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Chapter: 125

It's no nonsense to say that koji making is more complicated and difficult than wine making.

The liquor making process is not as complicated as koji making, and the requirements for conditions are so high. As long as any of the links are not in place, the final koji produced may be a pool of sour and intolerable unknown substances.

Shi Xiong clearly remembers that in the process of making Daqu in his family in the previous life, the three-year-old cousin of Shi Xiong, the little boy of his uncle's family, turned into pneumonia because of high fever, which scared the whole family.

A large family guarded the hospital for two days, but finally the child was out of danger, but the half room of the house was all blind.

Because the second day of my cousin's illness happened to be the first time when he turned the tune. As a result, at that time, the whole family was in the hospital to take care of the little guy. Who could take care of the half room of wine starter? So it was delayed for two days, resulting in the temperature in the room rising to more than 70 degrees

In any case, that half of the room turned out to be fertilizer. That kind of sour smell, even if it is mixed into the feed to feed pigs, pigs dislike

Although the former hometown was not rich, it was 100 times stronger than the present gaoshu tribe. So the half room Daqu let grandfather and father and uncle love for a few days, then began to do Daqu again.

But the gaoshu tribe can't tolerate failure. At least before the winter wheat harvest next year, the stone bear can't find the raw materials to make koji any more.

Although there is still some wheat in the tribe, it is the ration of the people

Therefore, even if the matter was handed over to "wine project manager" Mo Mo Cao, Shi Xiong was still very concerned about this half room of Daqu.

At noon on the seventh day of starter fermentation, the sky is overcast, the sun is covered by lead gray clouds, and a heavy snow is likely to come again.

The north wind is blowing. The stone bear knows that when the wind stops, it's time for snow.

Mo Mo grass followed the stone bear to the door of the qufang, followed by the Kuaima. Hongyun and Lilei also followed. After all, whether the half room starter is successful or not represents the key to whether the tribe can make its own wine in the future.

"You wait outside. Don't go in yet." The stone bear said to the people behind him, and then took off the animal skin clothes outside with Momo grass and put on a set of clean cotton clothes.

In order to keep warm, the people in the tribe wear heavy animal skin clothes in winter. This kind of clothing made of animal skin is really warm, but it's also very sour.

There is no way to wash the clothes of animal skin at any time like cotton clothes, and in cold weather, no one is willing to take off the clothes of animal skin for cleaning, so we can imagine the bacteria contained in the clothes of animal skin.

Qufang is another place that needs to be cleaned, so it is necessary to change clothes before entering qufang.

When the animal skin curtain was lifted, the stone bear and Momo grass went in, and then turned back to seal the curtain, which opened the wooden door of the room.

There was a sharp contrast between the hot tide and the cold outside.

"Why is it so hot here?" Just for a while, there were beads of sweat on Mo Mo Cao's forehead.

"Yes, it's so hot here!" The stone bear took a look at Momo grass and pointed to the simple thermometer hanging at the door.

Although the glass tube of this simple thermometer is not sealed, because peanut oil drips into it, the liquid level is sealed, so the liquid inside hardly evaporates. This simple thermometer is still very stable to show the temperature of the curved room.

42 degrees Celsius!

This is only room temperature. If it is in the starter, the temperature at this time should be at least 20 degrees higher than the room temperature.

Sure enough, the two men looked again at the three simple thermometers on the curved slab. The three thermometers gave almost the same number - 63 degrees Celsius.

"Is this temperature going to be turned over?" Mo Mo Cao asked.

"That's right, we need to turn it over!" Stone bear nodded.

The heat preservation and moisture retention effect of this curved house is really good, and it's not in vain that the house was built with large pieces of rock and mud. You know, it's winter now. If you change the music room, I'm afraid the first time to turn the music will be delayed by one or two days.

"Then I'll call them in?" Mo Mo Cao asked excitedly.

"Well, but remember to make them change."

Mo Mo Cao nodded and went out of the room. After a while, the fast horse who changed clothes followed them in. Although Hongyun and Lilei are the high priest of kabulu and the tribal leader, they can only wait outside because they have no clothes.

They dare not touch the guardian's head. They know very well that if they go in like this, the only end is to be thrown out by the guardian.

That guy can do such a thing.

There are many people and great strength. The small half of the room is soon turned over, and then wrapped in dry thatch to continue fermentation.

And obviously, after this first turn, the temperature in the room immediately dropped a lot. But the humidity is still very high, a group of people are covered with sweat.

Out of the door quickly put on the animal skin clothes. In fact, this kind of tianfanqu is a very frustrating work. The temperature difference between the house and the outside is more than 30 degrees, and working in it makes me sweat a lot. If I don't pay attention to it, I will catch a cold.

Not daring to stand outside and explain so much to Hongyun and Lilei, a group of people rushed back to their respective wooden houses. Before they came, the stone bear asked them to cook their own hot water. When they got back to the wooden house, they would drink a large bowl of ginger soup and take a hot bath, which would be a good way to dispel the cold.

When the stone bear has finished taking a bath, Li Lei comes in with Hong Yun.

"Dalixiong, how is the koji made?" Red cloud suffocated bad, a door can't wait to ask.

"Not bad, at least so far, the fermentation of koji is very successful." The stone bear said while wiping his wet hair, "if there is no accident, wait seven days before turning the wine for the second time, and then wait for a period of time, the wine will be completely made."

"So we can make our own wine?" Li Lei licked his lips subconsciously and asked. The wine he bought from the vassichuns kept him in mind. It was delicious.

The stone bear shook his head with a smile and said, "if you want to make the wine better, you'd better wait three months. Because although the koji has been successfully made, it also needs to be stored for a period of time and then used for the best, so that the wine brewed can be better. "

"Oh..." Li Lei, full of joy, was hit hard by this sentence. He wanted to drink his own wine as soon as possible. Now it seems that he would have to wait at least half a year to drink his own wine.

"However, if you can't wait, leader Li Lei, the newly made koji can actually be used, that is, the taste of the wine produced..."

Before Shi Xiong's words were finished, a shrill horn suddenly came from a distance. Li Lei's face suddenly changed, and his eyebrows were frowning

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