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Chapter: 128

The words of wolf's tail made Li Lei, Shi Xiong and Da Jiao frown.

"There were more than three hundred chekasa and vasichu, and four ships. If we were the chekasa alone, we would be able to stop them by virtue of the location of the pass, but when the musketeers of vasichu came up, we would not be able to resist them. "

"What are the winks of vasichu?" asked Lieutenant Ferguson

Stone bear translated the words of lieutenant Ferguson. Wolf's tail took a look at Lieutenant Ferguson, who was dressing himself. The corner of his mouth slightly puffed. Then he said, "it's similar to the style of your clothes. They are all wearing black triangle caps, but the color is the same blue as the sky."

Stone bear and second lieutenant Ferguson looked at each other and said with one voice: "it's a Frenchman!"

The seven-year war between Britain and France, which just ended last year, ended with the defeat of the French. But although the French lost the war, they also lost India, Canada and all areas east of the Mississippi River in North America.

Especially in North America far away from the emperor Tiangao, although Canada and French Louisiana, which originally belonged to the French, had been ceded to Britain, the French colonists living here would still use various means to instigate the local native Indians to fight with the British colonists and the North American Indians who were close to Britain.

This time, the French and the chekasa got mixed up, which was obviously the French strategy of killing people with a knife.

The French government was incompetent and lost to the British in the seven-year war, but the French colonists in North America did not give up.

In particular, the French have been operating in French Louisiana for more than half a century, so they naturally refuse to hand over such a vast and rich land to the British.

In the 18th century, French Louisiana was a vast area, a new France founded by the French on the North American continent.

In 1682, French explorers LaSalle and carvelle went down from the upper reaches of the Mississippi River to the lower reaches of the Mississippi River Plain. They immediately declared a large area including Louisiana as French territory. In memory of the then French King Louis XIV, this vast area was named Louisiana.

This French Louisiana is not Louisiana in the south of the United States. Later Louisiana in the United States is only a small part of French Louisiana.

How big is this large area? Generally speaking, it starts from the Appalachian Mountains in the East, the Rocky Mountains in the west, the Gulf of Mexico in the South and the Hudson Bay in the north.

To be more specific, the French Louisiana of this era includes Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand, New Zealand and New Zealand Oklahoma is located in 14 states, as well as Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and the southern parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

This large area in the shape of an inverted triangle occupies almost one third of the whole North American continent. Do you think it's big?

The most important thing is that the French have been operating on this land for more than half a century, and the fortresses and armed fortresses of French colonists can be seen everywhere. You let these French colonists living in French Louisiana give up their homes to their mortal enemies, the British. You really think that we franceans are bloodless weak chickens!

Therefore, even though the British and French governments have signed the Paris Agreement, the agreement signed as far away as the old continent of Europe can not control the French colonists living in North America.

So, from the northernmost part of Canada to the southernmost part of the Gulf of Mexico, there are armed forces assembled by French colonists everywhere. As long as the British dare to come and take over these sites, then these French colonists will certainly have a strong resistance.

The European colonists who can come to the new world are not good people, and good people will not come to the new world. The Europeans who came to the new world are called colonists in a good way, but the ones who are not good at it are a group of thugs, criminals and bankrupts who can't get along in Europe.

If you talk about morality with these people, they will talk about force with guns.

Don't count on how loyal these people are to the king of France. In those days, they could not survive because of the misfortune of the French nobles. They would travel across the ocean to the new world. In their eyes, the king of France is not even as valuable as the corn in the field.

At the beginning, you forced me from Europe to the new world where birds don't shit and chickens don't lay eggs. Oh, now that you are defeated in the old world, you want us to pay for you. How can there be such a cheap thing?

Go away! Laozi will never give their homes to the British.

The big deal is to fight a war. If it can't be solved, then fight more!

The rotten aristocrats of the old world are afraid of the British. We franceans who have a firm foothold in the new world will not bow down to the British.

The Frenchmen who break out in this complex are terrible. They not only fought with the British in Canada and around the Great Lakes, but also took the initiative to attack in the south. They raised their butcher knives against the British and the Native American Indians who were close to the British.

For example, this initiative to win over the chekasa people living on the East Bank of the Mississippi River, and to use river boats to lead the chekasa people to attack the Cherokee people, was planned by French army major chretian Armand, who lives in the northern fort of okron (about near the modern padiaca).

Cretian Armand came to Fort okron before the outbreak of the seven-year war, and grew from a lieutenant officer to the top commander of Fort okron.

He knew that the chekasa and the Cherokee in the South were fighting very hard, but the chekasa had a good relationship with their side, and the Cherokee had a good relationship with the Englishman. At that time, major Armand had been watching the tiger fighting in the mountains, and at the same time, he traded the cheap goods from the European continent to the surrounding native Indians at extremely high prices in exchange for a lot of gold and animal skins.

His small life is very moist, wealth is also unknowingly soared n times!

However, with the end of the seven-year war, the days of peace and stability came to an end. France was defeated, and the support from the European mainland was less and less. It was impossible for this to continue, so Armand looked to the East.

Just at this time, the chekasa people came to ask for help. After several days of planning with the staff, major Armand decided to collect four inland sailing transport ships passing by the fort and send 100 soldiers to the East under the leadership of the chekasa people

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