

The big black brick is very clear that there is definitely a huge secret hidden in the ancient wasteland, and the big screen can't even explore the end. If there is no ghost, there is a ghost.

"Black boss, there's nothing to see. Our way is doomed to be different."

"But I will never break my promise."

"If one day God can't get along with the long history, come to me."

"But if you want me to go to the era battlefield and become the flag bearer of the old era, I will never agree."

"Brothers have a fight, but each has its own way. I will continue to find a way for all sentient beings."

The ancient wasteland stands with a negative hand. It is impossible to show the six and four holy worlds to the black boss. The black boss has a master and the Lord of the long river of history. One day, it will appear. This is a war between the old and new eras. All creatures can't even count as chess pieces. Once more secrets are exposed, they will be involved and can't get out at all.

"Wild boy, if you don't want to say, I won't force you."

"The six way war is the most crucial war in the long history of the Lord. I know you always bear it in mind."

"But you should know that the person who destroys the six reincarnations is the thirteen realms in the future. If you come to the source, it will inevitably have an irreversible impact on the future."

"So when you return to the war of the six ways, you will be blocked by the thirteen realms. What are you going to do?"

Big black brick doesn't need to taboo these secrets. It can be said recklessly in the place of eternal destruction.

"Black boss, you don't think I'm going to save the six samsara!"

"I've died in the six way war once, and my fate with the six ways has ended."

"I'm just going to witness one thing. When I fight to the last minute, I summon the spirits of the six ways..."

"Why didn't the spirit respond to me? Even he would rather break himself than give me a little help."

"Someone told me that the spirit of liudao is red Ling. If it is red Ling, she can't die..."

"So I have to find out."

Gu Huang stands with a negative hand. Naturally, he has been thinking about this matter. If the spirit of the six ways is really red Ling, what difficulties must red Ling have, or does he want to adopt such a method? Let yourself return to witness what secret?

"I've heard a little about it, but I can't say it."

"I can only tell you that what you see is not necessarily the truth."

"Wild boy, I hope that day in your mouth will never come."

"If it does come, remember, don't come."

"Let's go! It's time for us to return."

The big black brick flies out of the sky. After all, it is the day of separation. Even if there is more reluctance to give up, they must leave. Their road is different after all!

"Black boss, take care!"

"Help me bring a message to the bastards of the thirteen realms!"

"The king will liquidate the past all the way from the upper reaches of the long river of history."

At this moment, the ancient wasteland and the big black brick set foot on the sea of eternal extinction. The strong smell of one brick per person deterred the four sides. All the monsters under the sea of eternal extinction had long hidden no trace.

The sea of eternal extinction is boundless, but it still has an end after all. I don't know how many years it has crossed, and one brick by one has finally crossed the end.


The first mock exam was made by the big black brick, which exposed the barrier at the end, revealing a dark crack, and did not know where the source was. It was like a brick and a brick. When the cracks were about to come into contact, numerous vague shadows emerged. But they were waved by the ancient barren to burn out a flame, and no one could blurt out the dark shadows.

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