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Chapter: 113

Although the structure of wedge type oil press is simple, it is not so easy to turn this big trunk into a qualified wedge type oil press.

To say nothing else, it's a very complicated job just to take out the squeeze tank and the oil cake tank from this tree trunk.

If in the future, all kinds of modern tools are available, you can do whatever you like with this big tree trunk. You can choose 365 postures.

However, in this era, it is not easy for the tall tree tribe, which lacks all kinds of woodworking tools, to take out the squeezing bed from such a big tree trunk.

If the extrusion chamber in the press is rectangular, it's better to say that taking out the round oil cake chamber is a great challenge for the old wood family.

However, laomu is worthy of the title of the first carpenter of gaoshu tribe for decades. After discovering that it is almost impossible to take out a round oil cake cabin from the middle of the tree trunk, laomu's family immediately decided to solve this problem from another aspect.

The main function of the oil cake cabin is to hold the oil cake, and then squeeze out the oil contained in the oil cake through the extrusion force at both ends. Therefore, for the oil cake tank, there is almost no pressure around. The main stress points of the oil cake tank are the two ends of the oil cake tank. These two parts are the most difficult parts.

After making clear the working principle of the whole oil press, old wood took the initiative to seek change.

He suggested sawing the upper part of the oil cake cabin. Anyway, the stress point of the oil cake cabin is not at that position. After sawing, a semicircular oil cake cabin can be pulled out in the lower part of the tree trunk, and a semicircular oil cake cabin can also be pulled out in the upper part of the tree trunk. In this way, when you put the oil cake, open the upper part. After you put the oil cake, cover the upper part and lock it with a thick wooden stick. Then use it as usual.

Anyway, the oil is always dripped from the bottom, but not from the top or the side. This is absolutely no problem.

Shi Xiong agreed to this method, so after five or six days, the oil press was successfully completed.

Although this oil press is not the same as the one in the fourth grandfather's house, the stone bear estimates that the effect is the same.

Now that it's done, the next step is to experiment to see if this oil press can extract oil.

The oil press is placed on solid wooden seats, which are made of logs thick and thin enough to support the heavy wedge oil press.

The reason why this old wedge-shaped oil press uses such a thick tree trunk is that when the oil press is working, the wooden wedge will produce great squeezing force. If you squeeze the body thin, it is very likely to be broken.

That's why this old wedge-shaped oil press is made of very thick tree trunks, in order to prevent them from cracking. After all, the thicker the trunk, the stronger it is.

In the evening of the first day of the experimental oil press, there were many snowflakes in the sky. Although the snow is not as big as the first one, this one is bigger than the first one. The snowflakes floated all night, and still disappeared the next morning.

And look at the sky, the snow is estimated to be at least another day.

The people of the tribe got up early in the morning, first cleaning the snow on their roofs, and then began to clean the snow in the tribe. Finally, after breakfast, they gathered in the oil press.

That's right. This house, which is connected by three wooden houses, has been named "oil press workshop" by stone bear.

The Chinese people are very curious about how this oil press works out the oil. Even Ferguson came to the oil press with a hard bone and a rabbit's mouth. It was too cold and snowy to do the experiment, so Ferguson took a day off.

The tribe's people have not eaten oil, and the fat in the prey will be refined into oil, so the oil is not a rare thing for the people of gaoshu tribe.

But it is rare to be able to extract oil from peanuts.

The stone bear is very happy that so many people have come. It takes a lot of manpower to extract oil. These people who come to see the excitement can just help.

Under the command of the stone bear, the earthen stove, which had been built for a long time, lit the fire. A big iron pot was built on it. There was sand in it and about 100 Jin of shelled peanut kernels.

In order to squeeze peanut oil, the most important process is "one stir frying and two steaming", in which stir frying is the most critical step.

In the past, when the fourth grandfather's house was used to extract oil, most of the villagers in the village used rapeseed to extract oil. At that time, no one was willing to extract oil with peanuts.

But whether it's rapeseed oil or peanut oil, you have to fry it before pressing. When frying vegetable seeds, you don't need to add sand. Just put them directly into the pot. But you have to add sand when frying peanuts. Otherwise, the peanuts will not be cooked even if they are paste on the outside. Only when the sand is added, can the peanut be heated more evenly and for a longer time, and can the peanut be thoroughly fried.

Stone bear took a big shovel and stood on a big stone beside the stove. He began to fry peanut kernel with a shovel.

Peanut kernel must be fried dry, try to fry all the water out, the standard is fragrant but not burnt.

Frying is a very experienced step. Ordinary people can't do this kind of work. They need an experienced master to cook it.

At that time, Shi Xiong could fry rapeseed oil for his fourth grandfather just right, so he was an experienced master, so he had to cook it himself. He is not at ease with other clansmen. He only orders peanuts like this. If they are fried badly, they will be in trouble.

Put out the fire, and then sift through the sand, leaving the fried peanuts.

Then the stone bear called several people, put the fried peanut kernel into the stone mill and began to grind. Taking advantage of this gap, the stone bear began to fry the second pot of peanut kernel.

In this way, the ground peanut kernels will be packed into cotton cloth and put into another steamer for cooking. Once you've got a big pot, fire and start steaming.

After the ground peanut powder is steamed to a certain temperature, the powder is molded by hand and separated by hand, and then the pressed plate can be taken out.

The so-called pressure plate is to make oil cake.

The specific way is to put the right powder into a container made of iron ring and dry thatch, and then compact it.

The iron ring was cast by the stone bear in comparison with the diameter of the oil cake tank. It is a little smaller than the diameter of the oil cake tank, and its width is about 10 cm. Put a bunch of dry thatch in the iron ring, put the right powder into the thatch, cover the growing thatch, and then tamp it with a wooden hammer.

Finally, the powder will form an oil cake wrapped by iron ring and thatch, which will be put into the oil cake cabin together with the iron ring for pressing.

This process is "squeezing".

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