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Chapter: 2583

The main river of history.

The big black brick goes towards the downstream at a certain time, but the ancient wasteland goes up against the time. The shallow golden footprints are intertwined on the river. No matter how the surging waves are, it is always difficult to shake the ancient wasteland.

Does anyone know where the ancient wilderness is?

Under the long river, there are many strong civilizations sleeping. However, when the ancient wasteland set foot in the area under their control, they all chose silence.

The evil name of the ancient wilderness has shocked the heavens and the universe. Just bringing out the eternal star sky that will die has transmitted the heavens and the universe, but no one knows where the eternal star sky has gone?

There is no residue left in the killing of yongdark continent, and the historical recorder is also killed by the town.

Those who break the extreme state can fall out. Come on, this murderer!

As long as he doesn't do anything, the area he set foot in will be calm.

At a certain moment, the ancient wasteland stopped in an extremely frenzied and turbulent area of the long river of time, and its figure fell under the long river, which came to the extremely ancient and dark continent.

Leize, incomparably vast thunder, galloping for hundreds of millions of time.

The figure of Gu Huang set foot in it. All the way, he stepped into the most central area and saw the huge body of the half man and half dragon.

For a moment, the huge corpse of half man and half dragon trembled, and suddenly opened his eyes. The golden vertical pupil was full of sacred and inviolable majesty and antiquity.

"Old ancestor, you are awake at last!"

"Come and taste the wine from the earth."

Guhuang directly put forward two jars of wine and directly sent it to Thor. This is also a law of life, but it is true that the creators of countless races are also a very few ancient gods who have mercy on all living beings.

"Smelly boy, where have you been? Why can't I feel your breath?"

"Also, I can't see through your rank."

"Where are the eternal stars? Where did your boy take you?"

Thor was surprised to find that today's ancient wasteland was not afraid of his authority. This was in a state of awakening. You know, when he first came, the boy couldn't bear a thought. Now he can look at each other equally.

"Hey, hey! Old ancestor, you always guess."

Gu Huang opened the seal directly, and a very peaceful smile hung around his mouth.

"Smelly boy, say it quickly!"

Thor couldn't help it, because he was really curious. The smelly boy last appeared in a long river of diversion, and seemed to be scared away by the manifestation of the five supreme.

"Ancestors, it's not too late to talk about these things later. Today is to ask you to make room?"

"You can sleep as long as you want. The key is to be quiet and no one dares to disturb."

"How, whether to go or not."

Gu Huang looked at Thor with a smile. He had to cheat his ancestors first. Then it was too late for him to run. Hongmeng was still very weak and needed the law of origin life, which was also of great benefit to the long river of Hongmeng.

"Smelly boy, there are such good things!"

"You are so unprofitable that you can't get up early. Something good will think of me."

"I'm afraid you're playing tricks again!"

Thor doesn't believe it. After all, this smelly boy is too deceitful. He knew what he was going to do once he thought about it? I can't see through it now.

"Old ancestor, look what you said. Is that the impression I have in your mind?"

"In a word, whether to go or not!"

"Say in advance, if you don't go, don't regret it!"

"Now that you are old, you are still the ancestor of the proper Zhuxia civilization and the star spirit civilization."

"But if after a while, although you are still an ancestor, you won't have the face to call it."

Gu Huang is completely mysterious. If he makes it clear, he will set a trap for Thor. Anyway, he cheated first. When he reaches the Hongmeng River, he can't go if he wants to.

"Smelly boy, don't do this!"

"It's good here. I'll sleep here."

"Believe you, I'm really wrong."

Thor doesn't believe it, but he can't help but want to explore. After all, this boy is always deceitful!

"Old ancestor, finally ask you, really don't you go?"

"You don't want to know what the Xingling clan is like now, how many broken poles have been born and how many masters there are."

"If you don't go, I'll go. I'm going to the era of the six way war."

"Once I go to fetch the three emperors and five emperors back, the ancestors of the Terran will have nothing to do with you."

"If I don't go, I'll really go!"

Gu Huang was still smiling and drank the wine in his hand. He slowly stood up and prepared to leave.

"Smelly boy, wait!"

"I'll take a look. If it doesn't suit my mind."

"I will never stay."

Thor is really hard to hide his inner curiosity. Finally, he was persuaded by the ancient famine. In particular, how many masters and broken poles were born in the Xingling family, which is almost unbelievable.

"Old ancestor, walk!"

Gu Huang waved his sleeve, and the dark curtain emerged. He directly came to the six universes and the four heavenly pillars with Thor. Both the holy world and the six ways were extremely quiet.

"How possible!"

"This... This... Smelly boy, what did you do?"

"Damn it, how can there be so much breath of breaking the extreme realm, hundreds of breaking the extreme realm, almost thousands of masters... Tens of thousands of star masters..."

"Smelly boy, you are all beings, all beings! I'm not surprised that you little monster broke the limit and your two daughters-in-law broke the limit."


Thor was shocked and completely speechless. There were so many strong people in the six ways and holy world, enough to fight all the way from the upper reaches of the main historical river to the lower reaches, and even kill through the top of the long river.

There are seven broken poles and seventy or eighty masters in the eternal starry sky alone

"Old ancestor, I went to the place of eternal destruction and came back from it."

"It will destroy thousands of masters and kill hundreds of broken poles."

"They have taken their strength and spirituality, integrated the six ways and the holy world, and are now in a state of deep sleep."

"Once recovered, one tenth of these tens of thousands of stars will be promoted to dominate."

"This is the power of Hongmeng River and will be the beginning of the era of all living beings. If you don't come now, you won't have a chance to come in the future."

"Not every law life has the opportunity to be invited by me to enter the long river of all sentient beings. As the common ancestor of Zhuxia and Xingling, just the faith and willingness of the two civilizations can make you immortal."

"Do you want to sleep in another place now?"

Gu Huang stood with his hands down and a smile on his lips, because he was the Lord of the long river. The stronger the Hongmeng River, the stronger his combat power.


"Smelly boy, I have created hundreds of millions of races in my life, but none of them can match my big bet on you."

"My trust has been rewarded by you."

"Smelly boy, I owe a big favor."

Thor sighed. You know, betting on Gu Huang also took a huge risk, but now this smelly boy

"Ancestor, you always deserve it. How much help your trust is to me."

"It's not your old care. I'm afraid I've already hung up."

"Ancestors, six ways, holy world, Hongmeng River, whatever you choose, go wherever you like."

Gu Huang naturally understands how much pressure the old ancestor has endured, but now he will get rid of the shackles of the long history of the Lord

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