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Chapter: 120

Whether it is wine making or koji making, the control of temperature and humidity is very important, especially the temperature.

In the past, when making koji at home, there was a thermometer, so it was not easy to control the temperature. But where is a thermometer in the high tree tribe? The feeling of temperature here depends entirely on body feeling, and there are only three criteria for judging temperature: cold, hot and not cold or hot. It's very comfortable

Therefore, it is necessary to make a few simple thermometers.

This kind of simple thermometer is very easy to do. As a senior intellectual at the level of associate researcher, if he still can't do it, he will be blind for more than ten years.

In fact, in his previous life, Shi Xiong made a simple thermometer for his nephew. At that time, in order to arouse children's interest in some physical phenomena, he started to make a simple thermometer. The consumable is a small penicillin bottle with a cap, a plastic straw and some red ink.

As for time-consuming, more than 20 minutes!

Sure enough, the little simple thermometer made my nephew very interested, and the uncle Shi Xiong also had a sense of achievement.

However, it was easy to make a simple thermometer at that time, because all kinds of materials were easy to find, but in gaoshu tribe, there were no glass bottles or plastic straws, so we had to make these things.

If a real thermometer had been made in a previous life, it could have been made with all kinds of tools, but in this era, it can only be made as a simple thermometer.

A small glass bottle and a thin glass tube can make a simple thermometer. But the question is, where can I find bottles and tubes?

"Do I have to burn glass to make some simple thermometers?" Stone bear covered his head and thought, "but the problem is that although you know the raw materials for burning glass, you really haven't burned glass."

Shaking his head, the stone bear's eyes fell on the bottle of whisky.

"Yes, there must be some glass products traded from vasichu in the tribe. Although the transparency is not very good and the color is not very good-looking, it should not be a problem to blow a few small glass bottles and a few thin glass tubes after melting."

Blowing glass bottles and blowing thin glass tubes, the living stone bear did experiments several times in high school.

At that time, the nearly 60 year old high school chemistry teacher Wu was a God in the school, because almost all the glass experiment equipment in the school was made by the chemistry teacher himself.

When Shi Xiong was in high school, he was in the town. In the late 1990s, the education funds in the mountain town were very tight. When he was in chemistry class, students rarely had the opportunity to do experiments by themselves.

As an excellent chemistry teacher, in order to let the students do more experiments, Mr. Wu makes a lot of glass experiment equipment every year. It is said that Mr. Wu worked as a glass maker in the county glass factory for a period of time in that buzzing era, so he had a lot of experience in the firing of some glass, including the experimental equipment made of borosilicate glass.

When Shi Xiong was in high school, he liked to do chemical experiments, and his grades were quite good, so teacher Wu also asked Shi Xiong to try to blow some flasks and thin glass tubes and other experimental equipment.

Although it has been a long time, that memory is still deeply imprinted in the mind of stone bear.

I don't know how to burn glass, but there are ready-made glass products in the tribe. Just smash them, melt them and blow them.

Crucible has ready-made, can melt iron into molten iron crucible used to melt glass is absolutely no problem.

The difference is a thin iron pipe, which is also simple. If it's too big, just cast a small diameter thin iron pipe.

Do as you think.

Stone bear pondered over it again, and felt that he had no problem with what he had, so he started to work!

Let Ferguson cast a thin iron pipe and they are willing to do it. After all, every time they cast something, it's a promotion for them. Whether it's Ferguson or hard bone or rabbit mouth, they like to do it.

So Shi Xiong gave the job to lieutenant Ferguson, and the requirements were not high. There were no requirements for the thickness of the thin iron pipe wall, but the inner diameter should not be more than 5mm and the length should not be less than 1.2m.

It's difficult for Ferguson to have such a small caliber iron pipe, but they took over the task happily.

Then the stone bear went to Lilei and asked him to collect some glassware in the tribe.

For this strange request, Li Lei did not dare to refute it, and agreed to it very happily.

So the next morning, the stone bear got three wine bottles and two glass vases, as well as a qualified thin iron pipe.

With these things, the stone bear will not hesitate to open the fire to burn the glass.

The hard bones and rabbit mouths that followed Ferguson, the fast horses that followed the stone bear, as well as the red cloud and several women of the tribe, saw the guardian adults without hesitation holding up their hammers and smashing the three wine bottles and two glass vases, one by one sucking at the corners of their mouths.

Glass is nothing to the stone bear. He knows the value of this thing is not high. It's not a good thing for Ferguson. After all, in this era, the popularity of glass in Europe is relatively high.

But glassware is still very precious to the Indians of this era. Such a wine bottle can be worth a piece of buffalo skin!

Watching the guardian adults smash these precious glassware like garbage, they don't care. That's a strange thing.

"Don't worry about the glass. It's not worth money." Stone Bear looked up at the people who looked like Nostoc flagelliforme, and explained with a smile, "this thing is actually made of sand and some other worthless things, and it's not difficult. It's much worse than steelmaking. If you like, I'll teach you how to burn glass when I finish my work. When you burn a pot of glass, you will know the real value of this thing. "

With that, the stone bear picked up the last complete wine bottle. This is a wine bottle full of fruit wine. I don't know who has drunk the wine inside for a long time, but the bottle has been kept for a long time.

"See this bottle? We can exchange at least a hundred such bottles with a piece of Buffalo Leather! So, this thing is really worthless! "

With that, the stone bear raised his hammer and smashed the last bottle.

Then the stone bear put down his hammer, picked up a small broom, swept all the glass debris into the crucible, and began to ignite and melt the glass.

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