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Chapter: 119

Stone bear's drinking capacity is still very good, which is due to his "alcohol test" since childhood.

There was no way. At that time, the countryside attached great importance to boys and girls. When Shi Xiong was born, it was the time of family planning.

Shi Xiong heard from his mother that he was not sure whether the first child was a boy or a girl at that time, so his father was ready to take Shi Xiong's mother out to be a "super life guerrilla".

In those days, if we want to survive, the consequences were quite terrible. It's common to push the house to catch people, but in order to have a son, his father is still desperate.

When the stone bear was born, his father saw that it was a man with a handle, so he was not happy.

But his father and his grandfather like to drink, so whenever his father and his grandfather get together to drink, the little bear will be held by his grandfather, and then dip his chopsticks in the wine to lick him.

At the beginning, little stone bear was naturally howled by spicy ghosts, but after a long time, he gradually got used to the taste, so that when he was in primary school, if he didn't drink it on New Year's day, it wouldn't work.

This kind of thing is wrong, that is, he can enjoy it with a handle. Anyway, his sister is not qualified to enjoy it.

I can't help it. I prefer boys to girls

Although I didn't drink much at that time, it was "alcohol exercise" after all. In addition, both grandfather and father can drink, and this skill is passed on to Shi Xiong, so Shi Xiong was known as the "God of wine" in his department when he went to university.

Can drink, love to drink, also the stone bear can make wine.

As I said earlier, when Shi Xiong was a child, his family conditions were not very good. He could only be regarded as an ordinary family, so almost all the wine he drank at home was made by himself. No matter what, the wine made by ourselves is much cheaper than the wine sold outside.

Stone bear's grandfather can make wine, and his father can also make wine. When he got to the stone bear, he always followed his grandfather and father to help make wine, so he also knew how to make wine.

Who says the kids from the countryside don't know anything?

I dare not say anything else. At least, Shixiong is proficient in making distiller's yeast, wine making, tofu making and oil pressing. It is estimated that most of the city children can't do these jobs.

Why do you look down on my village?

If you let them squeeze oil and make tofu, they will fart, they will eat!

As a child, our children from the countryside helped adults do many things at home, so these seemingly unimportant technologies at that time have become the supreme skills of the sun god in this place in this era!

Take wine making as an example. Maybe some city kids know the steps and even the technology of wine making because of reading books, but if you want them to really make wine, they will never make it.

You haven't done the wine making work yourself. What you usually brew is not wine, but a jar of vinegar, or the smelly vinegar.

Do you really know how to make wine from books?

Do you know how to make koji? No koji, you brew a p wine!

It's a well-known thing to make wine with koji. Because there are a lot of microorganisms and various enzymes secreted by starter, such as amylase, glucoamylase and protease. These enzymes have the function of biocatalysis, which can transform starch and protein into sugars and amino acids. Sugar can be broken down into ethanol under the action of yeast.

Therefore, it is an indisputable fact that the key to wine making lies in how to make koji.

With good koji, you can make any wine you like. As long as you control the temperature and humidity, even if you can't make maowuliu, at least you can't make a jar of sour and smelly unknown liquid.

There are many kinds of cereals for wine making, but there are not many cereals for wine starter. Anyway, according to Shi Xiong, the main raw materials for making koji are wheat and rice.

The former is called wheat koji, while the latter is called rice koji.

Of course, if it is divided according to the type, the koji can be divided into wheat koji, which is mainly used for brewing yellow rice wine; Daqu is mainly used to brew distilled liquor; Xiaoqu - mainly used for brewing yellow rice wine and Xiaoqu wine; Red koji is mainly used for brewing red wine; There is also a new type of music, bran music, which is only used in modern times and can replace Daqu and Xiaoqu.

But no matter how to classify, distiller's yeast is an essential core additive for liquor making.

When he was making wine with his grandfather and father in his hometown, Shi Xiong was always making Daqu at home with his elders. Because at home at that time most of the brewing is sweet potato wine or potato wine, so most of the koji used is Daqu.

This kind of wine brewed from sweet potato or potato doesn't taste so good without distillation. However, once the liquor is distilled, the taste of the liquor is very strong. People who can't drink enough can resist it at a sip.

Therefore, this kind of highly distilled wine made from sweet potato or potato has a very loud nickname in Shixiong's hometown - stuffy donkey!

The meaning is very simple, this kind of 70 degree high distilled liquor, even if it is a strong donkey to drink, it has to be stifled there!

The koji made at home is made of wheat. Although reluctant to make wine with wheat, it is not a big problem to make koji.

After all, when making wine, the amount of koji added is relatively small. Generally speaking, the amount of koji added to make wine with 100 Jin sweet potato is only seven Liang, which can be borne by the family.

But every time I make koji at home, I will do more. Because these koji not only can be used to make wine at home, but also can be sold to take out, which can add some extra money to the family.

However, it is not so easy to make distiller's yeast. It is no exaggeration to say that the process of making distiller's yeast is more complicated than wine making, and the control of temperature and humidity is also much higher than wine making.

That is to say, people who have not made Jiuqu in person can't make Jiuqu just by the things they see in books or videos.

In the process of making this thing, as long as there is a little place that is not in place, I'm afraid the thing will become another thing.

But this kind of work is not so difficult for the stone bear. After he went to high school, every year when he made wine and koji at home, he would do it with his elders whenever he had time, so he was familiar with the work of making koji.

"Now there is no shortage of wheat in the tribe. If there is anything missing, it is a curved room with good thermal insulation performance. Well, it seems that we need to make some simple thermometers and some boxes for stepping on the curved room..."

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