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Chapter: 102

As Shi Xiong said, there is almost no shortage of materials needed to improve this broaching machine. In addition, a few people have high morale, so they plunge in and think about how to improve the broaching machine almost every day.

Lieutenant Ferguson, in particular, has put more effort into this broaching machine than the new rifle.

Hard bone, rabbit mouth, they don't understand the meaning of this broaching machine, but Ferguson knows.

Now the standard rifles used by the soldiers of the British Empire can't keep up with the times. Although the navy of the British Empire is very powerful, the guns of the army are really behind. Not to mention, compared with the rifles of the French, even the rifles used by the Spanish and the German, the standard rifles are a little behind.

As a gun genius, Ferguson does not know the importance of rifling. Unfortunately, rifling is a very difficult job. Although rifling guns have appeared for a long time, they can only be used as auxiliary arms.

But Ferguson knows that muskets are bound to replace muskets!

In terms of effective range and accuracy, muskets are far from comparable to rifles. As long as we can find a more simple way to pull rifling, it is an inevitable trend for rifling gun to replace smoothbore gun, just like flint gun to replace firestring gun.

Second lieutenant Ferguson is very clear that even in Europe, there is no easy way to make rifles. Rifles can only be made by hand and cannot be popularized on a large scale.

However, once the special rifling broaching machine developed at present can be successful, rifling will no longer become a barrier restricting the expansion of rifling gun. If this improved broaching machine can achieve the desired effect, it should not be a big problem for a worker to pull out four to five rifles a day.

Compared with the development of new rifles, the research of broaching machine is more urgent.

Because new rifles can't do without this kind of broaching machine!

Therefore, Ferguson has no hesitation to plunge into the improvement work of this broaching machine.


Now the division of labor among the people in the tribe is very clear, and most of the women are farming. With more than 40 domesticated bison, even women can easily drive Quyuan plow or columbine to open up wasteland.

The results of a large number of domesticated bison soon showed up.

With more than 40 bison and 50 or 60 women, hundreds of acres of wasteland can be opened up in one day, and hundreds of hectares of wasteland can be opened up in a few days. In the end, if the wheat seeds were not gone, this group of excited women could open up more wasteland.

Even a fool can see the role of tame bison and advanced farm tools in this speed of opening up wasteland and sowing.

So much farmland, needless to say, next year's harvest will definitely increase greatly.

More than 60 soldiers in the tribe are divided into six groups. Every day, their task is to catch bison and hunt prey.

However, the continuous capture of bison makes the bison know that it's not easy to mix around the gaoshu tribe. From time to time, bison are captured by those bipedal monsters. If they are still mixing in this area, it's estimated that they will have to be all caught soon.

So the cattle simply start to stay away from the nearby high tree tribe, even if it's hard to find food in other places, it's better than being captured and enslaved by those bipedal monsters!

Cows don't speak, but they are not fools. As herbivores, they are more sensitive to danger.

So now, despite the fact that the tribe sends out many soldiers to capture bison every day, the results are less and less every day. In recent years, six groups of soldiers go out to capture bison together, and sometimes only one bison can be captured one day.

Compared with the despondent soldiers who captured the bison all day long, the people on the other side of Xiaoyan mountain are very prosperous, with happy smiles on their faces.

This kind of smile has not disappeared from the faces of the vasichus since their trading team left.

Now there are almost 200 people who make salt on this side of xiaoyanshan. Except for those who open up wasteland and catch bison, the rest of the tribe are concentrated on this side of xiaoyanshan as long as they can work.

Last time, the salt making team with only 100 people was only busy for seven or eight days, and the salt they made changed all the things they brought back. This is something that never happened in the tribe.

People used to attach great importance to salt, but now almost every family can measure out dozens of Jin of salt every day. Who cares about that.

But these salt in the eyes of those vasichu people is extremely precious materials, with this "worthless" salt exchange vasichu brought those things, the effect is surprisingly good.

People who tasted the sweetness spontaneously came to xiaoyanshan and began to make salt day and night. Because the guardian said that the next time the vasichus come, they will bring a lot of horses in exchange for the salt.

Compared with the iron tools that are no longer needed in the tribe, horses are the favorite things of the tribe.

If the salt you make can be exchanged for a horse, it will be much more convenient no matter what you do in the future.

So now people's enthusiasm for making salt is even higher than the flame in the local blast furnace!

Major hank, however, had just left. The journey from the tribe to Jamestown was more than 600 miles. Even major hank, they were all carriages, but it took at least a month to go back and forth.

The next time major Hank's men come here to make a deal, it will be at least a month and a half later. They also need to organize the exchange of materials, especially precious war horses.

Even the children in the tribe are now in groups, either helping in xiaoyanshan or going out to mow the grass and feed the cattle

So, all of a sudden, the stone bear felt as if he had nothing to do.

The idle stone bear wants to talk to Hongyun, but when he arrives at Hongyun's residence, he finds that she is not there.

He asked an old lady who lived next to the red cloud. She said that kabulu had gone to the tribal warehouse.

When the stone bear found Hongyun in the tribe's warehouse, he found that Hongyun was counting the remaining seeds with several women in the warehouse.

Women in the tribe are the main force of farming, so the storage and quantity of seeds are almost controlled by women leaders in the tribe.

For example, the lack of wheat seeds has aroused the attention of Hongyun. That's why she came to the tribal warehouse to check the amount of seeds stored.

The wooden house of the tribal warehouse is smaller than the Council hall, but there are six such wooden houses, which store all the most important materials of the tribe.

Seeing the red clouds cleaning the seeds, the idle stone bear with a little egg pain wandered around the wooden house. Soon, he was attracted by a basket of food that was not round in the middle of winter.

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