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Chapter: 129

Stone bear and Lilei, of course, don't know what happened in Fort okron, and don't know the plan of Chretien Armand. They can only judge the current situation according to the words of wolf tail.

"Tree roots and eagle feathers see that the enemy is powerful, so let's come back first, and they will be cut off later. The branch died under the muskets of vasichu. The root insisted on staying, and yingyu wanted to accompany the root. Their relationship was so good. " Wolf tail's tone was a little low.

Like laomutou family, Shugen family is a big family. The name of this family is also very interesting. Father is the trunk, Shugen is the eldest son, branch is the youngest son, leaf is the eldest daughter

Anyway, the whole family is up against the tree.

Roots and branches are outstanding soldiers in the tribe. It's their turn to go out and catch bison these two days. Unexpectedly, the branch of my brother fell under the French gun, and the elder brother must stay for revenge.

As for yingyu, he and Shugen are close friends. If a good brother wants to stay for revenge, yingyu naturally wants to stay with his good brother, so the two of them stay with their brothers in their respective teams to stop the enemy.

Lilei and Bigfoot were a little dejected.

Now that they have stayed, a mere 20 or so people are no match for the chekasa in any case, unless they are all on horseback and may have the hope of escaping.

The stone bear frowned and asked wolf's tail, "where did you meet the chekasa?"

"On the north side of the great bison pass at the northernmost end of the bison mountain, not far from the great bend, at the root of the tree, when they met the chekasa, the chekasa and the vasichus were disembarking. Tree root saw that they were too many and didn't dare to entangle them. He retreated while fighting. Later, when our other teams arrived, yingyu's team was working with Shugen's team to stop the chekasa people in the pass of bison. We helped to resist for a while. We could have resisted it, but when the muskets of vasichu came up, we couldn't resist it. "

"The tree root begged us to withdraw first, at least to report the situation of those chekasa people to the tribe, so that the tribe could be prepared for defense."

The stone bear nodded silently. Although wolf tail came back with a large army ahead of time, no one can blame him for doing wrong. In this situation, it is the most correct choice to save the living force and bring back the information in front of him.

Not to mention the wolf's tail was seriously injured. That shot missed a little. If it was ten centimeters down to the right, this shot would be enough to kill the wolf's tail.

Bigfoot asked Li Lei anxiously: "brother, how can we resist? With our strength, we can't resist so many chekasa people. Not to mention the musketeers of vasichu, we are not rivals

It's a bad word to say, but no one can find fault with it.

If it's three hundred chekasa soldiers, the gaoshu tribe is not afraid. It's a big deal to lose both sides. At the same time, it can also take the opportunity to light up the smoke and call the people of the surrounding tribes to rescue.

Although the more than ten tribes separated from the gaoshu tribe are not big, they are also a big force, which can not be resisted by only 300 chekasa people.

But the problem is that these chekasa people are entangled with the Frances, and they also have Musketeers. It's hard to say.

Although the French lost to the British at home in Europe, if you look down on the French, you'll lose out.

Although the French in this era are not as invincible as the Napoleon era 50 years later, they are still a military power. At the training level of the French Army soldiers, as long as they fight with their guns, not to mention hundreds of Cherokees, even thousands of Cherokee soldiers are helpless.

More than half a century ago, the war between the British and the Powhatans made many Indians living in the eastern part of the new world see the strength of the musketeers. If the number of people was not overwhelming, they would never fight with the musketeers of the vasichus. This is the consensus of the Indians living in the eastern part of the new world.

Although the North American Indians are all good at using bows and arrows, the bows and arrows used by the North American Indians in this era are mostly short and medium bows. The famous hunting bows of later generations are not the native bows and arrows used by the North American Indians now.

The range of this native bow is far from that of the famous English longbow, even one third of that of the English longbow. What's more, the arrows used by the North American Indians are made of wood, very light, and the arrows are made of stone or bone, with average lethality.

It is the act of seeking death to shoot with this kind of bow, arrow and musket.

In fact, if the North American Indians had the English bow, they would not have been slaughtered like pigs by the European colonists.

Cold weapons have no advantage over hot weapons, especially in medium and large-scale operations.

In fact, what Dajiao said is very reasonable, and no one can refute it.

Of course, if Li Lei does not count the casualties, it may cause some losses to these sneakers, but it will not be very big. And there is only one fate for the gaoshu tribe, that is to be exterminated!

But Li Lei is obviously not an impulsive leader, big foot's words let him fall into meditation.

From time to time, there was a horn in the distance. It was the tree roots or eagle feathers who proved to the tribe in this way that they were still fighting.

"Retreat! We don't care about the roots and feathers! Kabulu sacrifice, these chekasa and Frances are mixed together. Our tribe can't deal with them. We should save the lives of the rest of the people. " Lilei made such a difficult decision. Of course, whether this decision can be implemented or not must be approved by Hongyun.

Hongyun is not her mother. She was worshipped by kabulu last time. Although she is worshipped by kabulu now, she is just a 20-year-old girl. She has never met such a thing in her life.

So, no surprise, the red cloud turned to the stone bear.

Stone bear ignored the sight of red cloud, but squatted down, picked up a dry branch and drew on the ground.

Several East-West lines represent the East-West mountains of yeniuling, and at the top and bottom, the stone bear drew two more cross marks.

Further down, of course, the stone bear drew a circle. Finally, he connected the two cross marks with the circle by two straight lines.

"I don't think we need to retreat. If we do well, maybe a wave can take away these damn chekasa and Frances!"

Several tribal leaders around are surprised to stare big eyes, Lieutenant Ferguson is a face of puzzled, a wave of flow is what?

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