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Chapter: 112

Stone bear found that he really underestimated the North American Indians of this era.

Before, in the eyes of the stone bear, both the gaoshu tribe and other North American Indians were as backward and ignorant as the nomads in ancient northern China. But just now, what happened under Shi Xiong's eyes made him realize that he was wrong before, and that he was very wrong.

It turned out that although the North American Indians in this era were ignorant and backward, they were actually very smart. They were very good at summing up all kinds of experience in life, and recorded this experience in the way of lithography or tying knots, so that future generations could avoid detours.

The trunk of this big oak tree, which has just been stripped completely, absolutely weighs more than 10000 Jin. If the stone bear carries this wood down the mountain, he will be really blind.

However, it took less than two hours for a group of people led by Lao Mu to transport the big wood, which made the stone bear a little helpless, to the bottom of the mountain.

The method is very simple. It's the most primitive rolling wood

When the stone bear felt his chin to figure out how to transport the big wood down the mountain, a group of people, led by the old wood, got a lot of rolling wood two or three meters long and thigh thick. Some of these rolling trees were just taken down from the branches of this big oak tree, while others were carried up from the tribe by the people who came back to the tribe.

These guys first tied one end of the trunk with a rope, then adjusted the direction of the big trunk with great effort, and then put rolling wood under it and began to push. Push a little distance to pad the second and third rolling wood.

Even if the heavy trunk of the big tree pressed some rolling trees into the soft soil, the rolling trees still played their due role.

In this way, when the trunk of the tree rolls faster and faster, it will use inertia to rush down the mountain for a long distance. When the trunk stopped blocked by the soil, a group of people began to repeat the previous work under the command of old wood.

In this way, rolling trees were used one by one, and the trunk, which weighed more than ten thousand jin, was forcibly taken to the foot of the mountain by these people in a way similar to relay

It's not enough to get to the foot of the mountain. There is still a little distance from the tribe. At this time, we can't roll. After all, there is no gap between here and the tribe.

But it's still hard for these people. More than 20 people soon returned to the tribe. When they came back, one of them was holding a tame bison

If the trunk of this big tree is towed by people, it is estimated that it will take at least dozens of holes to drag. But it's not the same with a tame bison. These tall and strong guys are really strong. Twenty bison are tied with long ropes on their towing equipment, and the back is connected with the big tree trunk. Then the twenty bison go forward together, and the big tree trunk is easily pulled.

Moreover, the speed of the Bison's advance was just as fast as that of the tribe's replacement of rolling wood. In this way, it took only a few minutes for the big wood to be transported to the open space in the middle of the tribe.

Then there is the stone bear who is ashamed of his previous thought of looking down upon the backwardness and ignorance of these people.

Through this incident, if anyone dares to say that his people are stupid again, Shi Xiong will promise to stir them up

The trunk of the big tree is here. Everything is easy to say.

Build a shed. That's the first thing.

The location of this tree trunk will be the oil press workshop in the tribe, so a shed or wooden house with large enough area must be built here. At least it can hold the trunk and the cooking equipment around it.

There is no need for Shi Xiong to worry about building a shed or a wooden house, nor for Lao Mu's family to worry about it. Lao mu can lead the people to build a shed or a wooden house by grabbing a younger generation.

The old wood family will do a good "plastic surgery" for this tree stem under the guidance of the stone bear during this period of time

The stone bear wants to use this big tree trunk to make an oil press. That's why it takes so much effort to cast a double person to lift a big saw, cut trees, and get this heavy wood here.

Yes, in the absence of a modern oil press, the stone bear can only use the old wedge oil press used by Chinese ancestors for thousands of years to extract oil.

Stone bear was born in his hometown in 1983. When he was a child and in middle school, he lived in his hometown all the time. In the 1990s, the only oil mill in that small mountain village still used the oldest wedge-shaped oil press to extract oil for the villagers and the surrounding villagers.

And the owner of this oil press shop is the fourth grandfather of stone bear.

So when I was a child, the stone bear played or helped in the oil press. When I was a child, I played there because there were so many leftovers that a group of children could dig holes in it. The most important thing is that the smell of the oil mill is very good, and the stone bear likes it very much.

After middle school, every summer and winter vacation, Shi Xiong would come to the fourth grandfather's oil press to help. At that time, if I helped him for a day, the fourth grandfather would give him two yuan and take care of a meal at noon. This is also a big income for the Shi Xiong family, whose family conditions are not very good

So, the stone bear is very familiar with the wedge-shaped oil press which has been used for hundreds of years in the fourth grandfather's house.

The wedge-shaped oil press of Shixiong's fourth grandfather's house is made of an old Sophora tree trunk which is four meters long and about one meter in diameter.

The tree trunk from the stone bear is a little short, but it's not a big problem. However, this trunk is much thicker than the one used by the fourth grandfather's oil press, so we can make the oil cake cabin bigger at that time.

In fact, the structure of this wedge-shaped oil press is very simple. The pressing body of the whole oil press is the big wooden column; A two-and-a-half-meter-long rectangular groove will be cut on the side of the press body, which is the press bed; A round groove with a diameter of about 70 cm or more can be chiseled in the middle of the press. This round groove is the oil cake tank, and several small holes will be opened under the oil cake tank, which is the oil leakage hole.

The whole press machine is composed of a rectangular extrusion chamber and a circular oil cake chamber.

When the original oil press was used to extract oil, the oil cake compartment was first filled with crushed oil cakes, and then the extrusion compartment on the right side of the oil cake compartment was filled with wood blocks. When the wood blocks and oil cakes are full, and the force of extrusion is strong, the triangular wedge is smashed into the gap of the wood blocks.

As the wedges continue to smash in, those blocks will squeeze more and more tightly. By the way, the oil cakes in the oil cake cabin will also squeeze more and more tightly.

If one wedge is not enough, use two.

When the wedge is smashed in more and more, under the great pressure brought by the block, those oil cakes will start to seep out.

This is the working principle of wedge press. Because the wedge plays a key role in the whole process of oil extraction, the original oil extraction machine is named wedge oil extraction machine

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