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Chapter: 127

Bigfoot brings a horse to Lilei, which is his mount and his weapon.

It's said that Li Lei's injuries are not so sharp. He doesn't have to go to the rescue this time. However, although Li Lei has many problems, he is really a very qualified tribal leader only in treating the people.

There were twenty-two horses in the tribe, and twenty-three, if you count the one brought by Lieutenant Ferguson. The soldiers who went out to catch the bison took six. The leader of each team was qualified to ride the horses.

Now there are 16 horses in the tribe. The horses of LiLei, Ferguson and Bigfoot are all exclusive mounts. If the stone bear did not become the guardian of kabulu's sacrifice, he would not be eligible for horses. However, he is now a guardian, and his prestige in the tribe has even surpassed that of LiLei and Hongyun, so the people spontaneously gave him an exclusive mount.

Although Gao Niu used to be the leader of longmaoniu tribe and a powerful soldier, he is not qualified to own horses now.

Li Lei raised the bone spear in his hand, yelled, kicked the side of the horse's belly with his feet, and his horse ran toward the northeast. Behind a large group of men and women with weapons, mouth shouting, followed up.

The stone bear follows Li Lei, a little behind him. At this time, Li Lei is the leader of the whole tribe. The stone bear can't compete with the guests.

However, as soon as the team ran out of the tribe, they saw dozens of men and five horses running in panic. It was the soldiers who went out to catch bison today, and the wolf tail riding on the horse was the leader.

But at this time the wolf tail looks very embarrassed, and the soldiers behind him, all with injuries. The most important thing is that the number of soldiers going out today should be 60, but the number of these soldiers in front of us will not exceed 40.

The stone bear's vision fell on the left shoulder of wolf's tail's hand, and his pupil shrank.

How could he not see that the wound on wolf's tail's left shoulder was a gunshot wound when he saw many gunfight movies and TV series in his previous life?

But how could the enemy have muskets? Are they European colonists?

Sure enough, with blood on his face and arms, the wolf ran to Li Lei on horseback, turned over and dismounted with difficulty, and said in a hurry: "leader Li Lei is a chekasha man. There are more than 300 of them, all soldiers, and there are many vasichu in them! Those vassichus have muskets

Hearing this, the original noisy clansman immediately quieted down, and Li Lei was a little overwhelmed by the news.

They all heard about the power of vasichu's musket. In the past, after the trading teams of vasichu came to the tribe, the vasichu would go hunting.

The vast majority of the people have seen two or three vasichu with muskets, just volley a round, a bison fell to the ground. It's much more powerful than the bone spear and bow and arrow.

If anyone's bone spear can match those vasichu's muskets, I'm afraid it's only the super heavy bone spear in the guardian's hand. Oh no, now it's replaced with an iron spear

It's better to say that the vasichus only have muskets. After all, the firing speed of muskets is too slow. As long as the number of them is small, the tribal soldiers can rely on the advantage of the number to charge collectively and then kill the vasichus.

But the problem is that the vasichus with muskets are mixed up with the chekasa people, and their number is more than 300, and they are all elite soldiers, which is twice as many as all the soldiers in the whole gaoshu tribe.

With so many elite chekasa soldiers and the muskets of vasichus, how can we fight this battle?

The stone bear got off the horse and winked at Lieutenant Ferguson. Then he came up to wolf's tail and said, "you need to deal with the wound first. It's a gunshot wound. If you don't deal with the wound in time, the blood will kill you. Lieutenant Ferguson is very good at treating gunshot wounds. Let him take care of your injuries. "

Wolf tail accidentally looked at the stone bear, maybe his heart still has a little resistance, but the shoulder pain let him finally nod.

Other wounded soldiers were naturally picked up by the tribe.

Second lieutenant Ferguson came up with a cow's leather bag. He wanted to take off the wolf's tail's clothes, but found that the clothes had been stuck by blood stains for a long time. He had no choice but to use scissors to cut open the fur clothes on the left shoulder of the wolf's tail, revealing the wound.

"It's a penetrating wound. It didn't hurt the bone. Wolf tail, you're lucky." Lieutenant Ferguson's face relaxed a little. "Next I'll wash your wound with water. It may hurt a little. You can bear it."

Although wolf tail is not very good, but also know good or bad, he knew that lieutenant Ferguson was good for him, so he nodded.

While Lieutenant Ferguson was holding the kettle, the stone bear glanced at the wound on the wolf's tail and relaxed slightly.

At this time, the muskets and bullets used in various countries were round lead balls, not the bullets of later generations. If the bullet shape of later generations, the wound of wolf's tail could not be like this.

After being hit by later bullets, the wound in front of it looks small, but the bullet will roll after it enters the human body, which will cause great destructive force. If it is a penetrating wound, the front wound is not big, it is a little bigger than the caliber of the bullet, but the back wound will become even bigger than the mouth of the teacup, which is extremely terrible.

But now all countries use round projectiles. When the projectiles are injected into the human body, they will not roll, so the wound behind the wolf's tail does not look big.

Ferguson began to wash the wound of wolf's tail with the water in the kettle. It must have been very painful, but the wolf's tail just took a few puffs from the corner of his eye, and then he put it down.

Li Lei just looked at the people who fled back with wolf tail and asked anxiously, "we are still short of more than 20 people. What about those people?"

The wolf's tail showed a touch of sadness on his face. He bit his teeth and said, "the team led by Shugen came into contact with the enemy first. They were trimming on the Bank of the great bend at that time. As a result, they saw the chekasa people going upstream by boat."

"By boat?" Li Lei doesn't understand of ask a way, immediately he suddenly realize, "is the ship of vasichu?"

"Yes, it's vasichu's boat. The kind of boat with sails that can sail upstream. "

After a pause, wolf tail continued to tell quickly: "tree root saw that the enemy was powerful, and knew that blocking the enemy was also looking for death, so he blew the clarion call for help and retreated to the pass of yeniuling with people. Yingyu's team was not far from the root of the tree. He took people to rush there, and our other teams also arrived. However, there are too many enemies, and they have the help of vasichu's muskets. We can't resist them.... "

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