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Chapter: 118

Originally a very good meal, it turned into a teaching performance to learn how to use chopsticks.

At ordinary times, it is estimated that lieutenant Ferguson and Hongyun will not learn how to use chopsticks. After all, although it looks simple and only consists of two pieces of wood, it is not easy to master how to use chopsticks skillfully.

But now, under the temptation of these delicious dishes and the guardian's strict command, both Hongyun and lieutenant Ferguson are obediently learning how to use chopsticks.

The most important thing is that what the guardian said shocked Hongyun and their native Indians.

"The two sticks I hold in my hand are called chopsticks. In the far and Great East, there is a great nation. This nation is called Huaxia nation. Chopsticks are invented from that great nation. In that great nation, all people can use chopsticks. The supreme Sun God once told me that our Indian compatriots living in this land were separated from that great nation more than 10000 years ago. So, we are of the same origin as that great nation. "

"Since we share the same root and the same origin with that great nation, we must learn from that nation of our compatriots, because that nation is now the most powerful country and nation in the world. We can neither discredit this nation nor make people look down upon us. So, from now on, you should start with the most basic learning, such as learning how to use chopsticks. "

Originally, Hongyun didn't know why the guardian would use such a difficult tool to clip vegetables, but when they heard what the guardian said, they immediately understood why.

It turns out that there is a great nation in the Far East that is our own compatriots, and that great nation will be so powerful. Most importantly, the supreme Sun God also said that we must learn from that compatriot.

Even the supreme Sun God said so, who dares to oppose the guardian's words? Even red cloud, the high priest of kabulu, had to obey God's will.

So a room full of people began to learn how to use chopsticks. Fortunately, it's much simpler than making knives and forks. Otherwise, the stone bear doesn't know where to get seven or eight pairs of chopsticks in a while.

Although the process of learning how to use chopsticks is a very sour process, under the temptation of delicious food, at least no one plans to grasp those dishes with their hands after the meal.

Of course, this small kitchen not only let them learn how to use chopsticks, but also let them understand some things.

Are these dishes delicious?

No doubt, it's very, very delicious. For Hongyun, who had never eaten stir fried food before, this small cooking let them know that the original food could still do this, and that the ordinary ingredients could even make such delicious food.

Do you want to continue to eat this delicious food in the future? Or eat this kind of food every day?

There is no doubt that everyone present has such a wish.

But they also know that, at least in terms of the crops planted by the tribes, it is almost extravagant to eat such delicious food every day.

Tofu is delicious, but there are not many soybeans for tofu. Stir fry is delicious, but there are not many peanuts used to squeeze oil.

Not to mention the guardian also said that wheat can be used to make white and fragrant steamed bread, smooth and delicious noodles, fragrant toast, and some crops can be mixed to make delicious wine

There are still a lot of delicious food not made!

But all this needs crops in the field!

Therefore, if you want to eat such delicious food every day, you have to plant a variety of crops, so that this kind of food can appear on the table every day.

The women of the tribe are in charge of all the planting of crops in the tribe. The status of women in the tribe is very high.

It has the final say that before Cherokee was expelled from the Great Lakes region, it was a hundred percent matriarchal society, and all the women in the clan had the final say. Although after moving to the Appalachian Mountains, the Cherokee began to change from matriarchal society to paternal society, at this time, the status of women in the tribe was still very high.

What crops the tribe will plant next year has the final say of the women in the tribe.

So after the exchange, several women immediately decided to continue to expand the cultivation area after the spring of next year, and strive to plant more crops in quantity and variety.

It's all for food!

How to handle the crops, the stone bear will not worry about that. With these fierce women, the stone bear won't worry about the shortage of food next year.

However, this meal was also a pity for Shi Xiong. The reason is that he had food but no wine. This is really a great pity.

Although major hank left the bottles of whiskey and some low-grade distilled liquor he had brought with him when he left, it's true that the stone bear really can't drink this kind of liquor that the British people drink.

Otherwise, the bottle of high-end whiskey that major hank left him would not have been left behind.

So after returning to his cabin, the stone bear wondered if he should brew some wine himself?

It's winter, and winter is the best time to make wine. Because whether it is making wine or making koji, the key is temperature control. Don't look at the cold weather in winter, but when it's cold, you can add something like a brazier to heat up. If it is summer, the temperature itself is very high, it is not so easy to control the appropriate temperature.

It's easier to raise the temperature than to lower the temperature.

So winter is the best time to make wine. In summer, no one makes wine.

Anyway, in stone bear's hometown, wine is made in autumn and winter, and no one makes wine in the hottest summer.

There are many raw materials needed for wine making. Wheat, barley, sorghum, corn, peas and other crops can make wine. Even sweet potato and even potatoes can make wine.

Although there are not many corn and wheat in the tribe, there are many sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes. This kind of high-yield crop is God's reward to human beings. It is not only delicious, but also can be used to make wine.

Stone bear remembers that since he had memories, the wine he drank at home on New Year's Day was made from sweet potato or potato. At that time, the family was poor, and they were reluctant to make wine with rice or wheat. They used this kind of high-yield crop as the raw material for wine making. Although the taste was not as good as the wine made from rice or wheat, it was also very good.

The most important thing is, if you can really brew sweet potato wine or potato wine, the taste is full of childhood memories

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